Suvreen Guggal 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 18th July 2013 Written Update


Part 1

Episode begins with Maddy coming to Suvi and trying to console her and make up her bad mood.
When they witness Soni shouting at the Security guard for not allowing the rick man in after 9pm. Maddy starts provoking her more and she starts shouting at the watchman more. Suvi tries to calm her down. Soni breaks the security chain and gets it..The guard shouts at her and decide to complain.

Soni continues to scold and talk about Chaubey. Suvi is already upset and then removes the anger on Soni and tells her to stop acting stupid. Soni is hurt and soon Suvi apologizes for her rude behavior.

Soni asks her what is troubling her so much when she tells her the whole story about RC liking her. Soni starts laughing and tells Suvi that its not such a

big deal. She should be happy that a hot shot rich man likes her when Suvi tells her that she is very uncomfortable with all this. She continues by saying that RC is her mentor and teacher, she is feeling akward. Soni asks her to not think about it much as its very normal.
Soni asks her if Yuvi knows about it or not and Suvi tells her no he would over react and they both promise to not disclose this matter to Yuvi.

At Iris, Suvi is behaving strange and RC is tensed thinking what is wrong with her. Ira is missing and he is again tensed for her.

Mr. Chaubey the watchman comes to inform Soni about a society meeting at 6pm for all the rule breakers and Soni tells him that they will be there.

Part 2

Maddy is informing the models of what to do and what not in fashion industry. He starts teaching them dining manners when Yuvraj takes the napkin and puts it as a bib in his collar..:P Samar tells everyone that what Yuvraj did is done by a three year old kid and it shouldn’t be done. He continues.

Suvi is hyped up and is skipping her meal. Rohan and Geeti praise Suvi for her smart tactics with Maninee. Suvi is thinking if she was really worth it or was it all because of RC’s grace/favor on her..Stern Smile

Maddy continues and praises Yuvi in his style ..:P

Yuvi asks Suvi to come for lunch along with him. He is very happy and excited to show Suvi his new achievement of eating with fork and knife..:P But Suvi tells him that she is busy and don’t have time for lunch. He pleads her but still she doesn’t go with him. Yuvi is sad and Alisha notices it.

Part 3

Alisha finds Yuvi and asks him to come for lunch at a new restro and he agrees. Lately Suvi realizes what she has done and rushes to find Yuvi when she comes to know he has already left with Alisha. She is jealous and gets back to work.

Ira tells RC that she loves him, but he loves Suvreen.

PRECAP Alisha tries to kiss Yuvraj when he shouts at her. She proposes him and he makes it clear that he only loves Suvreen. She abuses Suvi and calls her characterless. Yuvi about to slap her.

Update Credit to: Jyo_ksg

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