Suvreen Guggal 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 15th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Yuvraj coming to Suvreen house.. he doesnt knock the door he waits outside for Suvreen he says when she comes home she will see me first… in Maddy house Interns and Suvi are convincing Soni to be Pepper she agrees… they all cheering for Suvreen… Yuvraj hears all the shouting he says Suvreen is very happy in her life and he leaves.. Suvreen was about to open the door.. Soni says what happened did you think Yuvraj was outside?.. Suvi says no.
The interns get back to their plan making against Manani… Manani is on the phone talking to someone that she needs to find Pepper.. Papa Guggal is cutting onions in the kitchen.. he says he wants to make tiffin for the kids.. Mama Guggal tells him she will cut the onions.

Suvreen tells everyone she needs

to train Soni… she tells Geeti to handle work in office and she will work with Soni prepare her to become Pepper and tell her about the fashion world.
Yuvraj is shooting for his ad the director is very impressed with him… Yuvraj is very happy.. Palavi tells him next time she will bring her autograpgh book for him to sign…then suddenly a phonecall comes and director says shoot canceled… he grabs the assistant director collar.. the AD shouts at him Yuvraj is about to punch him.. Palavi stops him and tells him lets go.
Suvi is preparing Soni to become Pepper choosing her outfits and telling her how to walk and talk like pepper… Suvi tells her no tea only coffee…Soni says you are strict then my maths teacher… Manani is shouting at someone on the phone… Alisha says why are you so desperate for Pepper? Manani says Pepper is rising star in the fashion designing she wants Pepper to work with them.

Back to Soni and Suvi.. Suvi is teaching Soni about the fashion industry…Suvi finalise Soni look.
Pallavi says they have chosen some other model for the AD..Yuvraj says if they didnt want to give me the Ad why did they select me? he is very annoyed… Palavi says this happens in this field she apologises to Yuvraj she shouldnt have brought him here… Yuvraj says it’s not her fault… Pallavi says Rasika is very influenicial she got you out of this AD.. Yuvraj is very angry.
Soni is prepared to be Pepper she says she will teach Manani a good lesson… Suvi is ansking Soni questions about the fashion industry…Soni still doesnt know the name of fabrics.. Suvi says she needs couple more days to train Soni… Suvi tells Soni she needs to act like Pepper now not Soni… Suvi takes Soni to coffee shop… Soni acts as Pepper give attitude to the guy serving.. she says you dont know who I am… she tells him she is Pepper the famous fashion designer… Manani hears all this and goes to talk to Soni. Manani introduces herself to Soni… Soni is shocked and so is Suvi.

Precap- Suvi tells Geeti Manani has taken Soni to the office… Rohan says how will we save Soni.. Manani says to Pepper/Soni you are taking so long to tell me about yourself you are Pepper right.. Soni is worried.

Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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