Suvreen Guggal 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Suvi enters home exhausted condition. Soni asked about the rent. Kya baat hui?? Suvi said she didnt got a chance to talk to RC sir. He went for a meeting.
Soni says aaj ke liye to usne landlord ko convince kar liya by bringing sm emotional tears in her eyes and landlord didnt forced.

Nxt morning alisha is sitting in the office & starring at the photoframe of alisha-yuvi which was clicked that day for random sample pics by suvi.
Suddenly samar sir arrives and suvi behind him ( it seems that maddy is doing his duty to give lift to suvi evryday after that night). Alisha hides it & shows off that she is busy in work. He taunts alisha ‘kya baat hai aaj bahot change sa lag raha hai’. Suvi too was looking at her in a strange expression. They both move on for work.


evil mind starts working ‘ye suvi to yuvraj k saath saath maddy ki bhi favourite ban gayi.’ Then an evil idea clicks her mind.
Now tia, the female model arrives at office. Alisha says to her ‘you came on time. Kamaal hai.’
Tia says ‘kyu models kya hamesha late aate hai??’ ‘well i have sm work with samar’
alisha takes her.

In the dressing room alisha was helping tia to dressup for photoshoot. In between the talks alisha says that maddy belives dat it is the photographer who makes the pics beautiful. Model koi bhi ho fark nahi padta. Wo har pic ko beautifull bana sakta hai bekaar looks ko bhi. She tries to hurt the ego of tia.
Tia gets irritated and suvi comes to call her for shoot. Tia walks for photoshoot in a disgust.

While the photoshoot was going on, maddy and tia argues when maddy says her to come a liitle forward. Tia disagrees and says if she comes a bit forward then the light above her head will make a shadow and her face will come in dark.
Maddy assures dont worry i am the photographer. I can do mirracle. Leave it on me.
Tia gets irritated with his attitude and walks out in disgust saying ‘i will also show a mirracle by disappearing frm here.’
suvi was seeing all this and runs behind her to stop her.
Samar cudn’t still believe what he said dat she walked away.
Alisha was happy seeing all this as she wanted to replace tia.
RC-JOLLY-IRA were entering the office and they saw model leaving the office and suvi running behind her.

Now In the RC’s cabin ira-rc were asking samar why he behaved rudely to the model that she left the shoot in anger??
Samar defended that he dont remember what he spouted to tia. He dont evn remember when he said to leave the office…
Evevrybody got busy in finding the solution to whom to appoint as female model??
Samar answered he will check his database if he finds some model.
Alisha was all set to bring samar’s laptop wit a alisha-yuvi pic as screenwallpaper.
Maddy saw the pic and got an idea to show alisha as a female model. Ira approached her that will she do modelling for the photoshoot. How can she deny this opportunity! She said yes she will do d modelling if boss wants her to do it. Evevry one got happy. Suvreen was not aware of this when she came to office after not being able to find tia, she confronted alisha. Alisha in joyious mood informed suvi that now she is the female model with yuvraj for the calender shoot. Suvreen got shocked hearing this

The photoshoot began with alisha wearing a red cham chamati saree and yuvraj in yellow suit.
Suvi was also standing by side and noting something on a book.
Alisha was purposely clinging to yuvraj leaving very less space to make suvi jealous. And suvi really got jealous seeing both so close, alisha touching yuvi’s face, keeping arms on his shoulder, yuvi holding her from waist, etc (i am blushing…itna bas hai 😉 )

At a certain point maddy said to pose them like this while showing an example holding suvreen so close and bended her. Suvreen saw yuvi getting jealous and purposely came more closer to maddy wit deep eye-contact. Aisa lag raha tha dono ek dusre mein kho gaye ho…
Yuvraj was really very jealous seeing so much chipka-chipki infront of his eyes.

Now maddy clicks some more pics of yuvi-alisha while suvreen’s phone rings and she goes out of the room.
Suvreen moves to RC’s cabin to talk abt if some advance salary cn be taken to pay rent. Ira was sitting in the cabin. She rejected her request for advance salary. She evn said that suvi dont evn deserve to receive basic salary. She insulted her.

Suvi came out of the cabin and started crying.
Rc was coming and he saw suvreen crying

PRECAP: D3 team spoiled their costumes wit paint.
Sharon meets suvi at a restaurent n says if she can design their costumes. Suvi agreed.
When they wore the costumes, they felt it tight and they hav to go for dance.

Update Credit to: Kaushik

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