Suvreen Guggal 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 15th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in the office. It’s raining. Then YuvReen come. Yuvraj says that Samar is doing nice job. And then Suvreen says that she is right. He says that he knew from the first meet that she is Ms. Right but he didn’t know that her first name is Always (he is too funny yaar..!!) and then Pritty comes and says that Ira and RH already gone and she says that they should go too. YuvReen wants to go, pretty says that she will go with them. Vikram and Geeti wans to go. Geeti asks Rohan but he doesn’t want to go. And then Geeti says that she doesn’t want to go too. Alisha thinks: God, the idiots should go, then I could go to RC’s cabin and check the diary.

RC and Ira are on the traffic. It’s rains. Ira says calm down, we don’t have to go somewhere. And then Rehan looks

at the clock. He says that he has a meeting in office but he forgot that. He calls the Iris. Alisha takes the phone. He asks anyone is gone?? If not then don’t let them go. Listen to me carefully. He says that he has a meeting there. Alisha thinks that she can impress RC and can be the intern of the month. She says that Suvreen and Pritty gone. RC says that it’s ok. She asks whatz the name who will come?? He says the name. And then a woman comes to the office. Alisha says: I think she is here. Rehan says that the person is big business. Alisha hangs up. She goes to the interns and tells everything.

Suvreen, Yuvraj and Pritty are waiting for a taxi to stop. After a while Suvreen’s phone rings. RC has sent her a massage. Ira asks RC who is she and why you didn’t tell me that?? Rehan says that she is the business (it means that she is really important) he says that he thought to handle alone and tell her later. I don’T know if the interns can handle her or not.
The woman is really angry and she is talking on the phone. She says : The driver is not good and he talks too much.. she is really angry.. and then she hangs up. Alisha watches her.. she says that she looks really angry. The woman looks everywhere and asks where is the receptionist? She shouts. Alisha comes. The woman says that (dunno whatz her name is and dunno how to spell it) is her.

YuvReen and Pritty are walking. Pritty and Yuvraj are talking. Suvreen shouts and says can’t you guys be quite?? Suvi says that they must be in office before Rehan and Ira. The woman says I told you to tell RC that I’m here. Alisha says that Rehan will be there soon. The woman asks is it a joke??? I’m 8 minutes late and you are telling me that RC is not in the office?? Alisha says it’s raining.. they could be in traffic. She says to sit. Alisha asks do you want something to drink? Cofee or something? She says yes, Latte Maciatto. Alisha goes while she makes it she calls RC. She asks when do you want to come? Rehan says that means you can’t handle her? Alisha says yes , I can but she is not in good mood. He says that she should give her the coffe and his book. She goes to Rehan’s cabin and search for the book and then she sees the diary. She takes it and looks at the page where RC wrote tat he loves Suvreen. The woman looks at the interns and asks is there only 3 interns?? Alisha says no there is more but they gone out for work. And then she gives her the drink what she wanted. She drinks it and then she spit out and shouts what the hell..! The interns are watching them. The woman asks how many sugar did you do purely? You made my day really bad! Alisha says I’m sorry I’ll make a new coffe. The woman says no! The woman says don’t do a coffee for something in your life! It’s disgusting. And then they go to RC’s cabin. Geeti sees the diary. She asks herself is Alisha writing diarx? She takes it out and opens it. She sees that it’s Rehan’s diary she gets shocked and closes it. She thinks that it’s not safe to let it there so she puts the diary on Pritty’s table. And then Maddy comes. And watches Rohan and Geeti. They are looking to the cabin. He asks are you guys mad?? Geeti asks what?? He says go out and enjoy!! They are telling that there is a woman in the cabin with Alisha. Alisha brings coffee to the woman. The woman says no. Alisha says I’m really sorry. Pritty, Yuvraj and Suvreen are running in. Pritty sees the diary and takes it she opens it and sees that it’s RC’s diary. She closes it. Vikram, Rohan and Geeti and telling what happened. Suvreen is shocked and smiles. The woman shouts and asks where is RC? The woman stands up and goes. Alisha says please 10 more minutes. Alisha says that they are Parking and they will come in 5 minutes. Everybody gets tensed. The woman asks are you sure?? She says yes. The woman goes back. Maddy says that Rehan told him that they are in traffic. Alisha is shocked. The woman will go when RC and Ira don’t come. Alisha gets tensed. Everybody is sad. Suvreen goes to her table and talks to herself and says that Alisha is doing everything not well. She takes some book to make the woman more interesting. Alisha sees the diary of Rehan on Suvreen’s table. She is confused why the diary is on Suvreen’s table. Maddy asks how can we handle this?? Yuvraj says that someone should be Ira and someone should be Rehan. Maddy smiles and says as a model you are really intelligent. Yuvraj is confused and asks Suvreen what happened to PP ?? he is with me.. Suvreen says that he is the Pagal Padosi. Maddy says that they should come near to him.. Yuvraj doesn’t come. Maddy says Model don’t use your head now, you have already said something nice. So please come. And then Samar says Anyone from you should be RC and anyone Ira. There is no another plan. Suvreen says that the woman could know Rehan and Ira. Samar says that he will get to know if she knows them or not.! Let start. Who will be Rehan? Everybody wants to be RC but Samar says nobody of you can be Rehan coz she already saw them. Samar looks at YuvReen and he says that he can be RC but who will be Ira? Alisha says that nobody can be better Ira like me. Suvreen says are you mad? You made the problem. Everybody says that Suvreen can be Ira.

Ira and RC are still on the traffic. They are running out. It’s still raining. Ira takes her shoes out. Rehan smiles.. In the office. Geeti brings some shoes for Suvreen. Suvreen and Samar are doing ready. The woman shouts. Samar says that they should stay here coz he will check, so he goes alone. Samar says RC, Ira and Iris is a big name right?? The woman says that she doesn’t know him. She says that she likes only his work. Samar smiles!! Btw.. the woman doesn’t look at him, she is doing make up. He is really happy.! He brings her to the cabin. Yuvraj and Suvreen are doing the cabin ready. Yuvraj sits on the chair where Rehan always sits. And then they come. Samar says please meet Ira and Rehan. Yuvraj gets shocked. Samar laughs. Suvreen says so sorry.. The woman looks at Yuvraj and says that she didn’t think that she will meet young people. Samar says that he is the personal assistant of both of them. The woman goes to Yuvraj and says : so you are RC. Yuvraj says yes I’m RC and this cabin is mine the desk is mine too..! he says that the picture is his too. The woman says ohh you are model too. Yuvraj says that he is trying to be model . Suvreen wants to kiss Yuvraj but the woman turns around.. Yuvraj says to sit her. She says that she loved the works of them. What did you use for the work? Suvreen says something else than Yuvraj. The woman asks again something they have again another answers. After a while Yuvraj says: Samar bring coffe to us .. Samar gets shocked.. and then Samar goes.

Yuvraj looks at Samar. The woman says RC.. but Yuvraj doesn’T hear. Suvreen says Yuv’ and then she says RC. Suvi says that when RC is thinking then he is looking to anywhere. Yuvraj’s face is really funny.!! The woman asks what did you think RC? Yuvraj says that he is still thinking Suvreen says her thinking. The woman says that she wants to know what RC thinks. Yuvraj looks at Samar. He is showing paper. Yuvraj is reading it. The woman says fantastic! That was what I was thinking. She asks can you show me your workshop?? Yuvraj say yes and then they go out of the cabin. The woman says that it’s really impressing. I want to see you working. Yuvraj gets shocked. Samar laughs. After a while Rehan and Ira comes. Everybody gets shocked and tensed. Ira says sorry we are late. The woman gets confused. She asks how many Ira’s and Rehan’s are In Iris. After a while RC laughs.. the woman laughs too. He says that he is working with the best of the best. The woman says yes. Rehan is introducing everyone. He says that Suvreen is his right hand. Ira gets jealous. And he introduces Samar Raghuvanshi. The woman asks the world famous photgraher??? Rehan says yes. She says your talent is brilliant. Suvreen says sorry to the woman. She says it’s ok.. then she says sorry to Rehan he says ok too. And then she says sorry to Ira but she looks really sad. The woman gives a paper and says this is for you RC your contract! RC is shocked and says thanks. She takes the contract and gives it to Ira. And then Ira goes. Samar says that he has to go .. and then he goes.

Ira is in the cabin and looks really happy. She wants to go but then she sees the diary. She opens it . She opens the page where Rehan wrote everything about Suvreen. That he loves her and all. There is a picture of ReSu too where they were dancing at Vivaan’s birthday party. And there is a picture of Suvreen and Vivaan. She reads it and she gets shocked and sad. She imagines everything about suvreen and rehan. And then she sits and cryies.

Everybody is sitting on couch. The woman says that he must hear the idea of Suvreen. Suvreen tells her idea. Rehan says wonderful idea. Yuvraj says yeah. Rehan says that his interns are really good. Suvreen goes to the cabin. She sees how Ira cries. Suvreen asks what happened?? Ira gets angry and shouts : are you asking me what happened?? Ira stands up. Alisha watches them outside and smiles. Ira shouts: Everything was nice but you came between us. What do you want from RC? You can’t imagine how you are cheap.! She throws the diary and goes. Suvreen takes the diary and sees it. She gets shocked. She reads it and sees the pictures.
Episode ends!

The woman says to Rehan if you can come to Delhi we could start our work there. Rehan says sure. The woman says but not without suvreen. Rehan says to Suvreen: I think we should go next week to delhi , what u mean? Suvreen says no.! Rehan gets shocked and asks what?? (sorry I didn’t see the precap last part, they finished the video before the precap ends..)

Update Credit to: nazomel

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