Suvreen Guggal 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Yuvi holding Suvi’s hands and thanking her, he tells her he has the name of Cheetah but she is the real cheetah, Suvi corrects him cheethi, he tells her she is really very brave
He further tells her Manu Rathi told him about everything how she fought with the inspector and did so much for him, she tells him she did what he does for her always, she says maybe it happens like this when, Yuvi looks at her waiting for her to say something and Suvi says when their friendship is so strong
Yuvi tells her he wants to say something to her, he has been trying to say it from a long time but never got the chance, he says if he did die but before he could go on further Suvi shuts him up and starts crying, Yuvi tells her not to cry and wipes away her tears
They both have a long eye-lock session, when RC comes in calling out Suvi and Suvi removes her hand from Yuvi’s and turns to RC, Yuvi is disappointed, he tells her he just brought the medicines and goes to Yuvi asking him how is he feeling now, Yuvi nods and RC is about to leave when Suvi stops him
Suvi tells Yuvi he should thank RC for everything, coz he was the one who admitted him in the hospital and also got them out of jail, she goes on about how RC came and got them out as Yuvi watches them feeling sad
Doctor comes in and tells Suvi and RC to leave and let Yuvi rest, Suvi protests to stay for longer but doctor doesn’t agree, she tells Yuvi she will come tomorrow and they both leave
Suvi enters home excitedly calling out to her mom dad and Baby, her mom comes to her telling her to keep it down as Baby just slept right now, Suvi asks her what happened and Mamma G. says she must be stressed because of exams, but Suvi replies to herself she knows what Baby is stressed about
Suvi tells Mamma G. she has a news to say which will take baby’s stress away, Pappa G. comes asking what happened and Suvi tells them Yuvi is conscious, they become happy and Suvi tells them everything that happened and hugs Pappa G.
Annie and Naro are eating having fun, Naro says on the phone she should have been here too, Alisha says its ok she is fine and plus she had to come back home and anyways its just one night as her mom will be bak tomorrow, Naro tells her to call them if she needs anything, Alisha says sure while someone outside the window is watching her
Rathi comes to Yuvi’s bro who is talking to Zorro and tells him doctor asked for some injections, Yuvi’s bro is about to go to get them when Zorro says he will join them too, Rathi says lets go as Mannu is there, Mannu on the other hand is sitting on the bench sleepy and dozes off
Someone goes inside Yuvi’s room unnoticed, the same person who was outside Alisha’s house dows something on the equipments attached to Yuvi, Yuvi who is drowsed asks who is it and the person says he is the ward boy, Yuvi asks him to call Mannu for him, the person takes out a letter and puts it on Yuvi’s bed and leaves before Yuvi turned to see the person gone
Rathi and Mannu comes in asking Yuvi if he had a visitor, Yuvi tells them it was a ward boy, Rathi says if he was a ward boy then why did he run seeing Rathi and he wasn’t even wearing the uniform also, Yuvi wakes up and sees the letter beside him, Rathi takes it to read but Yuvi snatches it from him to see ‘Tell your friends to drop the case otherwise…’
The person sneaks in Alisha’s room, he then walks out of the window and drops a vase on the floor, Alisha wakes up asking who is it and sees the window open, she walks towards the window scared
Suvi goes to her room and asks Baby how is her headache and tells her she has a good news, Baby gets up excited and asks if the people are caught and she doesn’t need to go to the police station, Suvi tells her no they are not caught yet but the gud news is Yuvi is out of danger
Baby hugs her happily, she tells her she is soo relieved to know everything is fine, she tells Suvi she is very bad she caused all this problems for Yuvi, she tells Suvi she is scared of all these police matters, she asks Suvi if Yuvi can recognize the culprits himself, she then stresses out that she cant go to police station and get involved and if parents find out they will be so angry with her
Suvi calms her down and says she doesn’t need to worry she wont involve her in this, Suvi thinks about the whole protest and how she ended up in jail and tells Baby she is there to protect her and wont get her involved in all of this
Suvi tells Baby that she should meet Yuvi and thank him and she will also feel better, Baby agrees and hugs her
Back in hospital Alisha comes to meet Yuvi and his bro leaves, Alisha asks if he ok and slept fine, Yuvi thinks about the person who came in last night and lies he slept fine and asks her about herself, Alisha thinks about the night incident and lies she is good too and gives him the soup she brought for him but he drops some it on himself
Alisha wipes it off and Yuvi tells her its ok a nurse will do it but Alisha doesn’t listen , Suvi comes in and watches them, she then cheerfully greets them, Suvi tells Alsiha she didn’t knw she was getting soup even her mom sent food from home for Yuvi, Yuvi excitedly takes the home-made food as Alisha watches them a bit confused
Yuvi reminds Suvi of how he ate all the food that one night, Suvi laughs remembering it, Alisha asks about it, Suvi was about to say about it when she gets a call from RC who gives her the good news that police caught those culprits with the help of cctv footage
Suvi becums happy, Mannu Rathi enter the room, RC tells Suvi Alisha has to go to police station to identify them and they will be punished, Suvi tells him Alisha will go to identify and tells him they will meet him in the police station
Suvi excitedly tells them all the news, everyone becums happy but Alisha and Yuvi get into their own thoughts

Precap: Suvi goes upto the guys in the jail and says she dosnt want to know what his problem is as he seems to be very comfortable here and he should be as he is going to stay for a long time here, and as for the witness she will surely come…Alisha on the other hand cries on the phone to Yuvi that the goons threatened her, when she was in the hospital they sent a threatening letter to her mom with her pic and asked her not to testify against them, Suvi gets shocked and Yuvi becomes angry

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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