Suvreen Guggal 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Suvreen comes to the shooting she sees Yuvraj and Sakshi together… both Yuvreen look at each other… Maddy tells Yuvraj to check the shot… Maddy sees Suvreen he says Suvreen Guggal on time today.. Suvreen days you said my name correctly today… Maddy says I really appreciate you came to help me… Maddy introduced Suvreen to Sakshi… Suvreen slaps Sakshi she says how dare you come close to my boyfriend it was a dream sequence wasn’t real… Suvreen says what can I help with? Maddy says everything this Model is so plastic he cant do anything right no reactions.. Yuvraj gives angry look to Samar… Yuvraj says maybe there is problem with your briefing no wonder no model can react.. Maddy goes to talk to Yuvraj.. Suvreen says now these two will fight… Maddy says maybe I havent

explained properly I have another way.. he demonstrates the whole act with Suvreen.. Yuvraj is angry and jealous… Maddy says he wants the same chemistry.. Yuvraj says he will do better than that.

Mama and Papa Guggal are making tiffins… Mama Guggal tells him to add Barfi to the tiffin… Soni is remembering her meeting with VC she is very scared. Soni is worried about Suvreen she says Manani has blackmailed Suvreen well and Suvreen Love Life isn’t going so well… Mama Guggal talk to Soni to make her feel better she says she is very strong and not to worry.. Soni says I will be strong what about Suvreen what will happen to her? Yuvi isn’t there to take care of her… Soni gets a message from Maddy and smiles she says Maddy has really done a miracle.

Maddy explains about the AD to Suvreen… Suvreen says what does she need to do… Maddy says to her to sort out the cowboy look and help Yuvraj get ready… the assistant comes and tells Maddy Yuvraj has refused to do the scene.. Maddy says tell him he doesnt have another option… the assistant says he wont listen to him… Maddy goes to talk to Yuvraj he says why wont you do it.. Yuvraj says he can do better than that… Yuvraj demonstrates the his version of the AD.. everyone claps including Suvreen.

Manani is talking to VC on the phone… Manani says we are creating the best designs for you.. VC says I’m not interested in designs I want Pepper… Manani says I want your styling contract and then I will give you Pepper… VC says send Pepper today… Manani says ok once the contract is signed… VC says send the papers today.

Maddy says he will discuss with the client he tells the Assistant to show Suvreen the clothes…Maddy tells Suvreen to finalise 4-5 looks.. Suvreen says ok… Suvreen is int eh dressing room finalising Yuvraj clothes… Sid the assistant tells Suvreen says Samar Sir said to decide on the costumes and then click picture sof Yuvraj.. Suvreen helps Yuvraj…Suvreen takes pictures of Yuvraj.. Yuvraj tells Suvreen to take pictures from his mobile also.. Suvreen clicks the pictures.. Yuvraj is very happy… Yuvraj says he will send these pics to Soni she will know straight away this is your styling to Suvreen… Suvreen says then Soni will upload the pictyre son FB everyone will know you are doing the AD… both Yuvreen say they want to talk to each other… Yuvi says to himself he wants Suvreen to forget about Iris only think about him.. Suvreen says to herself she wants to be back in Yuvraj life but she cant leave her work Iris… Yuvraj says he is looking perfect.. Suvreen says yes… Maddy sees all this from outside… Maddy says why didnt they talk to each other properly they could of just fighted but no both are ghadhes.

Preity gives some fabric samples to Pepper.. Manani comes tells Pepper she needs to go with all the designs to see VC… Suvi says I cant go with Soni to VC place this kamini will find out…Manani tells Pepper to go quickly VC doesn’t like to be kept waiting.. Suvreen says she cant let Soni go alone…Soni goes alone to VC place.

Soni goes to VC place…Suvreen pretends to Manani she is going to market to buy materials… she goes after Soni to VC place… The client is talking to Yuvraj he tells him he is very impressed with his work he offers him a 1 year contract Yuvraj is very happy… he signs the contract.

VC is drinking (he is such a creep) he says good to see you Pepper I was waiting for you… Pepper shows him the designs… Suvreen tries to ring Soni but its no network.. VC is praising Pepper… he touches her face… Suvreen comes to VC house she says she is Pepper assistant she forgot some of her designs.. VC is very impressed bu Suvreen he says she should accompany Pepper all the time.

Precap- Suvreen says she will handle everything she will go alone to see VC… Soni says no I wont let you go alone to that monsters house.. Rathi tells Yuvraj Suvreen is being jhansi ki rani and she is going to see VC alone.. Yuvraj is very angry he says topper neh apne pare mein kholari marneh ki PHD ki hui hai he runs.

Hope we can see some good happy Yuvreen scenes tomorrow Yuvraj will hopefully save Suvreen from that creep phyco VC.

Update Credit to: Anam_ali

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