Suvreen Guggal 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 14th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts off with Ira giving Preeti a list of Model number to ring and find out who’s available.. Preeti tells her Jolly Sir has already called some aspiring models… Ira sees them and says omg Jolly was so drunk when he was giving out cards… Ira tells Alisha that Suvreen is setting the studio up for the test shoots you get some cinema related props and show Samar if he like them then get Samars dates and get back to me… she tells Geeti and Vikram to take pictures of the wanabee models and send them back.
Ira is very angry she goes to talk to Jolly.. she tells him he couldn’t find 2 decent faces in the whole party… Jolly says I did tell you to come with me but you didn’t so it’s your mistake also… Ira is very angry she blames Jolly… she goes we have less than

24 hours to find a fresh face.
We see Alisha talking to Samar she tells these are the props she has chosen and Samar tells her to leave them on the table…Samar sees the pictures on the IPAD.. Alisha goes Sir you never told us you are Suvreen’s Neighbour, you keep borrowing ice.. she goes Suvreen told me … She goes Suvreen is in a lot of stress small town kathkodham ki ladki hai she will collapse in the fashion industry early mornings and late nights haina Maddy… Maddy isn’t very happy… then she goes I mean Samar Sir.. Suvreen always calls you Maddy that why I said it mistakenly…
Samar says 3 things always remember I don’t like repeating myself 1. I’m not interested in your girly gossip 2. He goes I don’t care what other people are saying about me 3. You should be more interested in your creativity your career more than Suvreen.. you take care of yourself Suvreen is an intelligent girl she can look after herself … So anything else you want done by me.. Alisha goes no Sir ( Samar set Alisha straight I’m glad he done that the witch was causing trouble)

Suvreen heard the whole conversation she goes what yeh pagal padosi itnah confusing kyun hai poori tarah hate karneh lago toh kuch acha kar detha hai aur poori tarah seh like bhi nahiye kar sakteh kya irritating aadmi hai… who is he?

Preeti is having lunch she tells Suvreen to have lunch… but Suvreen says she isn’t hungry.. she goes I’m always hungry I wish I was like you Suvreen says you shouldn’t say that you don’t have to be like me be careful for what you wish for… Preeti says did Ira Mam shout at you Suvreen says No I shouted at Yuvraj he isn’t calling back or replying to my messages.. he isn’t talking to me.. Preeti goes how cute lovers ka jhagara kash mein yeh experience karpathi hai just then Rohan comes Preeti is very happy he goes guess what guys Ira Mam has found the male model… Preeti is happy she says thank god model milgaya warnah Ira Mam Suraj nahiye dhalneh dethi aur mujhseh itnah kaam karwathi agar uneh koi aur nahiye milta toh woh Jolly Sir ko he as a model kara kardethi … Rohan says to Suvreen Ira Mam wants you to take the models details and gives Samar Sir.. Suvreen says I need to go or else Samar Sir will shout.. she was about to go Preeti says to Suvreen to have have lunch then go.. Suvreen goes… Preeti and Rohan share food.

Suvreen is shocked to see Yuvraj he is very happy to see her.. Suvreen pinches Yuvraj arm to see if he really is there.. he says topper yeh kya kar rahiye hai… Suvreen looks at Yuvraj so lovingly and hugs him.. Yuvraj kisses Suvreen forehead… (Yuvreen hug so cute) Suvreen says you are really there it’s not a dream.. Yuvraj laughs he goes you remember me in your dreams… Suvreen says only in bad dreams… Suvreen goes why didn’t you phone me Yuvraj says phone isn’t allowed in train he goes anyways whenever I tried to phone it was always the wrong time.. Suvreen says tum Mumbai mere liye aiye… Yuvraj nods his head and says tere liye toh mein duniye keh kisi bhi khoneh mein ah saktha hoon Mumbai ho ya kuch bhi.. Yuvreen hug each other again.
Suvreen point of view she says why did Yuvraj come to my office.. did he come to fight with Samar Ira Mam and Jolly Sir.. then she says Yuvraj and Samar fight my job will go.

Yuvraj kneels down and gives Suvreen a rose… she tells him to get up someone will come.. he tell her to be quiet… Yuvraj then says he will always love her… Suvreen takes the rose and says that the rose will die Yuvraj then says I have plastic one as well… Suvreen tells Yuvraj thats good you came at lunch time no intern is here if anyone had seen you it would of been a problem.. she then tells him he should’ve called her and told her he’s coming… why did he surprise her? Yuvraj says he wanted to give her a surprise.. Suvreen says she’s very happy that he came she was missing him loads… Yuvraj says when I saw you on Skype you were looking so beautiful so I came.. Suvreen says why did you come to office? If anyone sees you? Yuvraj gets up and says koi hai yahaan Delhi ki cheetah aiyah hai Yuvraj Singh…

Suvreen tell him to be quiet but too late Ira and Jolly come… Ira says so you have met him… Jolly says wow perfect height, style, eyes… hair we will do something about that he then says he has the boyish charm that we were looking for he’s perfect. Ira asks for Yuvraj Portfolio he says he don’t have one… Jolly says no problem tell Suvreen to take some photos of Yuvraj… Ira and Jolly leave.

Suvreen says to Yuvraj they are mistaking you for someone else but you’re my boyfriend… before Yuvraj can say anything Alisha comes and hugs Yuvraj (the witch isn’t letting go of Yuvi) Suvreen isn’t very happy.. Alisha says I told Yuvraj Suvreen is very lonely and to come here… Yuvraj says thanks to Alisha and says he wanted to surprise Suvreen.. Suvreen says she is very surprised.
RC is talking on the phone and getting some models number.. RC says so much work pending.Ira comes and says I have news for you.
Alisha says Yuvraj has some big news for you he hasn’t told you yet.. Suvi isn’t very happy and says in her mind now will you tell me big news… what is the big news? Alisha says Yuvraj is the model for the calendar shoot.. Yuvraj says all the credit for this goes to Alisha she suggested my name to Ira and Jolly.. Alisha touches Yuvraj shoulder and says there is no need of giving me credit I know since day 1 about your potential… Suvreen is very jealous she says in her mind take your hand of Yuvrajs Shoulder move your hand… Alisha then says when Ira Mam and Jolly Sir said they need a model in my mind Yuvrajs name came first… Suvreen says in her mind I know what’s going on in your mind… Back to RC and Ira.. Ira tells him Alisha had suggested Yuvraj name RC says Yuvraj Singh from Delhi.. Suvreen Boyfriend Ira says how do you know he’s Suvreen boyfriend… RC says Suvreen was his student so he knows.. Ira is shocked and says so why did Alisha call Suvreen boyfriend.

Yuvraj, Alisha and Suvreen go to the studio Suvreen takes photo of Yuvraj.. Alisha tells Suvreen to take a picture of her and Yuvraj.. Suvreen isn’t very happy and take the photo… Alisha phone rings and she leaves (thank god the witch went Yuvi shouldnt have took any pictures with her)
Suvreen take pictures of Yuvraj… he says take one from this side jawline will show.. Suvreen says chin down.. Yuvraj says topper you have become professional.. she then says to him turn left.. then Yuvraj says topper take one from the right.. she then says tumhe ab thaapar paregha she then ask Yuvraj why he didn’t tell her that he was going to model…Yuvraj says you were too busy fighting.. Suvreen said you could’ve of told me but you didn’t.. you wanted to tell that someone special.. Yuvraj says what are you saying? Suvreen says I’m going to show Jolly sir the camera.. she gets the camera.. Yuvraj then says why do you always get angry? Suvreen leaves

Yuvraj rings Mumma Guggal and tells her he’s in Mumbai and in Suvreens Office.. Mumma Guggal is very happy she says you’re there to take care of Suvreen make sure she doesn’t drink too much coffee.. Yuvraj says don’t worry I will take care of Suvreen… Mumma Guggal says what are you doing there anyway.. he says Auntyji Model bagayah hoon Model.
Alisha goes to Samar office and informs him that Suvreen Boyfriend Yuvraj is the new model.. Samar says thanks for the news flash why are you telling me all this… she then says Ira Mam is calling you to RC office to meet Suvreen Boyfriend.. Samar says you are mistaken Ira has called me to meet the calendar shoot model. Alisha leaves Samar then says Ice Princess ka Model Boyfriend yeh kaise cartoon diktha hogha and starts to laugh. (not funny Samar wait till you see Yuvi is the cutest)

Precap- Ira introduces Samar and Yuvraj… Yuvraj isn’t very happy seeing Samar

Update Credit to: Anam

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