Suvreen Guggal 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 19th February 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suvreen saying that she has to go. Suvreen wanted to go but Yuvraj holds her arm and pulls her towards him and he says that she can not go like that. She has to say something. He asks her can you give me one more chance? Suvreen says: Leave me alone! She leaves.. Naro, Zorro and Annie are going with her. Alisha gets shocked and says that this is not happened. Rathi and Mannu are going to Yuvraj and asking him how he said that to Suvreen when everyone was there. Mannu says that he did really good. He says that to Yuvraj that he is a “Cheetah”.
In the next scene Annie and Naro are coming to Suvreen.. Suvreen was packing her bag. Naro says that Yuvraj really loves her and that they knew that Yuvraj wanted to propose her. She says that he wanted to propose

on Vivaan’s birthday but he couldn’t. Annie knows that Suvreen is angry with Yuvraj. She says that she was angry too and she says to Yuvraj don’t propose her. And she says that Yuvraj didn’t want to hurt her and he will not hurt her in future. Naro says that he really cares for her. Suvreen says that she has to go coz her dad it waiting for her. And she goes..
In the next scene Alisha is walking to the spotlight. She says that she was mot feeling lonely.. But now Yuvraj changed it in 1 second. She says that he does the same thing what everone did to her. It means that he is not different like the others. She is sitting on the floor and says that she don’t want to allow it anymore. She says that she will protect herself. She is not alone. She gets up and goes to the drinks. She says that he can’t love Suvreen and then she pushed the drinks. All the drinks fells down and break.
In the next scene Rehan is driving the car. He stops the car and he is imagining what Yuvraj always did for Suvreen. For example: He came as a model.. He imagines Yuvraj’s propose to Suvreen in the party. And then he gets off of the car. He asks himself: If Suvreen says yes to Yuvraj and then…?
In the next scene Suvreen is imagining where Yuvraj proposed to her. And then her dad comes and asks: Is the party cancelled? She says no. Her dad says that she came early. He asks what happened at the party? She imagines what Yuvraj said to her. After a while her dad goes. Suvreen asks to herself that Yuvraj really loves her. And then she imagines what Annie and Naro said. And she imagines Vivaan’s party when Yuvraj wanted to propose her. She asks herslef: If he wanted to propose, why he didn’t propose at the next day when she comes to him. She says that she trusts him but why she can not trust what he says.
In the next scene Yuvraj is talking to himself. He says that he didn’t control himself. And then Rathi and Mannu comes. Yuvraj asks: did Annie and Naro talk to her? Rathi and Mannu don’t know that.
In the next scene Naro is trying to call Suvreen but her phone is switched off. Annie asks Naro: What do you think. Will she say Yes or No??.. Naro says that she hopes Yes. Annie asks Zorro what happened?
In the next scene Rehan drinks.. He thinks about Suvreen. And then he imagines Yuvraj’s propose to Suvreen. Then Vivaan comes. He asks Rehan : Do you have any problem?, when he saw him drinking. Rehan says that Suvreen is in love..
In the next scene Alisha is imagining Yuvraj’s propose again. And then Yuvraj calls her. He says sorry to her. And then they hang up. She gets angry and throws her phone. She screams and cries..
In the next scene Suvreen is looking at her diary. She looks at Yuvraj’s picture. She says that they had lots of moments.. She says that Yuvraj can propose her. But he said it when she was angry with him.. She asks herself… what did he think? When he says I love you can I forget everything what happened?? He didn’t feel something when we kissed??? And then she imagines when Yuvraj told her that he didn’t like it.
In the morning. Suvreen calls Yuvraj and says that she wanted to meet him. She says that she has her decision.

PRECAP: Rathi asks Yuvraj: What did Suvreen say? Yuvraj says that she has her decision and that she wanted to meet him. Mannu says: If she says no..??
And then Suvreen asks Yuvraj: Do you remember this place?? He says yes. Suvreen says: This is the place where I proposed you and you rejected it. Yuvraj is afraid.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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