Suvreen Guggal 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 23rd October 2013 Written Update

Suvreen is shown talking with all interns along with Soni how that Vc is.Soni says the way he talks .behaves makes u feel creepy.Suvreen devises a plan to teach VC a lesson.Next day at the office Suvreen is shown working with Soni standing beside her.Suddenly alisha says hi soni,and soni starts shouting at Suvreen saying she doesn’t know color .Hearing the commotion manini comes and soni says there is lot of work and she needsan assistant.To which Manini says let suvreen be your assistant and take her along with u so that she will learn something.Alisha says she has meeting with Vc within half hour.
Suvreen and Soni leave the office,Suvreen says she will handle VC on her own and tells soni to go home.At home soni is worried as there is no call from suvreen.She calls office

tells Rohan they are surprised ,then geeti calls but no one picks the phone.Vikram says he will go,at that time Manini arrives and shouts at them and takes all their phones and tells them from now on nobody will use phone during office hrs.
Suvreen is shown taking measurement of Vc.He continues with his usual way of talking and irritating Suvreen.

Yuvraj is shown eating lunch with Rathi.Rathi says u have made it big did u tell Suvreen about the contract.He says no.Rathi calls Suvreen .she does n’t pick up the phone.Rathi calls Soni,he keeps the speaker on and she tells him everything.Yuvraj hears this and says Why does Suvreen always behaves like that and leaves.Soni tells all of them are planning to go to vc house,rathi says even they are going there.

Here vc tries to hold her hand suvreen removes her hand and say please let me to my job.He tells nobody resists him she says thats the myth .Bc he is famous and rich u think u can get away with anything.No your reputation is very bad tom, when u are old ,there is no fame ,no money u will have no one by your side.Even your mom will be ashamed of u.the way u treat women.Hearing this Vc is changed person ,he says no one has told me so frankly and thank you for your honest opinion.
here everybody are gathered around suvreen house waiting for samar.Samar comes at that time suvreen calls ,even yuvraj come with rathi,she tells she is alright and apologise to maddy and soni.

Next day at office Vc says he is ready to sign the contract provided Maddy directs it.Then they show how suvreen convinces vc to sign maddy for his ad.manini is surprised and agrees.

Precap–manini calls Yuvraj to tell she will sign him for 2 products and he will become supermodel.

Update Credit to: sujairohit

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