Suvreen Guggal 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 20th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Maddy and Suvreen in the car. Maddy is driving the car. He asks her howz work?? She thinks he is the boss how can he know howz work? And then he asks you didn’t do any work like this right? She thinks no, I worked with a human before.. I’m working first time with a vampire boss.. (lolll.. she is too funny) and then she says no, it’s my first time. He says it looks like this.. I mean your face tells everything He says that did check out a lot of females for modeling.. She says I’m lucky. Suvreen is again talking too much.. Maddy laughs and says I can’t give my name to you, it suits you. She asks Samar?? He says nooo.. MADDY!!! And then he laughs.. (I love his laughing yaarr too cute and hot) He says that attitude is the most important thing for models not the

body and then he makes faces how models should pose. (he looks too funny and cute) and then they come home. And then he asks when did you meet Yuvraj? While they are going to the elevator.. She says we met in college. He asks so you are dating him since college?? And then the elevator door opens they go in it. He looks at Suvi and says No no.. he is not your typ. Suvi gets angry and says that he would not understand it. And then the elevator stops and they go to their house. Suvi says thanks. He says Ice princess, see you tomorrow. She goes home and drinks water, Soni screams Tadada!! Soni says that she got her first acting assignment. Suvi shocked and happy, she runs and hugs her. Suvi asks how ?? Soni says that she should say thanks to Jattin (dunno how to write :/ ) Suvi says let me meet him. Soni says that she has already two handsome hunks in her life. Soni says that Yuvraj called Soni that he will bring suvi to a dinner yesterday. Suvi says why you didn’t tell me that?? She says it was a surprise. Suvi calls Yuvraj but his phone is switched off. Suvi tries again..

Yuvi.! He is walking on the street in the night with the roses in his hand. He thinks now topper and me are in Mumbai but we can’t even meet each other. Topper goes far from me and near to Maddy. He sees a trash and throws the roses..

Rehan is designing some clothes. (his tune is playing in background , missed his tune a lot) and then he searchs something from his laptop. Suvreen is designing something in the office, Alisha watches her she looks like she is jealous. And then Suvis phone rings, it’s rehan. Alisha starts to talk in the background to make her angry. He says that he should check the designs but he can’t find the file, can you mail me?

The song ishq wala love starts.. All the light are off.. Pritty goes to Rohan, he sits and designs something. He turns around and smiles. She smiles too.. Both are romancing. 😛 he says hellooo..!!! It was her daydream.. 🙁 and then his phone rings, he goes. She asks with whom is he talking?? And then everybody comes.
Soni with her Jattin. She says that she is nervous, he says that she can do it,.!

In the office. Alisha designs the models. Tia and Yuvraj. Suvreen sees Yuvraj and smiles at him. But he looks really angry and sad. And then maddy comes he is behind Suvi. Yuvi gets more angry. After a while Yuvraj comes. He looks really angry. Yuvraj asks him will this clothes look good on you camera. Maddy says everything looks perfect on my camera. They are looking each other really angry.. (I love the angry lookings.. ) And then Alisha comes. Ira calls Samar she wants to talk with him.. and then he goes. Suvi thinks thank god ira mam came. Suvreen asks are you angry with me? I’ve tried to call you.. I really didn’t know that you ‘ Yuvi doesn’t let her speak. And says Topper you said to me that you will call me when your work will finished. Alisha watches them. You are busy with your boss maddy. And then he wants to go but Suvi asks where do you want to go? He turns around n says I’m going to work. He sees Alisha and asks her to help him. Alisha says sure and goes with him. Suvreen is jealous.

Maddy says to Ira that he can’s find Suvreen anywhere.. he is really angry. And then Pritty comes. Ira asks where is Suvreen, Pritty says that she is in Rehan’s house. They get shocked

Update Credit to: nazomel

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