Suvreen Guggal 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 21st February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins in college. Everyone are clapping and screaming “YuvReen” Yuvraj holds Suvreen’s hand.. And their BG music is playing.. And EYELOCK! Yuvraj’s cousine Rishab comes and looks and Yuvraj & Suvreen. He comes closer to Yuvraj and says : Do you want to eat something?? Yuvraj get scared and lets her hand go. Yuvraj asks: Brother, you here? Suvreen smiles. Rishab says that he knew that they loved each other! He says : Hold her hand.. And then Yuvraj holds Suvis hand and looks at her. Rishab says to everyone: Food, drinks,.. everything is on the house.! Yuvraj asks him what he is doing. Rishab anweres that the young boss did find his valentine. So everything on the house.! Suvreen says that she knew that Rishab is Yuvraj’s cousine but she didn’t know that

Yuvraj is the part of the Vspot. Yuvraj says that they were always friends and they will be friends forever.! Suvreen says that she doesn’t know what she has to say. Sorry or Thanks? Yuvraj says that she can say I love you to him.. Eyelock again..

In the next scene a couple are sitting on Rehan’s car. RC comes and says that he has to go.. The couple leaves.. Then the girl says that she knows him. She says that he is Rehan Charles the succesful fashion designer (super famous). And the boy says that he would be Rehan Charles.. And he says that RC is lucky.. And then Rehan says to himself that he is not lucky. Then Vivaan asks Rehan for what he is waiting.. They have to go shopping.

In the next scene are YuvReen.. Annie wants to toast to YuvReen.. But Rathi coughs.. Annie says that Yuvraj & Suvreen have met because of her. Rathi says that YuvReen met before Annie met Suvreen. And then Rathi & Annie are fighting like YuvReen.. YuvReen (hand in hand) are watching them.. And then they both are imagining that time when they met.. And then they are imagining their fights.. And then Rathi & Annie are still fighting.. Then Zorro screams “Shut up”. And then he says : New YuvReen are coming.. Zorro asks Annie if she is not in love with Rathi.. Yuvraj feeds Suvreen at that time. Both are still hand in hand. Yuvraj asks them where is Alisha? He calls her.. In the next scene Alisha is sitting in her bed. She talks to herself. She asks: Why I’m angry with you Yuvraj? and then she says that Suvreen is the problem. She says that he doesn’t know Suvreen well. And she says that what Suvreen wants is hers. And then her phone rings. Yuvraj calls her. At that time Suvreen wanted to feed him with cake. He says that he is talking on the phone. Alisha gets angry. He says that they are in Vspot cafe. And he says that she can come too. Then they hang up. Alisha says: You are having fun Suvreen but your fun times will end soon. In the next scene Everyone is sitting in the Vspot cafe. Yuvraj hols Suvreen’s hand again.. Everyone says that the playe is very nice Zorro says: YuvReen and then he corrects himself and he says: For Yuvraj & Suvreen’s lovestory begining celebrate.. And then Rishab comes. He says that Suvreen has to sing something for them. Everyone are saying please to her. And then Yuvraj holds Suvis hand and says “Topper” Please sing something.. She accepts it. Annie says that Yuvraj said it only once and she accepted it. How cute

Everyone are clapping and saying “ohhh…” Suvreen says that she will sing but Yuvraj has to sing with her. He accepts it..
Song sequence: (I don’t know what’s the name of that song is but I think it’s “Kya hua”)

YuvReen are singing that song.. And they are dancing together.. Yuvraj comes closer to Suvreen he wanted to kiss her but she goes.. Yuvraj holds her hand and pulls her towards him. They come closer.. and closer.. Suvreen close her eyes.. Yuvraj wanted to kiss her on the lips but he kisses on her overhead.. And they everyone comes and sing with them and everyone are dancing.. Eyelock After a while Alisha comes and sees them together. She screams at Suvreen. YuvReen are shocked.. Yuvraj goes to Alisha and says sorry to her because of that propose at her birthdayparty. And then Suvreen comes and hugs Yuvi.. Yuvraj holds her hand again. Alisha says that she was surprised. And then Alisha hugs Suvreen. She says that she is happy for her.

In the next scene everyone is sitting and eating cakes. Yuvraj wanted to eat Suvreen’s cake too. She says : Noways! Suvreen says that he finished his cake and that this cake is her. Yuvraj says that in her life is hers then it is his too. Yuvraj says that the cake is more important than him. Suvreen says : Please don’t be angry with me . you can have the cake. He wanted to eat it but then he feeds Suvreen. He says that the cake is hers , piece is hers, importance are hers and he is hers too. Alisha gets jealous.. Alisha asks them: Do you guys are dating anyone first time? Suvreen says yes. But yuvraj says that he had a girlfriend before.. VEJANTI..

Everyone laughs.. Suvreen says that he is joking.. Suvreen says that it is her first and then Yuvraj says that it is his last.! They both are hugging. Alisha asks them about the valentines day. Alisha says that they have to do something really big.. Suvreen says that she is sure that this valentine’s day it will be very special valentines day for her. Alisha gets angry..

PRECAP: Yuvraj is talking to Alisha on the phone. He asks: What did you say about the valentines day? Alisha asks him: What do you want to gift her? Yuvraj asks: Can you help me? She says: Ofcourse. I’ll do everything for my friends. Alisha says to herself: I’ll make sure Yuvi, Suvreen & your first valentines day.. you will not forget it..

Update Credit to: nazomel

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