Suvreen Guggal 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 24th May 2013 Written Update

Suvreen is walking to the caffe. Suvi looks sad.. Soni says that she will do anything for the rent.. so don’t worry. Suvreen says angry what will happen?? Nothing happened. Soni says don’t worry everything will be ok. Suvi looks up and says Oh god please do something, do help!!

The Dil Dosti Dance gang are fighting. Girls Vs Boys Swayam says to Rey that he has to stop them. Rey wants to stop them but they don’t listen to him. Swayam says to Sharon: Lets bring the costumes. They both are going to bring the costumes. The gang are still fighting. After a while Swayam and Sharon come. Vicky wanted to show his moves, Sharon falls down and the paints fall on the dress. Everybody stopped fighting. And then everybody sees the dress with full of paints. Rey is angry and says we have only

1 day. Vicky says let them drop the plan. Sharon says she has already got the advance and they can not ditch their customers. The gang thinks of a new costume designer but how can they find any?? Sharon asks everybody does anyone know a new costume designer?? Swayam says to Sharon that she has a lot of friends so maybe she knows a new costume designer. She says yes 1 but..

Soni’s phone rings and then she looks at Suvreen and says ok.. She hangs up. Suvi says lets sit anywhere. The gang are dancing.. Suvreen and Soni are sitting. Suvreen looks at the coffee how much it costs and she gets shocked.. [:O] Soni says relax I’ll pay that. Suvreen says no.. and gives her some money. And then Sharon comes. Suvreen gets shocked and hugs her. Soni says that she wanted to tell about Sharon. Suvi asks you know Sharon?? She says yes. Sharon asks to Suvi how r u? She says I’m not that good.. she is my roommate. I’ve problems at home. I don’t have money.. so how could I be? Sharon says that she needs her. And then they sit. Suvi says she has a job but she is not doing a lot of things there. Sharon says that she has a perfect job for her. Sharon asks her can u do it? Soni says to Suvi : It’s a job offer , what r u doing?? We don’t have soo many money. Do think about it! Suvreen asks: What will happen to my job?? Soni says says something, we have to help Sharon. Suvi says I’ve to lie, if I tell I’m ill soo.. and then she says ok.. she will do it.!

The D3 gang are thinking about Suvreen. They are not sure that she can do it. Sharon asks what do u guys think?? A girl says that Suvi is not soo professional designer.. so how can they trust her? Sharon looks at Swayam (that means she wants him to talk too) Swayam stands up and says that he agrees with Sharon.. Sharon says that they have to give her a chance.. Sharon says Suvreen is their friend and she is ready to help them. Suvreen needs it. Slowly Rey agrees too. And then Sharon smiles and looks at Swayam.. Everybody says it’s a big risk.. Swayam says : Suvreen is really excited for doing that and I’m sure she will do a nice job. Sharon says that they doesn’t have other opitions.. we don’t have time. We have to trust Suvreen. If you guys can’t give her a chance soo then it’s ok.. but I’m trusting Suvreen.This is my final decision.!

In the night. Suvreen waits at a caffee with Soni to Sharon. Soni asks why are u soo tensed?? She says how can’t I be tensed?? And then Sharon comes. She says you got the contract. Suvi and Soni shouts.. Suvi hugs Sharon. She says thank u.. Sharon wants to say some details of them. Suvreen gets some paper and writes everything what Sharon says. Sharon says that she has mailed her the details too. Suvreen says that she needs back up. Sharon says ok.

The gang rehearses the dance. Suvreen is busy with making their dresses.. she gets help from few people. Suvreen is designing the dresses. The gang is still rehearsing. Suvreen sleeps whiles she was writing. In the morning she finished with the dresses. The D3 gang and Suvreen are waiting for them who tries the clothes. They say that they can’t dance with those costumes. Rey says to Suvreen : it’s ok.. Suvi says that she doesn’t know that they wanted to dance. Sharon comes to Suvreen. Suvi says that she doesn’t know that the dresses are for dancing. She says sorry. Suvreen asks for one more chance. I’ll do it! Trust me! Suvi asks: Do you trust me?? Sharon says yes.. I trust u. Suvreen says that she will do it nice . Suvreen says to the gang I’m sorry, but I’ll do it better. And then she goes. The gang doesn’t want suvi to design their clothes. The gang arrives at the required place and a woman brings them to their room. Sharon says to the woman that the costume designer will come. The woman says that they should be ready asap. The gang is tensed. Rey says that Suvreen will come, soo chill! Suvreen runs to a taxi with the clothes on her hand. Swayam says to Rey that she will come. Rey stands up and says lets watch TV .. he goes and open the TV. They watch the promos of crazy stupid ishq. Rey says: Crazy stupid ishq and Swayam says it too and looks at Sharon. She says the same. Suvreen arrives at the place. The woman brings her to the room. She comes in and gives all the clothes to them. Everybody is happy to see her. They are going to try the clothes. Suvreen waits for them. After a while they come. They look sad.. and then Suvreen asks how the clothes are?? Nobody says something.. and then a girl says we love it. Suvi didn’t hear that and asks for repeat?? Everybody comes to close to her and shouts WE LOVE IT!! suvi gets really happy. Rey says that he doesn’t a costume like this. Sharon says everything is brilliant. Suvreen says thank you.! the woman comes and says that they have to perform now. And then they go.

The gang a performing very well.. more than 6 mins.. and then when the performing finished.. they hug each other.. a woman asks them where did design the clothes?? Sharon brings her to Suvreen. Suvreen says that they performed really well. And then the woman tells that she designed very well and that she wants to take photo with her. After a while Suvis phone rings she goes. It’s Maddy. He says that he knows that she lies.! Suvi is shocked. He says I’m the principle.! And then they hang up. Suvi thinks: Oh god please help me.. if Maddy told it to Ira and RC’ ????

Episode ends!


Update Credit to: nazomel

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