Suvreen Guggal 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 13th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts in the office. Suvreen is writing something. And then Rehan comes and gives her coffee. She says thanks and stands up. He says sit:D I wish I could help you more. If you need something then you can ask me. I’m really proud of you. She says thanks. And then he says take care, see you and then he goes. Ira was seeing all that behind them. She looks really confused. And then she goes. Suvreen is still writing on pc. She goes to check her phone. She sees that she got more then 20 calls of Yuvraj. She calls him and he takes the call very fast he had his phone on his hand. She says that he took the call very fast. He says I’m not so busy like you, and I won’t hang up. She says that she was kidding. He asks what happened? She says the same thing.! Samar is soo irritating.

She talks about the meeting. She says nobody likes him. He asks really? She says yes, he is good looking and a hero typ but that doesn’t mean that I’ve to like him. He says that she should talk with Rehan about that. But she says that she can’t coz Samar is her boss. He gets angry doesn’t say something and hangs up the call without saying bye.

In the night. Suvi comes home while talking with herself. She goes to the kitchen and takes wather and drinks, she sits on the couch and screams I HATE SAMAR! And then Soni comes with her phone on her hand and sits on the couch too. And then Soni goes to the kitchen and eats something , she says that she wants to work with important stars.. Soni says that Samar is a good photographer. Suvi gets angry and stands up, goes to the kitchen. Soni says if she shows her portfolio to Samar then she will get more chance to be an actress, but if Suvi asks Samar about that?? And then Suvi gets angry and talks tooo much. Soni is crying. Suvi says that she doesn’t want to hear Samar’s name in this house again. And then Suvi goes.
Jolly and Ira are talking about the designes.

Back to Suvi. She talks on the phone with Yuvi. She is irritated again and talks about Maddy. Yuvi asks to tell it to Rehan but she says that it would look unprofessional..she can’t do it. Samar is behaving like a boss. Yuvraj says: Now you are on his site na?? I think you like Maddy right?? Suvi gets shocked.. He is soo good looking boy.. now you will like him .. Suvi says: What is happening between you and Alisha? Isn’t the same thing?? He asks how she comes to Alisha? He says that she is a good friend. And then hangs up with angry face.

Yuvraj sits on his bed and calls Alisha. She says that she thought that they would have a video chat in skype. She asks what happened? Yuvi says that she was right.. when he calls her she is always talking about Maddy. Yuvraj says that maddy is Suvreens neighbor. She says that there is something between Samar and Suvreen.

In the morning. Suvi wakes up and sees Soni and screams.. soni has black make up.. and black clothes.. She asks what happened with you?? Soni says Sorry .. Suvi says sorry too. They are friends again.. Soni says that she should not be tensed because of Yuvi, he really loves her. They are going to the kitchen. Soni says that she is falling in love.. Suvi gets happy and hugs her. And then Soni goes.. Suvi calls Yuvraj but he doesn’t take the phone.

Episode ends.!

Yuvraj is waiting for Suvreen in the office. Suvreen comes and is shocked to see him. (their background tune is playing) And then Suvi pinch’s Yuvi.. He asks what are you doing?? She hugs him.. (awww’:P) and then she hears how anyone is coming. She gets shocked and looks at Yuvraj.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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