Suvreen Guggal 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 14th February 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins with Yuvraj looking at RC-Suvi. Suvreen asks to Rehan do you remember that when you told us in the class define yourself. For exapmple: Who are you? What are you?..

She tells that she didn’t know who she is. Now she believes in herself coz Rehan helped her. She thanks him. Rehan thinks: Did I teach you or did you teach me, Suvreen?

Alisha thinks: She has imagine it. She wanted to say something to Yuvraj but he could not hear it coz he is looking at Suvreen and RC. Yuvraj says sorry to her and asks did you say something? She asks him are you thinking something? Yuvraj says that she can say what she wanted to say. Alisha says that she wanted to say it when the party finished. Yuvraj says that she can tell him everything. He says that she can trust

him. He would not say anything to others. Alisha says that she doesn’t know how it happened. She wanted to say that she is in love with him but she couldn’t coz everyone was clapping.

Zorro says to Rehan that she danced very well. He says that now is everything different. And then lights go off. He says that everyone has to find the partner in 10 seconds. He begins to count: 9, 8, 7,… And then when he says 1 the lights went on. The partners are: Yuvraj & Suvreen, Rehan & Alisha, Naro & Annie and Mannu & Rathi. Alisha looks at Yuvraj and sees that his partner is Suvreen. Rehan looks at them too. Zorro says that anything is wrong. He says that Mannu has to go to Naro and Annie has to go to Rathi.

Yuvraj holds his hand to Suvreen. Suvreen looks at Rehan and Alisha. Yuvraj thinks : What happened to Suvreen today? Suvreen holds Yuvraj’s hand. And then their BG tune plays.. Alisha and Rehan are looking at them. Both are jealous.. Rehan takes his mask down. Yuvraj & Suvreen are dancing slowly. Rathi & Annie and Mannu & Naro are dancing too. Rathi says to Annie that Yuvraj & Suvreen are dancing like they danced at Annie’s house. Both are looking at them. Annie asks how she can forget that? She says that they are perfect couple!! Rathi says that they both MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!! Annie asks him: Do you believe that? Rathi says that he did not believe before but now he believes..
Rehan says to Alisha that she is looking beautiful. He asks : Did you design your dress yourself? She says yes.
Yuvraj asks to Suvreen: what happened topper? He says that she is not normal today. He says: Tell me what happened? He asks her: Do you have any problem at home?

She says that she doesn’t have any problem. And she says that when she has a problem he does not care. Yuvraj asks how she can talk like that to him. He says is she has any problem will he ignore it? She asks him: You will not ignore it? She has that he is ignoring her. Suvreen says that he called her “Jhalli”. She takes her mask down and says that she is “Jhalli”. Everyone looks at them. She says that she doesn’t know why she cares about him. Yuvraj takes his mask down too. She asks him why she did think that they can’t come together.Everyone gets shocked! Suvreen says that the truth is is nothing can happen between them like before and it can never happen! She wants to leave when Yuvi holds her arm and pulls her towards him. Yuvraj says that she is wrong. She says that she can not be right and she says that Yuvraj is always right coz he is the “Cheetah”. She wants to leave but Yuvraj holds her hand and says that she can not run away without hearing him out. He pulls her towards him. So many times he tried to say it but today he wont let her go nor will he go without finishing what he has to say. He says that not only she has problems. He has problems too and his problem is Suvreen. She gets shocked. Alisha takes her mask down too. Yuvraj says that this is truth what he said. His biggest problem is Suvreen. When she comes to his life then everything has changed. When he thinks to go away from her, he comes closer to her. When he tries to come closer to her then he goes away from her. He says that she was the first one who called him Yuvraj not Yuvi. He says that she is not seeing that what he wants to let her see. He says that he can not understand what she said with “nothing can happen between us before”. And then he says : It’s love!!

Everyone get shocked.. Rehan gets angry.
And the song: (Hosanna) Dil Hote Jo Mere Seene Mein Do (Male Version) plays. Yuvraj says that she is “Topper” she has to know that. But why she didn’t know that he is in … And then he proposes to her. He holds her hand. And their BG tune is playing again.!! He says: I LOVE YOU! to her..

Suvreen begins a little to cry.. Rehan gets angry and he reduce his mask. Zorro sees it. Yuvraj gets up with holding her hand.. RC begins to cry and goes with anger.! Yuvraj says that this is the truth he loves her! He says: “Main Tumse Bohut Pyaar Karta Hoon” it means “I really love you”. He fell in love at first sight. They are imagining the first meet. He says that this is not the point. The point is that he wanted to say it before but he couldn’t. And he says that he has ignored her. It was only a plan. A stupid plan.! Alisha gets angry. He says that he understood his feelings when she comes to her. They imagining that scene when Suvreen confessed her love to him. Yuvraj did not eccept that he loves her. He doesn’t wanted to hurt her. She is the most wonderful person he has ever met in his life. She is special for him. He has reliced it when she went away from him. He really tried to say it but he didn’t know how he has to say it. Yuvraj says: Say something. He says that she should slap him. He deserves it. He says forgive me.. She says: “I…”

Then she says “I have to go”. And she goes.

PRECAP: Suvreen calls Yuvraj on the phone and says that she wants to meet him. She has her decision. Rathi asks him what did she said? He says that she has her decision. She wants to meet him. Mannu asks him: “If she says no?”

Update Credit to: nazomel

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