Suvreen Guggal 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 1st May 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Ira checking out facebook and exclaiming happily ‘finally’, RC asks what happened, Ira says two of their friends are getting married, RC goes to Ira asking how does she know, Ira shows him the pics, RC is happy and says he used to think then that as soon as these two would get out of college they would go to the mandap to get married as they were so close to each other, but then he doesn’t know what happened in between

Ira says they were both very good friends and they didn’t want to spoil their friendship falling into a relationship as relationships are complicated and friendship is simpler
RC looks at her and asks how does she know and asks if one of the friends told her, Ira says no and tells him she eavesdropped on them once and heard it all, she then

excitedly says its fun to eavesdrop and starts laughing, RC says its cheap, Ira says still its fun

RC then asks was it the same night they went for camp, Ira says yeah and RC remembers something and starts laughing, Ira asks what is it and RC asks her if she remembers some guys pooled her to the pool before going to the bus, Ira exclaims ‘those cheapsters’ and tells him ofcourse she remembers, RC says it wasn’t cheap it was fun
Ira irritated asks what was so funny, RC laughs and says Ira Shaw was coming out of the pool in heels with two bags in hands and that to in angry mode and he bursts out laughing, Ira says does he even know those were her expensive shoes which got spoilt, she says flustered that he(RC) was there to help otherwise she was thinking of beating those guys with her heels
RC asks she is still angry about it, Ira says obviously, she has collected her pocket money with so much difficulty at that time to buy those shoes, RC goes on laughing and then slowly murmurs while drinking from his cup ‘she doesn’t know it was his idea’, Ira asks shocked ‘What’ and starts hitting him with a file, RC says after that everything was normal, they even became friends, Ira still irritated keeps hitting him until her phone starts ringing

Its Jolly who keeps shouting ‘Amour’ and Ira tells him to stop screaming on her ears, Jolly with face pack and all excitedly tells Ira that he has a big news, Ira tells him to first stop calling her ‘big sis’, Jolly says they can discuss the age issue later and right now he needs to tell her the big news, Ira says that will remain with him until and unless he doesn’t tell it to her in 2 sec otherwise she’s cutting the call

Jolly says but it’s a surprise, Ira gets annoyed and tells him to tell her what is it about, but Jolly says he wont tell now after its confirmed tonight he will tell her, Ira says irritated then why did he make this stupid call if he didn’t want to say what the surprise is, she then says the surprise is about her so she should know, Jolly says patience she needs to wait till tomorrow and says bye and keeps the call
Ira looks at her phone stunned and says ‘he’s such a big idiot’, RC murmurs now she knew, Ira gives him the looks, RC looks up and says oops sorry
Mamma G. tells Pappa she wants to meet Suvi and wants to go to Mumbai, Pappa says whats the need, he tells her if Suvi needs anything then she would say herself, Mamma becomes upset, Pappa says she has become wise now she can take her own decisions that’s what she told them right, Mamma starts crying, Pappa goes back to his newspaper
Suvi sitting on the window thinks about what she went through travelling in Mumbai, she suddenly gets an idea and gets her sketch book and pen and starts drawing thinking about her travelling times in Mumbai while going to office

Just then Soni comes and asks what is she doing and tells Suvi that today is a very important day for her as she’s going to meet Jatin and if he likes her then she will become a superstar, Suvi hugs her and says she’s happy for her and will definitely pray for her, Suvi wishes her all the best and Soni leaves
Suvi goes on making the desgins and then packs all her things up once she’s done to go to office, but before leaving she goes back to her desk and writes a note and takes it and puts it at the neighbor’s door
Note: Next time if you come knocking my door then I will break ice on your head!!
Preeti comes to Geeti all hyper telling her she checked all the guides and after that ketchup fell on the post its and after that all the post its got ruined and now… Geeti cuts her off irritated and asks her if she got the karigar’s number, Preeti says ofcourse she got it but that’s what after that all the ketchup fell on it and hands her the post it
Geeti gets back to work and Preeti calls her from behind and says where she stays there are lots of shops and there are lots of karigar and they can work at cheap rate also, but Geeti interfere’s in between and says she wants to work with this karigar only as his work is good

She thanks her but says no thanks she doesn’t need, Geeti then suddenly notices something and shouts ‘NO how can she wear something like that’ Preeti becomes scared and Geeti tells her to take off her bangle, Preeti takes it out mumbling ‘but its lucky’, Geeti takes a bracelet out and puts it in Preeti’s hands
Geeti then explains Preeti that its just not a bracelet, with the help of this in her life there can be positive attraction in her relationships, Preeti is stunned, Alisha is laughing looking at all this, Geeti exclaims it’s a love bracelet , Preeti says really and asks how does she know it will work as till today nothing worked, Geeti says because she already tried it and points towards Udit, Preeti exclaims in excitement really and thanks Geeti and hugs her who goes shocked

Ira is walking here to there in RC’s office, RC asks her where is her brother, she says she doesn’t know, Jolly comes right then checking out himself on his mobile and asking Ira if the colour suits him, she tells him she knows why he is doing all this and pleads him to not make them wait anymore and tell the news before it becomes an old news
Jolly says his news never get old, Ira irritated says fine she doesn’t want to know, he goes to her and then says to guess whom he signed for his project, RC looks at him and Ira asks who, Jolly says ‘Samar Ragwanchi’, Ira screams and hugs Jolly excitedly, RC shocked asks is it the same ace photographer who shoots india’s big campaigns and all

Jolly tells Ira to tell her friend that there is only one single Samar Ragwanchi, with whom Jolly is excited to work with, Ira says RC knows who he is but is just confirming because Samar is very expensive, Jolly corrects her saying he’s damn talented, Ira sighs and he says about the fees he will talk to Samar about it
RC says its great news and shakes hand with Jolly who indicates that to Ira and she smiles, RC says he is expensive, Jolly says yes he is, RC says ‘bas budget ki band na bhaje’, Jolly jokes and tells RC to relax if there is band then they will dance on the bharat

Jolly then tells the two to check on their interns what creative ideas they collected, RC was about to go when Jolly tells him not to and says he will first go and check and then they all three can sit and discuss, RC becomes a bit upset
Udit goes to Alisha to asks about some design and she suggests a color, then Geeti Udit and Alisha discuss about it all as Suvi sees them and goes upstairs, Geeti then gives an idea and asks how about styling the top 12 international celebrities, Udit says wow, Alisha says they can even designing 12 unique accessories, they all start discussing about the concepts, Suvi comes down the stairs

She calls out to Alisha and says she also has some ideas, Alisha makes a face, Suvi takes the papers from her desks and says she cant give the ideas but they can do to Jolly, she then says why is fashion so alien from their normal life and what if they make buses and trains their theme
She says that what is the point to make such clothes which people cant afford, those who can afford do such absurd shopping so what is the point, Jolly comes walking down the stairs slowly, Suvi goes on about buses and auto and talks to Alisha about accessories, Geeti Udit and Alisha sees Jolly
Alisha again with her evil mind tells Suvi that Jolly told her not to give ideas then why is she presenting, Suvi says so what they can present, she then shows Alisha the designs when Jolly comes and snatches a sheet from Suvi, he looks at them

Alisha says to Jolly that she was just telling Suvi that if she isn’t allowed to do something then she shouldn’t do it, Suvi looks at her shocked, Alisha goes on that why should she go against the rules but she said she would still present them
Jolly calls out to Suvi ‘little bug’ and shouts at her that why did she design when he told her not to, he screams at her asking what does she think of herself, does she think she is different form all of them(pointing at the other three)
He reminds her that he told her to see this project from far and assist these people but no she doesn’t want to listen, he shouts at her how dare she thought of giving presentation to him, he goes on that she thinks she is too talented to be here, she doesn’t want to listen to anybody, Geeti and Udit look tensed, Alisha smiles evil as Geeti watches her
Jolly shouts at Suvi to change her attitude and to become part of the project and do what she is asked to do only, Suvi hurt and about to cry agrees and says yes, she looks at Alisha, Jolly tears the designs in front of Suvi and throws them around, Alisha smiles, Geeti is shocked

Suvi clears out her designs crying, she goes to the store room and takes out a book from her file case and writes something
Jolly asks Udit to show what he has got, Udit tells him that ‘bikini calendar’ is a good idea it always works, Udit goes off sighing, Geeti tells Udit why does he need new calendar on his wall as he still has dec 2011′s calendar up there, he tells her that taking Yana Gupta’s poster off the wall will be a sin
Geeti sighs and tells Jolly she has a plan and goes to him, she tells him wouldn’t it be great if they dressed the top 12 celebrities and gives examples as Jolly walks away from her disappointed
He goes to Alisha and asks her, she tells him she was thinking about using Accessories as it will help enhance both the model and outfit, Alisha says she was thinking of making 12 accessories, 6 for men and 6 for women, Jolly exclaims WOW and Alisha becomes happy

He then tells them all if they could think something simple, and tells that to Alisha specifically who makes a face, Jolly leaves from there
Suvi is writing when she sees RC and thinks, she takes her papers which Jolly tore and tapes them up and take sit all to RC
Suvi tells him she wanted to talk to him, RC asks concerned if everything is okay, Suvi says yeah and tells him she thought of a theme for the calendar, RC leaves his work and says to tell what she has got, Suvi then tells him about how fashion is always for celebrities and all and why not they make fashion for common people
RC listens to her as she tells him rich people can go shopping anywhere but how about they make designer wear for common people, RC explains her that all brands are doing that but Iris cant, he tells her that they belong to high fashion category, they cant make garments in bulk for people, they need to design people’s dreams
He tells her what she is saying will be the opposite for their brand, he tells her Iris is class and creativity, Suvi says she knows but what if they combine both creativity and affordability , she says if they make affordable creative clothes for youth then it will be good, she tells him to see the designs once, RC takes them

Ira also sees them and says to Suvi wasn’t she supposed to assist others and asksher what will she take to do what she is asked to do, she asks Suvi why is she so bend to lower Iris’s name, Ira tells Suvi RC is a celebrity designer and her down market idea can be perfect for her tailor in her street but not for here, and tells her to take her designs and go
Suvi says she thinks there is something right in this idea, Ira tells her off that the right thing is to shut up, Suvi nods, Ira tells Suvi that the top photographer will join from tomorrow and he has worked with the best in the world so he wont like any cheap or local thing, and asks her to do what she is asked to and nothing extra
Suvi says ok and looks at RC who looks helplessly at her and leaves

Precap: Suvi reaches home to find Soni dancing on ‘kajra re’ and Maddy watching her enjoying, Suvi comes and switches off the music and looks at Soni and Maddy stunned…

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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