Suvreen Guggal 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 17th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maddy, Yuvraj and Suvreen. Yuvraj goes to Maddy . They look really angry. And then he gives his hand to shake hands and says Ok.. will meet you tomorrow.! They shake hands. Suvreen watchs them. Yuvi goes. And then Maddy says: Ice princes, you can go now too. She goes and Maddy smile.

Alisha goes to Suvi and says I didn’t know that you are doing a part job . And then everybody laughs. Suvreen says very angry You can’t find the solution. ! The couple ask Suvi what’s the solution? Suvi answeres and Rehan and Ira come and hears everything. Alisha ‘s face is really funny Everybody claps.!! she sees Rehan how he is smiling to her. Ira wachtes Rehan and gets jealous. Suvreen is very happy. She talks to herself..

In Delhi. Puppa Guggal cleans some books.

He takes an album and watchs them.. there is a lot of Suvreen old pics. And then Mumma Guggal comes and looks confused.. And then he goes. Mumma thinks: He loves his daughter don’t know when they will talk to each other. She is almost crying
In Mumbai. Rohan comes to the office and talks on the phone while he puts some clothes on the table. Pritty watches him and asks with whom is he talking? I have to get out. And then a girl comes. It’s Sunaina Gulia.. she was seen in Dill Mill Gaye as Anjali. She says to pretty I’m the model. Pritty says that she will let Jolly know that she is here. The girl’s name is Tia. Jolly is talking to Yuvraj and Tia. Coz they are the models. He says that he should intro Tia to RC and Ira. And then they go. Rehan says to Jolly you can’t take anything serious coz your name is Jolly Jolly introduce Tia to RC and Ira. Tia says that she likes RC’s designes she is a fan. RC says thanks. Jolly says to Yuvi and Tia that their work is over for today, they couldn’t go. Ira says to Yuvi and Tia: Can you guys wait for 15 minutes?? They say yes.

Rehan, Jolly, Ira are talking about Suvis solution.. Maddy is there too. Maddy gives some ideas. And then Ira and Maddy go.

Suvreen comes with a big box on her hand and she brings it to a table. Yuvi is waiting for her. She asks are you still waiting for me?? Yuvi says yes and looks at the clock.. She says that she can’t go till Maddy goes. He says ok I’ll wait. Suvi says that he should not wait for her. He says that he will come and pick her after 1 hour. She says no, she will call him when she is finished. And then she goes. Alisha watches them. She goes to him, touches him and asks how he is? She says that she will let him meet her friends. He says no.. and then he goes.
Soni’s friend brings her to the sea.. she says it’s really beautiful and asks why is he bringing her here?? He says this is Mumbai, the city of dreams. They are really happy.
In the night. Suvi is still in the office. Maddy says that he knows about her solution. It’s really nice. He says see you tomorrow and wants to go but then he comes and asks her when she will finish her work. She says it will take 15 minutes. He says good and sits, I’ll wait here for you and bring you home. We are neighbours right?? So, I’ll bring you home. They are going to the car. Samar opens Suvis door. She says thanks and then they go.. Yuvi was waiting for Suvreen there with some roses on his hand. He gets really angry and sad (poor Yuvi) and he thinks what Suvi said before he went.

Episode ends.!

Maddy says to Suvi something (didn’t get it) and then Suvi saw Yuvraj behind them. (The precap was too long) Maddy and Yuvi are talking about photographers. Suvi says to Yuvi that she phones him. He doesn’t let her talk and says: You are busy right and ur boss too.! Suvi is almost crying.. (I knew that there will be mu’s between them..)

Update Credit to: nazomel

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