Suvreen Guggal 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 21st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Soni walking to the house. Suvreen and the others are watching her. The door opens and Soni goes in it. It’s too dark. Soni gets frightened. (Between Soni is Pepper now) The door closes. Suvreen gets shocked and scared. Manani calls Soni. She asks her are you there now? Soni says yes. I’m there but it’s too dark here. Manani says please come back with good news baby!! Suddenly she hears a man voice. He says come in.. Don’t be scared, I was waiting for you. Soni says to herself you can do it!. She goes.

Puppa Guggal is in Maddy’s house. They are eating food. Puppa says that just because of his coming to Mumbai suvreen is tensed. Maddy says suvreen is always tensed. But she is strong. Puppa says that she doesn’t talk. He says that YuvReen had

fight and he went so suddenly. And he says that Suvreen told him that he had to go. Maddy says that Yuvi has a lot of work.. (maddy is sooo cute) Puppa asks him to talk to Suvreen. Maddy asks me?? Puppa says yes you! Maddy says if you say that then I can try na ?.. Puppa gets happy.

Suvreen says it’s my fault! I should not let her go to the VC. She is really worried about Soni. Soni goes in the room. A man sits and watches Soni on tablet (dunno what is it) Soni comes and says hi. The man turns around and asks are you pepper ? Soni says yes. He says you are looking nice. She says thank you. He asks her can I have this screenshots ?? he shows a tablet where he made screenshots of Soni. Soni asks why?? He says because of your beauty. He says it’s my hobby. He asks have a sit. They are sitting on couch. The man looks really bad at Soni. He says please don’t be scared. He says that Manani told a lot of Pepper.. He says I really like your work pepper. He comes near to her and asks can I ask you something personal? Soni gets scared. He says that he likes to work at nights. He says it’s interesting to work nights. He asks do you want to drink? She says that she doesn’t drink. He says I’ve already started liking you.

Samar talks to Yuvraj on the phone. He says that he should come. And then they hang up. He calls Suvreen. He says good girl 😀 D she tells him that Soni is in VC’s house. Samar gets shocked. She hangs up. Suvreen wants to go in but Soni comes out. Soni says I’m ok. He is not good.. she says that he is talking not so good. She says I’m sorry I won’t go to meet him again. Suvreen says don’t go!

On the car. They give Soni water to drink. Everybody watched Soni. Suvreen calls Manani . Manani says that VC wants to see her designs. She has to go for the last time. Everybody get shocked.
In the shooting. Yuvraj comes. Samar says waahh… kya timing hai!! 😀 D Yuvraj says that he come on time. Samar says isliye I’m saying that 😀 Kya timing hai!! He says I’ll let you meet your director. Samar says to the man to bring him a caf. Yuvraj asks him why he wants something from the director? He is the director na? Samar says he is my assistant. Samar says to start. Samar wants him to smile. Samar says you are not going to bed! what are you doing?? Smile! Smile! Yuvraj looks at Samar angrily.. Samar says look at the camera and not me. And smile!! After a while a girl comes. The female model. Samar massages Suvreen to design a costume. Suvreen massages ok. And then Pepper (Soni) comes. Manani sees Soni with Suvreen. What the hell is happening here?? Pepper says I’ll be partner of Iris.

In the shooting. Samar asks them to come closer. Yuvraj says to himself concentrate. He comes closer to the girl. And then Suvreen comes and sees them.

PRECAP: Soni comes to VC. VC says so good to see you. Pepper says I brought my designs. He says becautiful. Soni says you haven’t see my designs yet. He says that he says beautiful to her hand. Soni gets shocked. He takes her hand.

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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