Suvreen Guggal 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 17th July 2013 Written Update

At office RC sighs over ‘women’ and keeps thinking Suvi is tensed and isn’t saying anything and Ira isn’t picking up his call and is sending messages to him through Preeti, RC tries to make calls to Ira but no response from the other end

On the other hand Ira is at home depressed into her icecream thinking about what she saw in RC’s diary and remembering what he told about Suvi to her, Ira weeps and hogs on to her ice cream
Yuvi in the taxi tells Suvi he had loads of fun yesterday and is thinking of learning acting together with modeling, Yuvi tells her sitting on RC’s seat felt like he owned the whole place, he goes on saying that one day he will become much more successful then RC and says RC’s personality is so great everbody loves him, Suvi murmurs not everbody

loves him
Yuvi asks her what happened, Suvi doesn’t say anything but is irritated, Yuvi says fine he wont say anything about ‘her RC sir’, Suvi tells him off he isn’t her RC sir but just ‘RC sir’, Yuvi tells her he wont compare himself with him anymore, Suvi tells him sorry and says he doesn’t need to compare with anyone as he is him, she then tells him irritated that why are they talking about RC when they are together, Yuvi is confused with her behavior

At office RC looks through the designs of the interns, he comments good for each of them as he gives them back their designs, he looks at Suvi’s design and looks at her nad thinkgs Suvi looks quite tired and she did yesterday also and it wouldn’t be a good idea to comment on her design in front of everyone, he decides to tell her personally
Suvi is surprised to see him keep her design, she thinks even after giving the worst design he ahsnt said anything which means he is very partial to her, RC then comments for Vikram and tells them that’s all for today, they all start leaving when RC tells Suvi to stay back to discuss something
Pappa G at home is sitting with a list of names thinking why isn’t anyone picking up, he tries another person who picks and tells him it’s the last time he will be picking up his call as he cant help him being a witness or financially, before Pappa G could say anything else he tells him further not to call anyone else as at such a time no body comes to help so there’s no point in him trying to look for help

Someone is at the door, Mamma G runs to open, it’s the owner of the house who tells them that their lease is about to get over and asks them when are they going to pay the rent and if they do to pay it in advance, he takes a leave, Mamma G stressed asks Pappa if they don’t pay the rent do they have to go back to Kathgodam, Pappa G leaves from there as Mamma G is stressed thinking what should she do and should she tell Suvi

At RC’s cabin he asks Suvi whats wrong with her and tells her these work isn’t hers and he doesn’t expect such work form any of his intern and especially from her, Suvi apologizes, RC tells her no need to apologize and tells her if she has some problem then she can share it with him as he is always there for her, Suvi looks away tensed, RC tells her he is worried, he then asks her if she’s okay, Suvi tells him she will try to work harder and improve, RC says ok and goes back to his desk looking at Suvi’s design, Suvi calls out to him and RC starts discussing about the design with her while Alisha is watching them from outside

While Suvi is thinking that RC does give special attention to her and thinks if Ira is right and if she is doing something that is misleading RC, Alisha outside thinks that his attack is finally giving response just once Yuvi comes to know then it would be the end of Suvi and she and Yuvi would begin a new story(Miss Khayali Pulao)
Suvi at her desk thinks she gave such awful designs which she never thought she would ever do, just then Yuvi comes and asks her if what he is hearing is right or not, Suvi becomes tensed, Yuvi asks Suvi to tell the truth that she knew about it all form before, Suvi thinks if Yuvi found out everything about RC, Alisha looks on interested, Suvi gives her a look and she gets back to her work, Suvi tells Yuvi to come upstairs with her she will talk there

Suvi tells Yuvi she was going to tell him but then she thought, Yuvi completes for her that she thought he couldn’t handle it, Suvi was about to say something when Yuvi tells her Maddy cant bother him so much, Suvi looks confused, he tells her so what Maddy is going to supervise them in replacement of Ira he can handle Maddy now
Suvi asks him if Ira is on holiday, Yuvi says yeah what else could she have thought of that would bother him, Suvi tells him she thought Ira was on holiday for one day, Yuvi tells him Preeti said about her taking leave until she isn’t well and Maddy will replace her, Suvi thinks that Ira likes RC or maybe feels more than a like, she thinks whom to blame for all of this (Bechari Suvi kaha phass gayi)

Geeti tells Rohan she is so happy that RC liked their designs and they should celebrate, Rohan agrees and asks for the plan, Geeti suggests for a romantic movie, Rohan asks for the nearest theatre and they will leave as soon as work is over, Geeti says they can give an excuse but Rohan says it wont be a good idea to leave all together, he thinks of asking everyone else
Rohan asks Preeti for the movie and informs her he will call Trisha and she can call Raj too, Preeti moving around with a package drops it tensed, Geeti says it’s a superb idea as she will also get to meet Raj, Preeti thinks to herself how will she get Raj now

Preeti looks around thinking what to do, she sees Vikram and asks if he is coming for the movie, Vikram asks what movie, Geeti murmurs he doesn’t understand romance what will he understand of romantic films, Vikram asks what she said, Geeti tells him they are going for romantic film and she doesn’t think it appeals to him so no use asking him
Everyone looks tensed, Geeti tells them she is happy she has friends like them who wants to do things that she likes to do, Vikram asks her if till now she was doing everything what he likes that must have been such a sacrifice for her, they both get into an argument and Preeti screams out she loves Ranbir Kapoor, Rohan tells her YJHD has come off long time back, Preeti gives him a look
Rohan suggests they could watch Lootera, Preeti tells yeah they can do that and asks Geeti to come with her to book the tickets before it gets housefull
RC still keeps trying to call Ira but in vain

Suvi at the camera: RC is her mentor and she respects him a lot so much that she can trust him blindly, she could never take him wrong and has recognized her hidden talent because of him because of whom she has decided to work hard her whole life and took such a big decision because she trusts and respects him, and now that she knows his secret she doesn’t know how to react or behave in front of him

Suvi at her window is in thoughts going to fb of certain moments with RC where she realizes he gave a lot of hints of having feelings for her
Maddy gets out of his car and spots Suvi at the window, he thinks what bad happened to Suvi that she is crying or maybe someone did something to her

Precap: Suvi opens the door telling blindly to Soni not to force her for dinner but its Maddy at the door who tells her maybe her dinner date with her boyfriend did not work out, outside Soni is shouting at the watchman whot ells her to follow the rules and not scream, Suvi tells Soni to let go, Maddy says how can they let go like that and instigates Soni to tell more, Soni opens the gates and tells the watchman to tell Khurana and asks the taxi to come in

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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