Suvreen Guggal 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 15th May 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Yuvi coming into RC’s office greeting him, RC gets up and hugs him and thanks him for helping out, Yuvi says anytime for him, RC tells him to sit and they both start talking, just then Samar enters and looks at Yuvi, Ira gets up and asks him to come and introduces Yuvi to Samar saying he’s the new model
Both Yuvi- Samar share tashan looks with Yuvi reminiscing Suvi’s words about Samar, they both walk to each other, Suvi peaks in from outside, Samar puts his hand forward greeting, Suvi looks at them tensed and Yuvi shakes his hand

Samar says so he is Yuvraj and asks him what else has he done before and further asks if he has any experience, Yuvi sternly replies he doesn’t have any experience but he does have ‘Josh’, Samar says ‘aur mere paas jo jeetha

wo hi sikhander’, Suvi looks tensed, Samar starts laughing and Ira and RC laugh at him
Samar says he knows it’s a bad joke but after seeing him he feels its his standard’s only, Yuvi gives a loathsome look back, Samar laughs and says he is still joking and asks him to sit, RC asks Samar to explain the calendar concept to Yuvi, Samar is about to explain when Jolly comes in with the camera and shows some pics of Yuvi which Suvi clicked to Samar
Samar looks through them and says they are nice, Yuvi smiles

Suvi is working when suddenly Yuvi comes and says when they were young they used to bunk school now they should bunk office, Suvi says she never bunked school, Yuvi says no problem there is always a first time, Suvi tells him this is her office and she has loads of work as the deadline is also near and there’s lots of stress as she needs to work loads before his shoot
Yuvi then starts annoying her asking her if there is facebook on the computer, Suvi replies its not allowed, he then asks about where they bring their clothes from, Suvi says from market, Yuvi asks do they put gum and asks how they do stick it, Suvi says they stitch it, just then Samar passing by goes to them with his mischievous smile and calls out to Suvi (OMG ek taraf Yuvi aur ek taraf Maddy damn luving it)

Suvi gets up and he tells her he hopes her work would finish by today, Suvi nods and Yuvi gives him the looks, he reminds her again its should finish be today, Suvi replies ‘yes sir’, Samar leaves and Alisha comes down the staircase, Yuvi says to himself he(Maddy) cant see others happiness and he is roaming around with a danda maybe he should give him one
Alisha greets Yuvi and asks him where is he staying, Yuvi says he got a flat of his friend just near Suvi’s place so he will be staying there but he will get it tomorrow, today night he is thinking of staying over at Suvi’s, Suvi gets up shocked and says how can he stay at her place as Soni strictly said no boys allowed and her landlord is very strict
Alisha grabs the chance and offers Yuvi to stay at her place as there is no landlord in her place, Suvi looks at her in anger and says wasn’t she staying with her relatives, and asks wont they have a problem(Go girl…), Alisha laughs and says her relatives are out of town and its perfect timing so Yuvi can stay with her, Yuvi looks a bit unsure at Suvi while she murmurs in her head ‘ek number ki jhooti’(I soo agree), Alisha pulls Yuvi to lets go to her place but Yuvi says not now as he just came and he wants to spend some time with Suvi, Suvi smiles back at her as Alisha leaves his hand

Yuvi then asks Alisha what is she doing tonight, Suvi looks away frustrated, Alisha says she is doing nothing and she is totally free, Yuvi asks her for a favor, Alisha says ofcourse anything for him, Yuvi asks her to complete Suvi’s research for her so that he can take her out (OMG did Yuvi actually say thataaahhh luv u for that Yuvi), Suvi looks happily at him, Alisha is stunned and has no choice but to agree and say yes, while Suvi picks up her bag ready to leave and Yuvi thanks Alisha, Suvi also thanks her and they both leave jumping happily while Alisha looks at them angrily(ab aaya utt pahar ke nichehehe luvd Yuvi ka request totally on her face)
Pappa comes back home and Mamma brings him tea happily and tells him there is a good news, Pappa asks if Suvi is back, Mamma says that’s a happy news for him not her as she knows her daughter wont be happy if she does come back, Pappa asks for the good news and Mamma informs him that Yuvi went to Mumbai and also joined Suvi’s office

Pappa shocked asks this is a good news for her, he tells her what he feared is happening and says those two must have planned it together and now Suvi will for sure not come back, he says todays generation has no shame and only does what they want to and angrily says this is good news for her, Pappa leaves and Mamma tells after him crying he always misunderstands Suvi
Yuvi tells Suvi she always misunderstands Alisha when its because of her it was possible for him to come to Mumbai and also get a photoshoot and then get a place to stay at night and also just because she took her work they could come out, Suvi sarcastically says really and tells Yuvi to make a shrine on saint Alisha and everyday he can light a candle there as she has done so much for him and because of her there is world peace and the global warming is decreasing, Yuvi tries to say something but gives up
Suvi continues that why cant he understand that Alisha is not their well-wisher, Yuvi says but she does everything as a well-wisher only, Suvi sighs and says why should they fight over this thing and tells him they will enjoy their evening without any intrusion, they both hold hands and they walk in each others arms

They share some sweet moments walking and enjoying the view around, they then sit in the corniche and Suvi says its so hot like Delhi but then delhi is delhi and Mumbai is city of dreams, just then Suvi’s mobile starts ringing and Yuvi reminds her no intrusions, she looks at him helplessly and says its Soni’s call, Yuvi tells her she only said, he then takes the phone from her and picks up the call greeting Soni
Soni exclaims its great he came to Mumbai to meet Suvi, Yuvi jokes no he came to meet Suvi’s room-mate, Soni says oh-ho and Suvi takes the phone from Yuvi, Soni says to Suvi she cant bear that her boyfriend talks to another girl, she then tells her she called to ask where she was

Suvi tells her the good news that the model for their calendar shoot is Yuvi, Soni exclaims wow and says its heights of greatness, she then tells them to enjoy hanging out and wanted to ask if she has the key as she’s going for her work, Suvi says yeah she wanted to tell her that maybe she will get late than her to come back home, Soni teases her and tells her to enjoy
Yuvi asks hesitating to Suvi they will be late tonight, Suvi says yeah because tonight is very special, Yuvi says very special and asks how much special, Suvi looks down and tells him not to look at her like that as she feels shy, she tells him to look else where, Yuvi says where else should he look, he keeps teasing her asking where else should he look and Suvi says she is leaving and goes off from there, they then both roam around Mumbai arms in arms(Ishaqzaade on the bg)
Maddy is on his window sill playing his guitar when he notices YuvReen down, Suvi suddenly notices Maddy looking and quickly hugs Yuvi, Maddy smiles and tells himself Ice Princess isn’t so cold, Suvi looks up at him and hugs Yuvi tighter while Maddy laughs watching her
YuvReen hug for last time and bid farewell, Maddy smiles looking at Suvi

Next morning Suvi is staring at Maddy’s car’s tyre, she goes through fb of how much he annoys her as a boss, she then raises a pin and smiles evil and runs and pokes the tyres with the pin only to hear her name again and again, Suvi realizes it was all a dreamand looks at Maddy who was calling out to her, she looks back at the tyres and Maddy asks her why is she staring at his car like that(Damn Suvi’s expressions and the bg music was all so epic and hilarious)
He goes to her and says that his neighbor has a a very low IQ dog and his IQ is so low that he runs after parked cars, Maddy starts laughing and says even he stares at his car like this and asks Suvi why do they stare at his car like that (OMG Maddy is maaddd hahaha i cant stop rofling), Suvi blurts out she was just looking at his car’s tyres, Maddy says that makes perfect sense, Suvi looks at him and says he compared her to a dog (tubelight abhi jhali)

Maddy says he doesn’t think the dog will feel insulted and starts laughing, he then apologizes her and says he was just joking, Suvi asks him why does he keep taking her full name, Maddy explains whatever work he does he does it full that’s why he keeps calling her Suvreen Guggal and jokes that her name isn’t any less than a funny punch line
Suvi gives an irritated look and he goes on saying how can anyone be serious with her name and keeps joking about her surname, he then becomes serious and asks her if she wants a lift to office, Suvi says no thanks, Maddy replies good as he just washed the car yesterday and starts laughing as Suvi still gives him the irritated look, he reminds her she has to reach office before him and goes to his car
Suvi watches him go and then realizes and looks around thinking how will she reach office before him

Precap: Yuvi calls out ‘Oye Maddy’ who gives him a stern look, Maddy tells Suvi to ask Yuvi to go out and to deal with him on the shoot, there he will tell him how he treats in-experienced models, Yuvi- Maddy give each other harsh looks while Suvi is stunned

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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