Suvreen Guggal 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of Ira getting up she has a hangover she sees her phone and gets happy its a message from RC. Now we see Suvreen and RC in the car they are on their way to Delhi… Suvreen wants to talk to RC to clear the entire problem but is unable to… RC tells Suvreen not to call him Sir and to call him Rehaan.. Suvreen says she cant and calls him sir… RC says ok fine you were saying something tell me… Suvreen tries her best to tell RC but again is unable to instead says Sir I want to meet my parents if that’s ok… RC says that she doesn’t need to ask his permission of course she can meet her parents infact he wants to meet them too.
Jolly shows everyone the scoreboard in Iris it says 0 for everyone… Jolly says he’s back now

the competition will start even RC and Ira can’t start the competition without him… Rohan says why is Jolly saw interested in the competition? Vikram says why are you scared? Rohan says I’m not scared but you are… Preity says Ira and RC put Jolly sir in charge of the appraisals.
We see Yuvraj and Soni the building person who is higher than Khurana has come… Chubey Ji is saying good things about the people living in the building.. Yuvraj and Soni are happy… The guy goes he will speak to Khurana and leaves… Chubey Ji begs Yuvraj and Soni to save his job and not to tell anything against him to the building guy… Yuvraj says only on one condition his job can be saved.. Chubey Ji says which condition.. both Yuvraj and Soni whisper something in Chubey Ji ear… in the end Chubey Ji is shocked.
Geeti asks Preity how does she know that Jolly Sir is in charge of the appraisals.. Preity says she is office assistant so she knows everything… She tells everyone Alisha wears contact lenses she has a spare set of specs and lenses in her basket… everyone is shocked Alisha hides her face in embrassment. .. Preity then says Vikram always takes his designs with him he never leaves anything in the office… Preity then says Geeti I know you gave your resignation letter to RC Sir but he didn’t accept it everyone is shocked… Preity then says Rohan I know Trisha has replied for a internship in Iris.. Rohan is shocked he says Kya? Preity then says she is office assistant she knows everything.
RC and Suvreen are in Delhi…RC tell Suvreen she got back up copy of the presentation.. Suvreen says yes Sir she got everything… RC says he is very excited this project will be very challenging he likes challenges… The lift light goes off.
Ira comes to Iris… Preity inform Ira about the board Jolly has brought and there will be a quiz for the interns… back to RC and Suvreen… RC takes his phone out to ring Manani but there is no coverage on his phone… Suvreen take her phone Suvreen is panicking… both RC and Suvreen head bangs.. Suvreen says sorry sir there is no coverage as well.
We see Papa Guggal meeting the lawyer he gives him 50 thousand rupees… the lawyer tells Papa Guggal they have no proof the boss and lawyer have strong case… he also tells Papa Guggal it will be better for him if he doe sout of court settlement.
We see RC and Suvreen in the lift sitting down… RC says to Suvreen to make herself comfortable… RC then asks Suvreen hows Yuvi? Suvreen says fine Sir… RC then says it was funny how you and Yuvraj played RC and Ira… he then says did Yuvraj Imitate him? Suvreen says No… RC says I knew you would play Ira.
Back in Iris Ira informs Yuvraj that the client has shown a lot of interest in you so your first public shoot will start and Samar will be shooting it. Back to RC and Suvreen… RC is praising Ira… Suvreen is very nervous and awkward.. RC says Suvreen are you claustrophobic… RC says when we go back to Mumbai me, u and Ira should go to dinner together what do you think? Suvreen says Sir and the light comes. They both come out of the lift Suvreen kinda runs from there RC says he will infrom Ira… RC rings Ira and Ira disconnects his call.
Samar tells Yuvraj see where my talent got you… Yuvraj says you took photographs of other models too but they didn’t get selected so where did you talent go then…Samar says what nonsense… Yuvraj says he will become supermodel.
RC is annoyed why Ira didn’t reply to his voicemail why she didn’t answer his phone… he then says only me and Vivaan knew about my feelings for Suvreen… he then says on the day Manani came all this has been happening Ira must of read my diary and showed Suvreen also.. no wonder Suvreen is behaving odd.

RC is again thinking if Suvreen knows or not about his feeling he says only Ira can tell him

Update Credit to: Anam

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