Suvreen Guggal 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 17th October 2013 Written Update

Alisha is surprised andd asks Soni why did she turn after hearing preti call Soni.Soni is confused ,at that time Suvreen says her name is Sonalika Lamba thats why .So MAnini asks how does she know her real name.Suvreen says she is a big fan of Pepper and found out through net.To which Soni says yes i am private person but this internet gives all your details.Alisha is not satisfied she argues to which soni says if u waste my time i will leave.They both enter the cabin along with alisha.manini is satisfied and happy with her designs.She offers her job which soni refuses.SOni says she can’t work under any body but want partnership.She says fine 3percent only after u do i task.Soni asks what she says u have to impress vc a famous supermodel and gets his a/c for us.Soni agrees.

is waiting for some guy who had called him.He waits for 3 hrs atlast the guy arrives and tells him he has to meet his boss tonight at club.Yuvraj says he has to go somewhere he can’t.The guy says u will not get such opportunity again.
Here mother calls suvreen and tells her to invite her friends in office for dinner.soni leaves the office while giving the thumbs up sign.
the guy drops yuvraj at suvreen house and says u are good model u may gets this ad.Yuvraj is waiting for the lift at that maddy comes ,he says wow u have progressed from auto to big car,your gf will be impressed ,Good to see aiming at your dreams and not running behind your ex gf.Is she still single or has she found someone,tthen maybe I have chance.Yuvraj gets angry and says stop talking about me and my exgf.Maddy says where are u going,he says aunty has called for dinner,.Maddy says even I am also invited lets go together.
Suvreen has reached her house with intern friends.Soni says she has asked manini for 3percent share and everybody are happy.But when she says about VC they are sad as he has bad character.
Yuvraj enters the house with Maddy.Aunty is happy and says good u also came i never knew u have come back,Maddy says u are like family and I don;t need invitation.They enter maddy goes too kitchen and Yuvraj meets the interns.He looks for suvreen and she comes out from bathroom and is surprised.She goes to the kitchen.Maddy sees their both behavIOUR.Mumma tells her to serve as dinner is ready .Everybody goes to kitchen Yuvraj and suvreen are left alone.They both stare each other.

Precap;Suvreen says to interns the plan can’t work as we cannot send soni to vc.At the office manini tells suvreen to get all details about VC.

Update Credit to: Sujairohit

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