Suvreen Guggal 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with YuvReen getting off the taxi and Yuvi asks Suvi what happened
Suvi’s fb: she sees the bracelet in Yuvi’s hands and asks when did he get it, Yuvi tells her he forgot to say Alisha gave him
Suvi gloomed out tells Yuvi nothing happened, Yuvi still asks but she says its nothing and bids him goodnight and leaves for her home
Yuvi is left confused and Samar sees Suvi passing in the parking lot and smiles looking at both her and Yuvi’s expressions
Samar catches up with Suvi and says so she was with her boyfriend and reminds her that he doesn’t care what she does in her free time but when she is assisting him and goes for free time that he cannot accept as he feels he is a very useless boss then, Suvi frustrated blurts out that he is and since he’s

a guy every guy are dumb and duffer
Samar tells her he heard she was assisting RC today and he is a very softie type so its good for her, Suvi tells him off again just because he’s a boss doesn’t give him the license to be mean, Samar exclaims Suvreen Guggal is on fire and laughs out

The lift comes and Samar says ‘ladies first, Suvi makes a face and goes in while Samar notices Yuvi watching them from a distance and laughs and goes in while Yuvi watches in anger
Soni stresses out that after giving money to Jatin the rent situation has became serious now, she cant even ask Jatin for money since he helped her so much and above all that landlord is asking for rent, this time she has to talk to Suvi, she has to give her share of 11000, Soni walks here and there thinking of talking to Suvi when Suvi comes in
Suvi looks around at the mess of the clothes and asks Soni did she see the garbage outside the building, Soni confused says no, Suvi blasts off at her to go and see even the garbage is cleaner than their house and goes on and on about how everything is so messed up and that it was her(Soni) turn to wash the clothes and she didn’t
Soni grumpily says she had work that’s why, but Suvi blasts again that even she has work and even she is busy, Suvi goes on that she doesn’t understand why people have a problem with cleanliness, no one can be clean even in relationships, everyone has to hide, Soni looks at her confused

Suvi tells her Yuvi accepted a bracelet from Alisha but he didn’t tell her, why did he have to hide it what is his problem, she asks Soni what is her problem going all hyper, she asks Soni if the bathroom is clean, Soni is totally stumped, Suvi says she will go check herself and goes off
Yuvi to the camera: There are so many problems arising here, now she just left like that in anger without saying anything, was the anda burji that bad, girls think that boys have telepathy systems, if they don’t speak up then how the hell are they supposed to understand, and he should have been upset since he came from so far but Topper doesn’t have any time for him and the time they get goes into fights, what happened to Topper…from tomorrow he will try again
Next morning Suvi and Soni come to each other at the same time and say they both have to say something, Suvi tells her sorry for blasting off like that yesterday night as she was upset and then the whole house was a mess, Soni tells her its ok she knows she was upset over Alisha giving Yuvi a bracelet but she shouldn’t take tension as all boys are like that, Suvi says it was such a ganda bracelet

Suvi then asks her what was she saying, Soni tells her that the landlord called and she is sorry she said that she will pay Suvi’s share of the rent but she cant as all the money is over, Suvi says all the money Mamma gave she spent on shopping and only 2000 remains from there, Suvi tells Soni she will talk to RC
At office Preeti organizes things and glances towards Rohan, his phone starts ringing and he takes the call going a bit further away from Geeti Alisha and Vikram who are chatting, Preeti tries to think who is this caller, Alisha tells the others that Rajput prince is trying to workout his long distance relationship, Preeti hears it and says to herself that why do they assume that her prince has a girlfriend, she needs to find out now who is the caller

Jatin at a caf with Soni tells her tension doesn’t suit her beautiful face, Soni notices Jatin’s wallet and asks him if he found his wallet, he tells her he gave in the news paper for lost and found but he doesn’t think his wallet reads newspaper, he tells her he bought a new wallet as he needs to keep the money, Soni smiles tensed, Jatin asks what happened does she want the money back soon, Soni thinks that Jatin helped her so much and now when he needs help why is she thinking of stepping back
Alisha poses with feathers as Geeti laughs and click pic, Alisha then goes and takes the lamp and says I’m sure she(Suvi) must have been practicing being a prop whole time, Samar comes right then and sees them joking about Suvi, Alisha was about to say something when she stops seeing Samar coming

Samar asks her cant she hear or did she forget what all he said to her that day, Samar tells her off that if she would be this much serious about her own life than others than she could become a good prop for Iris, Suvi comes and hears this
Yuvi calls Soni and asks her why is Suvi angry with, Soni bharkofies at him how can he be so blind when the whole answer is in front of him, Yuvi asks her what happened, Soni says he cant understand her mood is off, she then says anyways he cant understand why Suvi is angry so she cant expect him to understand her, Yuvi asks concerned what actually happened, Soni tells him everything is on his hands and hangs the phone
Yuvi thinks did all the girls have jhala hua toast and get out, everyone is talking jhala hua, he thinks what does she mean everything is in his hands and then notices the bracelet and remembers when Suvi asked about the bracelet and her mood went off after that

Suvi almost clashes with Alisha in the canteen and Alisha asks Suvi if she wants coffee offering her cup but Suvi says no and goes to get her own cup of coffee, Alisha tells Suvi that coffee and boyfriends are the same, they are best when they are rich, warm and they both make you sleepless, Suvi smiles sarcastically and says such cheap things only she can say
Alisha says its not cheap its naughty and all boys love that, Suvi says not all boys and tells her that even Samar can see through her as he knows what type she is, Alisha asks where did Samar come from that and says even if they were talking about something else she would have brought Samar into it as its her favorite topic of discussion
Suvi replies back yes it is as it has depth and not frivolous and no one can give frivolous gifts and win someone’s heart, Alisha replies back that it doesn’t become a frivolous gift just because you don’t understand its value and anyways whoever she had to give the gift she gave and whoever had to take it took the gift

Just then Yuvi comes shouting ‘Topper’ and hugs Suvi from behind and giving her a rose, Suvi grumpily says she doesn’t want any flowers, Alisha notices and smiles, Yuvi says hi to Alisha putting his hand forward, Alisha and Suvi notices that Yuvi isn’t wearing the bracelet, Suvi asks sarcastically to Yuvi where is his bracelet
Yuvi replies it was pinching him a lot so he took it off, Yuvi apologizes Alisha who says its ok, Suvi says in true love feelings matter not gifts and turns to Yuvi and asks him is he going to give the flower or stand with it whole time, Yuvi shocked says she only refused to take the flower right now, Suvi says sarcastically he agrees to whatever she says, Yuvi smiles and offers her the rose again, she takes it and he puts his hand out for her and Suvi takes his hand and looks at Alisha, Yuvi says bye to Alisha and they both leave from there as Alisha is frustrated
Ira sees YuvReen together in the office and mutters to herself that she is incompetent and even unprofessional, Ira calls out to Yuvi and they both turn parting their hands and Suvi hides the rose, Ira goes to them and asks Yuvi howcome he is in office today as he has an off, Yuvi says he was just passing by so he thought of just saying hi, Ira says she is impressed and asks if she can have Suvi for a while, Yuvi says he was just leaving and bids them bye and leaves

Ira asks Suvi if she knows that how important the calendar shoot is for them, Suvi replies yes and Ira goes on that it doesn’t seem like it is important for her as instead of helping them out with the work she is busy hanging around with her boyfriend, Ira reminds her its an office and she cant just hang around with her boyfriend here and tells her to put her efforts in work, Suvi replies yes and Ira tells her she expects her to behave professionally, she tells Suvi to go help Samar with the props, Suvi says yes and apologizes and leaves
Jolly who was also present there tells Ira she has broken a mean record of her own for such a small matter and cheers for her, Ira blasts off he thinks it’s a small issue and starts about Suvi that she is good for nothing instead of helping Samar she is busy delivering stuff to RC’s home, Jolly exclaims and asks her what is her real problem this that Samar’s assistant went to RC’s home or this that Suvreen Guggal wen to RC’s home

Jolly tells Ira that he hates to say it but she has given too much importance to RC in her life because of which he has been affecting her life so much, he leaves with his Amorr as Ira thinks about the offer they kept for each other where they said they will marry each other if they are single after 30, Ira thinks about the times she spent with RC
Ira comes to RC in his office who freaks out that workers are charging for their overtime when as it is they are charging a lot, he asks her what to do, Ira tells him to relax and tells him to give how much they want atleast he wont take so much stress and burn his blood, RC looks at her surprised and says she is the commercial head and they don’t think from heart
Ira says she has to live in between these numbers her whole life as she has to do business but then sometimes you realize that other things are also important and there you realize being inbetween these numbers you are minimizing certain aspects of your life and in this situation you should decide from heart not using brains, RC laughs and Ira asks what, RC says he is tensed how come she is having this sudden change
Ira asks if he thinks she is going to get him to trouble, RC says no not at all, if there is someone in this world he can trust blindly its her, Ira smiles and asks her what if she ditches him, RC tells her she will never do it
Ira drops a paper and RC asks her what is it, Ira tells him to see it, she tells him its about the agreement they had that until 2013 if they are unmarried then they will get married to each other, RC laughs and asks surprised she still has it, he reminds her they were so drunk that day, Ira says yes they were, RC says he even used to believe at her hypothetical talks even then and does it now also

RC then says since she is in such a good heart mood he should say something, Ira smiles and asks excitedly what, RC asks her to ask her high heels friend to lend them some shoes as they really need it for the shoot, Ira’s smile disappears as she was expecting something else, she says ok and leaves irritated with the agreement paper
In Samar’s cabin Suvi is stressed thinking about how to ask RC for money, she decides she has to ask and get the money by today as the landlord wanted the rent by today, she was about to say something to Samar when RC and Ira comes and RC announces that he is going to the clients office to show the final costume design, he asks Samar if its ready, Samar gives him the pen drive, RC was about to leave when Suvi calls back from behind
RC turns to her, Ira gives Suvi a look, Suvi thinks it isn’t a good time to ask RC about advance money, Suvi then wishes RC all the best and they leave, Suvi gets tensed thinking what to do

Precap: Alisha tells Suvi she must be wondering why she is smiling so much, Alisha informs Suvi that she has been chosen as the female model with Yuvi for the calendar shoot(WHAATTT ARGGHH nooo waayyss why her), Suvi is shocked, Alisha and Yuvi are shooting when Samar tells them its not right and he grabs Suvi and shows them how it is to be done and goes near to Suvi saying eyes should be in contact with each other, Yuvi glares at him angrily(Kal double dhamaka hoga, angst fire from both the sides)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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