Suvreen Guggal 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 24th July 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RC and Suvi coming out and RC telling her once they have the meeting with Malini’s financer they can head back to Mumbai and tells her she can stay with her parents, Suvi thanks him and RC tells her he is very hungry and asks if they can go eat, Suvi apologises and says she is not hungry, RC tells her she hasn’t eaten anything since morning, Suvi tells him she doesn’t want to go out so she will order in her room itself
Suvi heads towards her room and RC watches her thinking there is something Suvi is hiding from him and thinks if Ira told her everything, while Suvi entering the room thinks she needs to talk to Yuvi

Chobey ji calls out to Khurana who is jogging while Khurana tells him not to worry as there wont be any problems at night now, Chobey ji tells

him there was a problem yesterday night, Khurana asks if the girls did anything but Chobey ji tells him it wasn’t them, he tells Khurana while it was raining his roof was leaking, Khurana gives him 500 and tells him to fix it but Chobey ji says its not that problem but someone white head to toe kept a hand on his shoulders and he feels there is someone in the building

Khurana tells him many people live in the building but Chobey ji informs him the lady in white is a protector of bachelorettes and she wont let people live if they blame the girls for something they haven’t done, while Soni brings a board to remind him what to say but Chobey messes it up and Khurana tells him his night duty is off for today and to send another guard for tonight
Soni goes to him and hits him for messing it up and tells him to leave, while Soni thinks the whole plan is messed up now and thinks how will Yuvi come at night now with the new guard around, Soni messages Yuvi about it who reads the message and thinks now he has to think of new plan and then smiles as he got an idea, he leaves while Samar comes from behind and goes to his car only to see a plant in front, he gets off to move it out while Yuvi runs and gets into his car

Vikram in the office goes after Geeti asking why didn’t she inform him but Geeti tells him he doesn’t need to know where she works or not, but he argues it isn’t like that, they leave as Trisha comes to Rohan, Rohan asks her she never told him about taking internship at Iris but Trisha tells him how long could she stay away from him and wanted to work in the same office as she was very inspired by Preeti and Raj, she lookas at Preeti who smiles back a bit unsure
Rohan tells Trisha she should have atleast informed him about it, Trisha says she wanted to surprise him but doesn’t know who told him about it, Rohan looks at Preeti who looks tensed and then takes her bag and says bye to both of them, Rohan asks Trisha if she really wants to be a designer but Trisha says she wants to be in the same place as him and if RC believes in her talent then it will work out, Rohan smiles back while Preeti watches sighing

Yuvi is hiding at the back in Samar’s car, his phone starts buzzing and Samar looks around then looks at the mirror to see Yuvi’s phone, he smiles and stops the car and checks at the back with his hand, Yuvi thinks he is gone but Samar thinks of acting and says aloud that there is nothing and he should go on a long drive as he hasn’t for many days and he should talk to Suvi, Yuvi looks at him irritated while Samar smiles and drives madly around the road making Yuvi bang to the car door
RC is in his thoughts tensed in his room, he thinks there is something for sure and only Ira can tell him if what he is thinking is right or not, he calls Ira wishing she picks up the call but Ira on the other hand is thinking whether to pick up or not, he then cuts the call irritated

Ira thinks she cant avoid RC forever but thinks whatever was written in the diary it didn’t seem like Suvi knew anything but she blasted off and told Suvi everything and even looking at her face it didn’t seem she knew anything, Ira sighs thinking what did she do, she decides to talk to RC about it
Samar gets out and walks to the lift, Yuvi quickly gets out of the car while dropping his mobile and runs to a pillar to hide, Samar turns back to see Yuvi in a mirror, he thinks howcome Yuvi is here since his gf is in delhi, he thinks that Yuvi wants to enter the society but who did he come to meet, Samar tells himself why is he thinking so much he should go ask
Samar walks to his car and opens and shuts the door making Yuvi jerk and turn to him, he asks Yuvi howcome he is there and if he was coming here he should have asked Samar he would have given him a lift, he then asks since his gf is in delhi how come he is here, Yuvi fumbles and says he doesn’t tell people like him where he is going and why

They again have a tashan tiff and Yuvi asks him why did he left his car open what if a thief came, Samar says yeah maybe the thief would steal his stuff or the car or if he was lazy he would have lived at the back seat, Yuvi tells him to think of many possiblitties the thief can do and he will leave and he runs off, Samar goes to take his bag from the car when he sees Yuvi’s phone on the ground buzzing and picks up as its Suvi
Suvi on the other line nags where was Yuvi as she was calling so many times and he kept disconnecting, she asks him if he was in shoot but Samar tells her she called the wrong person and says if she would have called him he would never disconnect her call

Suvi sits upright and says this is Yuvi’s number and asks who is on the other line, Samar says her truly PP and Suvi gets shocked and asks him how come Yuvi’s phone is with him and asks if Yuvi’s okay, Samar says he looked a bit retarted which he already is as he dropped off his cell phone, Suvi tells him to shut up and asks him to tell Yuvi about her call when he meets him up and hangs up, Samar says mischievously he was thinking of not returning the cell phone but now he thinks he will
The other lawyer asks Pappa G.’s lawyer even if they assume that Pappa G didn’t do anything can he prove how the company had so much losses, Mr. Bhatia tells him to come to the point and asks what will his client take to take back the criminal charges, the other lawyer tells him that what Pappa G di was not professional and its taken as to be criminal, Mr. Bhatia tells him that if he kept this meeting for insulting his client they will take a leave and asks the lawyer to say clearly what is the out of court clause

The other lawyer then says that Pappa G will be suspended from his job and also he will nto receive any perks that is the accommodation and health insurance etc. and also adds that he has to empty the house that he is living in, he then tells the last clause that is where Pappa G have to write that he was responsible for the loss that the company had, Pappa G is shocked and frustrated as the lawyer says that he will be black listed from this industry for one year, Pappa G thinks he gave 25 years to this company and this is what he gets in return
At home Yuvi asks for each thing in the list and Soni keeps saying done, she says if Suvi was there it would have been really fun, Yuvi agrees too and thinks she called, he looks for his cell phone all around, he asks Soni about it but cannot remember where he kept it, he then thinks what if it was in the car

Mr Bhatia consoles Pappa G. and tells the other lawyer he could have said all this in a better way and asks him if his client will withdraw the criminal charges, the lawyer smiles and looks at his client who smiles back and the lawyer gives Pappa G the papers to sign, Pappa G crying and devastated signs the papers
At Suvi’s place Samar rings the bell and Yuvi opens the door, Samar takes out Yuvi’s cell phone and says it was fallen beside his car, Yuvi casually says it must have dropped out and takes it back telling Soni he got the mobile back

Samar tells Yuvi Suvi called and he picked up the call, Yuvi asks why, Samar says because its not his style to make beautiful girls wait, Yuvi gets angry and reminds him she is his gf, Samar says so what and goes on that Suvi was telling the weather was good and was aalso asking about Yuvi and he said he might be good, Yuvi unable to control his anger punches Samar

Precap: RC gets a message from Ira that Suvi knows while Suvi gets out of her room and RC looks at her shocked, the landlord shouts at Mamma G that she being a thief’s wife will teach him manners and Pappa G slaps him hard…

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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