Suvreen Guggal 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 13th February 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Alisha thanking Yuvi for the surprise and for doing so much for her, he tells her he wasn’t alone everyone helped together that’s why it was all possible, he goes on about what each and everyone did, he then goes hyper and says Suvi did so much she was running around from morning shifting everything from here to there and he doesn’t understand how can she do so much all together
Alisha calms him down and says she knows Suvi is a gud friend and did a lot for her, but what he did was really special, Suvi watches them jealous, RC asks Suvi what’s wrong, Suvi says nothing and excuses herself, RC watches Suvi and tells himself he knows she’s lying, everything is clear in her eyes, he needs to tell Suvi about his feelings, she needs him as much as he needs

Mannu Rathi discuss about how Yuvi has done phd on making Suvi jealous, Mannu says finally their plan worked, Naro comes there and asks them what plan and they both get shocked
Suvi keeps watching Yuvi and Alisha while working, RC goes upto her and calls her out and is about to say something when the lights go off, Mannu goes to check, Yuvi thinks what happened to the light and tells Alisha he will go check, Alisha holds him back and says to stay with her as she is very scared, Yuvi tells her not to be scared and holds her arms, Suvi turns and sees them suddenly
Alisha thanks Yuvi and tells him he has made her feel so special, something which no one has ever done for her, he even put himself in danger for her and he is her hero, Yuvi jokes with her hero is also a cycle and starts laughing on his joke, Alisha tells him she wants to say something
On the other hand RC thinks what is he waiting for the whole feeling is just perfect, he should just confess
Alisha tells Yuvi he made her realize what feelings are meant as, when he is around her she feels safe and special
RC thinks if he cant say looking into her eyes he should say it now when there is no light, this is a sign for him and he should just say it
Alisha says she wants to say that’
RC also calls Suvi and says he wants to say that’
As they both hesitate to say their feelings, finally the light comes, Mannu says to play on the music, Alisha thinks thankgod she didn’t say anything as what should be said only between her and Yuvi she shouldn’t say it in front of everyone in the party
Everyone starts dancing and Alisha says to herself after everyone leaves tonight she will confess her feelings to Yuvi
Suvi says to RC he was going to say something, RC says he doesn’t know how to say it as he never did anything like this, he tells her how important she is for Vivaan and him, from the time she came he realized how incomplete their life was, because of her he realized how to be happy and because of her he and Vivaan have come more closer
Suvi cuts in and says Vivaan is so cute and infact she should thank Vivaan as because of him she came to know RC better as a person, Suvi says she really admires and respects him a lot, RC thinks what is he waiting for he should just tell her he loves her more then a student
Suvi says glancing at Yuvi that she has learned from him to always follow your heart and maybe because of that she is happy today, RC says he is glad she thinks like that but what he wants to say is’
Zorro calls out on the mic for attention and RC is stopped from saying anything further, Zorro tells everyone he didn’t expect this party to be KPK, Mannu asks confused whats that, Zorro replies Khao Peeo aur Khisko, they should have some fun and do some masti, he tells them about a game in his mind
He explains them he has chits of all of their names with him, he will pick up two chits at a time and those two will be the dance partners for the party
Alisha looks at Yuvi and wishes he would be her partner, Zorro picks up the chits and happily announces the aprtners for today is Yuvi and’ but Yuvi cuts him birthday is Alisha’s and she should have the freedom to choose her partner herself, Mannu Rathi agree with Yuvi
Zorro asks Alisha whom she will dance with, Alisha tells Yuvi she wants to have her first dance with him, Suvi is hurt and jealous, Yuvi tells her he doesn’t know how to do hi-fi dance like her, she tells him whatever he does is ok with her
Suvi rolls her eyes, Mannu Rathi look at each other smiling big, Zorro says so its ok, Yuvi says no its not and pleads Alisha he doesn’t know how to dance and Alisha tells him its just one dance
Suvi says to herself why does he need to do so much drama anyways he is willing so much to dance with her
Zorro announces that first dance partner is Yuvi-Alisha, he announces the second pair, Mannu hops beside Naro but Zorro announces Rathi-Naro, Mannu shouts its not fair and Annie calms him down, Zorro announces the third pair as Mannu-Annie, Mannu is depressed
Zorro tells them all its just for the first dance they are paired together, after the first dance the lights will be off and there will be a twist in the dance but to know more about that they have to wait
Everyone gets on the dance floor, Alisha teaches Yuvi, Suvi watches them jealous with arms folded, RC calls her out and says this is her that expression which she gave the inspector that day as if she will break his nose, Suvi turns and goes forward to Yuvi-Alisha, she turns Yuvi towards him and punches him on the nose, Yuvi screams in pain is she mad or what breaking his nose
Suvi comes out of her dream and thinks she wish she could do it but she cant and makes a grumpy face, Suvi tells herself again the same stupidity why is she spoiling her mood, she should just be happy and enjoy this moment and smiles and turns to RC and asks him for dance, she gives him the mask
Song- Jane na kaha wo Duniya hai plays
Everyone slow dances, Suvi’s whole attention is at Yuvi-Alsiha and RC is lost in Suvi, Zorro enjoys watching them all, Yuvi is slowly learning dancing
Yuvi looks towards Suvi-RC and remembers his dance with Suvi in the freshers party, Rathi on the other hand keeps looking towards Annie, Yuvi and Suvi look at each other while dancing with their respective partners

Precap: Suvi says to Yuvi pissed off that the truth is nothing can happen between them like before and it can never happen, she is about to leave when Yuvi holds her hand and pulls her towards him and says not this time, this time she cant run away without hearing him out, so many times he tried to say it but today he wont let her go nor will he go without finishing what he has to say

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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