Suvreen Guggal 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 1st July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suvreen waiting for a taxi to stop. After a while Rehan comes with his car and says that she should come in. He asks her why she is crying. Suvi says that she doesn’t find a taxi. He asks where will you go? I’ll drop you. And then they go. After a while Yuvraj and Alisha sees them together. (Yuvraj and Alisha are on the car too) they get shocked and watch them. RC makes Suvi smile. But she still cries. RC takes suvis hair away.. Yuvraj watches them. And then they go. Yuvraj asks Alisha it was RC right?? Alisha says yes. He asks the girl near RC?? She asks you don’T know your girlfriend? Yuvraj gets sad. Alisha smiles. Alisha says that Suvi likes to stay with successful people.

Suvreen comes home. She sits on the couch and phone her Mumma.

Puppa Guggal takes the phone. Suvi starts crying. He knows that it was Suvreen and says Suvreen. She hangs up. Mumma comes. Puppa stands up and goes. She takes the phone and calls Suvreen. Suvreen takes the phone and says hello puppa. Mumma says her puppa went. Suvi says that she sent money to them, they should not worry about it. Everything will be ok. Mumma asks did you eat something?? Suvi says no. She asks did Puppa eat something? She says no. Suvi says I love you Mumma. She says I love you too. And then they hang up.

In the morning. Suvreen wakes up and sees Soni is dancing.. she laughs. And then Soni hugs Suvi and says that her shoot was amazing. She tells everything to Suvi. Suvreen says that she can move on and forget Jattin. And then Suvis phone rings. It’s a man. She got the job
In the office. RC says Surprise party for Ira?? I loved it! Alisha gets happy. And then she goes. Suvreen goes to RC. He asks how are you? Suvi says thanks. He says everything will be nice. And then she goes. She thinks: Rc is really nice and me working for someone else?? And then she goes to her computer and writes something.
Someone closes Rohans eyes. He turns around. Rohan gets happy to see her. It’s his girlfriend. He says thanks and wants to hugs her but she says not here. She asks who is Geeti? And then geeti comes and puts her hand on his shoulders. The girl gets jealous (her name is Trisha) Geeti says that Rohan was always talking about her. Trisha says I know. And then Vikram comes. Geeti goes when she sees Vikram. Rohan wants to Introduce Trisha to Suvreen. Suvi thinks it’s not good for Pritty.

Suvreen is searching for Pritty. She calls the man. She says that she mailed the designs. He says that he will get back to her soon and hangs up. Suvreen gets shocked. And then she hears something she goes near the table and there is Pritty. Suvi thinks oh no.! Pritty heard everything. She says I know I had to tell you.. Pritty says I know, everybody in the office knows it. Suvi gets shocked.! Rohan is introducing his girlfriend to everyone says Pritty. Suvi gets relieved. Suvi says I’m here to tell you that. Pritty says that she doesn’t want to see his girlfriend. Suvreen goes. And then Yuvraj comes to the office.

Ira is in her room. Alisha comes and says that she told her that she wanna let her meet her first model.. and then Yuvraj comes. Ira gets really happy. Yuvraj sits on the couch. While Alisha goes she throws a cloth on the floor. Yuvraj sees it and says it’s Suvis. Alisha says that she forgot it in RC’s car.. Yuvraj and Ira get jealous and tensed. And then she goes.

Precap: Yuvraj says to Alisha that he got the contract by Ira . Alisha gets happy and hugs him. Suvreen and Pritty comes and sees them hugging. Suvreen gets jealous and shocked.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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