Suvreen Guggal 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 14th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manani and a man. And then the interns comes. Manani throws the papers to the interns and shouts at them. Everybody get shocked. Manani asks them why they don’t create designs like they created for RC. She says that she pays double so she deserve it too. Suvreen says that the designs are nice. Manani shouts her shut up. And then she shouts get out. They go.
Mumma Guggal talks to 2 girls. She says that she will cook food for them.

The girl waits for Yuvraj and then Suvreen comes. The girl opens the door. Yuvraj shouts who is it? Suvreen gets shocked and says that she came in another room and then she goes. The girl remembers Suvreen. Suvreen is almost crying. She has misunderstand everything. She says I love him, I can’t survive without him.

Suvreen says that he moved on and cries. Yuvraj comes and asks who was it? The girl says it’s Suvreen. She says when she saw her and lestined to Yuvraj’s voice then she went. Yuvraj are you sure it’s Suvreen? He doesn’t believe her and says that she never come. She is perfect without me.

Rohan, Geeti and Vikram are in Maddy’s house.
Suvreen is still unhappy. Soni asks her to go and then asks her why are you soo sad? Svureen tells to Mumma that she will come back. And then Soni and Suvreen are going to Maddy house.
A man is shouting to the girl who behaved bad to Yuvraj. Yuvraj and the girl are sitting there. The man says sorry to Yuvraj. Yuvraj says thank you for believing me and then they go. The man says all the best.

Soni and Suvreen are in Maddy’s house. Soni asks them what are you guys doing here?? And then she says happy birthday Suvreen.. Suvreen says that it isn’t her birthday. Soni asks them what are you guys doing here? Suvreen says that she wants to ask something. Soni says ask ask.. Suvreen asks do you want to help me for bringing Iris? Soni says ofcourse I’ll. Suvreen says so could you be pepper and work with Manani in Iris? Soni gets shocked.

Yuvraj gets the job and then he calls Rathi. Rathi says to call Suvreen and then he says to go to her. And then he hangs up.
Soni says that she can’t do this. Soni says that she doesn’t anything about designs.

Yuvraj is outside of Suvreen’s house he sits there and waits for her. Everybody says Suvreen is the best and shouts. Yuvraj hears it. Yuvraj thinks you are wrong Rathi Suvreen is very happy in her life. Suvreen feels it that Yuvraj is there but Yuvraj goes.

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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