Suvreen Guggal 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 16th January 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RC telling Pappa G. that till now Yuvi’s parents are not informed, Pappa G. asks why, RC tells him no one can get in touch with them, they don’t seem to live in the city, Pappa G. says they will be disheveled when they come to know about it and tells RC to let him know if anything is needed
Suvi sees Mannu Rathi crying and goes to them to cheer them up and jokes with them being cheetah’s friends they are acting like a mouse, she tells them she knows her jokes wont help right now but warns them to fix themselves up right now
She tells them if Yuvi was here he would have been angry on them for being like this and tells them to do what Yuvi would prefer, Mannu, Rathi gears themselves up and Suvi turns to Zorro
Pappa G. luks at them and tells RC he thot he had to handle these guys but Suvi did it all, RC tells him his daughter is like that she can do anything
Suvi goes to Pappa G. and RC and tells them to go back home as Pappa G. has office and Vivaan is alone at home, they argue back how will they manage alone, Suvi tells them not to worry and leave and if there is any problem she will definitely call them and let know, both RC and Pappa G. take a leave
Song Sequence- Jaane nahi denge tujhe, everyone prays and cries for Yuvi to become alright while doctors are busy treating Yuvi
Back at home Jasleen talks to Vicky asking him where did he go last night she was searching for help so much, Vicky thinks about Jasleen calling for help when Yuvi was stabbed and he was watching them hiding behind a car, Jasleen was about to tell him about everything but Mamma G. comes and she keep the phone in a hurry
Baby asks Mamma G. when will Suvi come back, she tells her she doent know as her dad was saying Yuvi’s condition is very critical right now, she prays to God he will be alright soon, while Baby gets worried
Suvi in the hospital thinks about what Alisha said how the incident happened andshe jumps at the thought of him getting stabbed, Mannu Rathi and Zorro come to Suvi asking her whats wrong, she tells them Yuvi is fighting alone and they aren’t doing anything, Rathi says they are waiting for Yuvi to become alright and what can they do, Suvi cuts in and says that Yuvi is fighting death and those people who caused this are sleeping in their homes
She tells them getting angry and sitting here will not help they have to find those culprits and punish them, Annie comes and says Suvi is right, Suvi tells them that Yuvi was punishing them for misbehaving with Alisha and baby and what he has started they have to finish and punish those culprits, Mannu says to lets go to the police station and file a complain
Suvi tells Annie and Zorro to stay and let them know if anything happens to Yuvi and she Mannu and Rathi head to the police station
At hostel Alisha is all depressed, Naro goes to her and tells her Annie called and told her about Suvi Mannu Rathi going to police station to file the complain, Naro asks her if it is required then will she be able to identify the culprits, Alisha tells her she can never forget their faces and she will identify them, Naro says good coz with her help police can solve this case
Alisha asks Naro about Yuvi, she tells her Yuvi is still unconscious and doctor said he is still critical
Pappa G. comes to the hospital and gives the lunch box to Annie saying Mamma G. made something for them and asks them when was the last time they ate, Zorro says he doesn’t know but thanks him for it, Pappa G. asks about the others and Suvi, Zorro tells him she went to police station to follow up the investigation, Pappa G. gets worried and asks she went alone, Annie tells him she is not alone as Mannu and Rathi also went with her
In the police station Suvi asks the police about how the case is following up, he tells her this isn’t some movie that case will be solved in 1-2 hrs and its going to take time, Suvi tells him she didn’t mean that she just wanted to ask till where did the investigation reach, he asks her who gave her the right to ask and tells her off that f.i.r. is done and that’s it why does she need to bother
Suvi gets pist and tells him she wants to know if those culprits who molested her friend and stabbed Yuvi are found or not and who are they and if they are being given any punishment or not, the inspector mocks her to handle his position as he isn’t doing the right job, Suvi tells him her friend is fighting with death right now and those people who did a crime are not bothered and are walking free
The inspector tells her it was his fault that he went to fight with those guys he cant do anything about it as anyways the doctors are doing their work, he tells her he has many big cases to solve and tells her to leave and let him do his work
Baby talks to Vicky and tells him she is scared and more than that she feels guilty about Yuvi since for her he fell into all of this mess, Vicky on the other hand scares her more that if her parents find out that she was out and alone and lied then might put more restrictions on her, Baby tells him not to scare her and she knows Suvi will not let her fall into all of this mess and will not tell her parents about her being there but still she feels very guilty and doesn’t know what to do
Vicky tells her to run away from all of this mess, police case and even Suvi, if she is away from them she will be at peace and police wouldn’t be able to find her, Baby thinks about it
Suvi tells the inspector how could he say all that, If a girl is in problem then a guy should wait and watch and do nothing, he tells Suvi her friend helped and saved the girl and that’s it nothing happened and they cant make a case on nothing and plus even Yuvi is alive, Suvi gets more angry and tells him for him until the person is not raped or dead he wouldn’t file a case but something did happen that night
Suvi tells him now she will tell him what happened that night what could have happened and what will happen now, Inspector tells her to tell whatever she wants to say but the fact is that her friend was out there for one hour asking for help and nobody helped her and usually in such cases people don’t do anything
Suvi gets pist and is about to say something but Mannu tells her to lets go form here, Rathi tells her lets go for now they will come again and pulls Suvi and leaves
Suvi tells Mannu and Rathi why did they bring her out, Mannu Rathi tells her that even they felt angry and felt like hitting him for saying all that but Suvi only told them not to do something that Yuvi wouldn’t like, but Suvi tells them they cannot lose, they tells her they wont they will get justice for Yuvi no matter what, Suvi says the inspector wants witness they will get it for him

Precap: Inspector tells Alisha Suvi and others that the taxi driver told them about another person being there with them, Alisha tells him she is not here, Inspector tells them then the case is useless if the other witness is not here, he tells Suvi to get the other witness and then he will file the case and it will be taken to court

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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