Suvreen Guggal 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 1st October 2013 Written Update

Papa Guggal asks Suvreen if she lied what problem is she in? Papa Guggal reminds her of hsi situation he says people like Manani are up there, she can ruin your career Papa Guggal say do you want to be like me and sit at home. Suvreen is upset she says she cant tell the truth to Papa Guggal about her being Pepper and doing freelancing to help Papa Guggal Financial problems.
Suvreen rings Manani to tell she wants to meet her Manani tells her to come in the morning at 10am.

Yuvraj and Rathi are having breakfast.. Rathi tells Yuvraj Soni told him that Suvreen has quit Iris.. Yuvraj says that this mean she has chosen me… Yuvraj says he let his ego come between all this he shouldnt have left Suvreen alone he was wrong… all Suvreen wanted to do was sort out the Iris crisis.

goes to Manani office… Manani shows Suvreen CCTV footage of Yuvraj breaking in to the office… she blackmails Suvreen she says she will show the footage to the police and ruin Yuvraj modeling career…Manani then says even better I will send this footage to your father and then Yuvraj will be a theif in his eyes.
RC asks the client why they have took contract from Iris.. he says Iris has th emost innovative designs… the client says they have chosen Global Indian instead… RC disconnects the phone.. Ira come to RC office tells him she has a call from the income tax office has he transefered any funds in a different account… RC says he didnt even know that they had money.
Manani tells Suvi becuase of her one mistake she will ruin her loved onces lives…she will destroy Iris.

Suvreen point of view is shown she says now everyone connected to her is in trouble RC Sir, Iris, Maddy and Yuvraj, she is upset she says she should of listened to Yuvraj he kept telling her not to do all of this but she didnt listen. Suvreen then says who will understand me.. she rings Maddy he tells her he is in Goa celebrating Iris victory and disconnects the phone.
Suvreen rings Yuvraj… he says he is very happy that Suvreen called him… Suvi tells Yuvraj she wants to talk to him.. he says he wants to talk to her to and tells her to meet in the cafe.. Suvreen is very tensed and upset regarding Iris she doesnt know what Manani has planned for Iris..she doesnt know how Yuvraj will react when she tells him about Iris problem.
Income tax raid happens in Iris

Yuvraj comes to the cafe he apologises to Suvreen.. Yuvreen hug… Yuvraj says he should’ve listened to Suvreen he was very angry and in pain…Yuvraj says he agrees with her decision of leaving Iris he knows now how important he is to her… Suvreen says she has to go back to Iris the company is in trouble… Yuvraj shouts shut up angrily… Yuvraj says you have chosen Iris you do what you want and I will do what I want. Yuvraj leaves angrily.
Suvreen comes to Iris… she inform them this is all Manani trap.. Ira says they know all this has been done by Manani… Ira says you are the mole.

Precap- RC and Suvi both see Alisha with Manani

Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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