Suvreen Guggal 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 16th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Suvreen reading RC Diary and then they show flashbacks of RC and Suvreen Alisha Birthday party where RC gives Suvreen present saying Vivian gave this for you and he says he wanted to tell her something but doesn’t confess his feelings… Suvreen is shocked.
Ira signs the documents and gives RC and says she has to go home.. Ira leaves she is very angry…RC says Ira has a meeting.. Manani says to RC to call Suvreen she is very capable… Suvreen comes with the designs.. Manani is very impressed with the designs she says they are brilliant… Suvreen is very upset.
Manani is very happy she tells RC she will be in Delhi she tells RC and Suvreen both to come to Delhi she tells RC not to come without Suvreen. RC says ok he won’t… RC is very happy he

says he is very proud of everyone… he tell Suvreen to get ready for Delhi and he says to Yuvraj you to Rehaan Charles both laugh.. Suvreen isn’t very happy.Vikram is shouting at Rohan… he is blaming him for the drift in his relationship with Geeti.. Rohan says it’s not his fault its Vikrams own fault… Rohan says him and Geeti are just friends… Vikram carries on shouting says don’t try and take my place in Geeti life… both Vikram and Rohan fight.. Geeti and Preity stop their fight.
RC asks Suvreen what’s the matter with her.. Suvreen says nothing sir… RC offers to drop her home just then Yuvraj comes… RC says no need now your world’s best boyfriend has come Yuvi RC thanks him for helping out and waiting for Suvreen… Yuvraj says it’s raining and its late so I waited.. RC says Suvreen is very lucky to have Yuvraj… RC also says if Yuvraj didn’t come he wouldn’t have let Suvreen go alone… Yuvraj says I know Sir you care about Suvreen a lot I know you want the best for her.. RC says he is very happy to see Yuvraj here he has always supported Suvreen… she has come all the way from Delhi leaving her parents… just to work here because I said… Suvreen interrupts their conversation and says to Yuvraj lets go… Yuvraj says as you wish Mam both Yuvreen leave. Now they show Suvreen point of view she says I just can’t believe it RC Sir mujseh… woh RC SIR hai… now everything has changed its not the same again. Suvreen is remembering Ira’s words from yesterday epi where Ira blames Suvreen for coming between RC and her.
It’s morning now Soni wakes up see’s Suvreen awake she didn’t sleep whole night she was thinking about the whole matter… Soni tells she is to dedicated to her work she got up early so early.. then she tells Suvreen that you work in a fashion house and you are wearing the same clothes again… Soni then says you didn’t sleep all night at least wish me good morning.. Suvreen says good morning.. Soni says I haven’t heard such a sad good morning in my life.
Soni asks her what happened Suvreen says nothing she was thinking… Soni says thinking about what either your household matter or love life.. your love life is sorted don’t worry the household matter will be solved soon. Soni also inform Suvreen about the meeting with Khurana.
Now we see Suvreen and Soni in the meeting with Khuraana.. Soni says ok Uncle… Khurana says call me Mr Khurana or secretary not Uncle.. if you guys lie again it won’t be good for you… Suvreen says Khurana has no right to judge them just because they are single and independent.. Everyone is allowed to be friends… Khurana says you girls are very clever and fast… in one day you make people come to your house… he says if you don’t obey society rules you will be kicked out. Soni says to Suvreen why didn’t she speak quietly to Khurana.. Suvreen says why should she be quiet just because she is a girl and he is man… no he has no right to say things about us… we aren’t doing anything wrong she then says Ganuji everything is wrong in this world.
Soni says to Suvreen not to be angry she says sorry she lied about Yuvraj… Suvreen starts crying Soni tell her not to cry… Suvreen says she doesn’t want to go office.. Soni says your health looks fine what is it? Suvreen says she misses her parents.
Yuvraj rings Suvreen tells her he is outside her building to come out so they can go office together… Suvreen says to herself at least Yuvraj will be in office if she stays home she will think about all this…she tells Yuvraj that she is putting her belonging in the bag and is coming.
We see Iris office.. Alisha the witch is very happy she says Ira Mam will come and throw Suvreen Guggal out of office this will be the best moment of my life.. She smiles evilly. Preity tells RC on the phone that Ira won’t be in the office… Alisha the witch isn’t too happy she says I have to wait a little more to see the drama.. She says everything will happen exactly the way I have planned.

Precap- Suvreen says RC Sir didn’t say anything about my disgusting designs he is acting partial towards me… all interns leave RC tells Suvreen to stay behind… Yuvraj says to Suvreen is it true what he is hearing… Suvreen is shocked.

Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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