Suvreen Guggal 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 12th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts in college. Rehan gives a gift to Suvreen. She opens the gift. At that time Yuvraj looks at them behind the spotlight. The gift is earring. Yuvraj gets jealous. Suvreen tries it and asks how it is. Rehan helps her to try it. Yuvraj gets angry. Suvreen says thanks to Rehan for helping her.

In the next scene Annie and Naro are decorating the party. Annie says the mask does not suit her. Naro answered that she is really beautiful. And then Zorro comes and gives them flowers. He says that they are special for him. And then they hug.
On the left side of them are Rathi and Mannu. Mannu says why did Zorro give them flowers? He wanted to give Naro flowers. Rathi says that he wanted to give Annie something too.
In the next scene Suvreen is pushing something

and she falls into Yuvraj’s arms.. And their BG tune is playing.. Yuvraj asks are you ok? Suvreen asks him if I would not ok what will you do then? And then she gets up and wants to push the party table. Yuvraj helps her. He asks her do you want anything? Suvreen thinks how he can be so sweet now. She says no.. Yuvraj says thanks to her fro helping. She says that Alisha is her friend. And she says that he does not say thank you. And then Zorro comes and says that Alisha is coming. Yuvraj asks why he did not say that she is coming. He goes with Zorro. Suvreen is talking to herself and says that today is Alisha’s birthday not her’s. She has to smile only. And then lights go out. Anyone did open the spotlight. Everyone are looking at Alisha. Then Yuvraj gives a gift to Alisha with a game car.. She opens the gift The gift is pepper spray. Yuvraj says with mikrophone if I’m not with you then you can use it and he says that she has to go after the car. And then there is a table and over it is a paper. She opens the paper and laughs. Yuvraj says that he is serious. He did joined Alisha in kung fu or any fight. And then Alisha goes behind the car again. There is a table again. She opens the gift. Yuvraj says that she has to play it. Suvreen goes. Yuvraj comes and says that Alisha has always to smile. He says that her friends will always with her. He says it’s not matter if you laugh or cry, we will always with you. And then the third spotlight opens. Suvreen comes out. And then the light opens. Everyone are coming out and wishes Alisha. Alisha goes to Yuvraj and says thanks to him. Suvreen gets jealous. Alisha hugs Yuvraj and says *I LOVE YOU* to him. But Yuvraj did not hear that because everyone were loud. He says sorry to Alisha and asks what did she say. She says that she said thank you to him. He bring Suvreen to her and says how she can forget Suvreen.. He says that Suvreen planned everything and without her he couldn’t do anything. Alisha hugs Suvreen and Yuvraj and says thanks to both. Yuvraj and Alisha are going to cut the cake. Suvreen looks jealous. Alisha says that she can not cut the cake. Everyone gets shocked and asks why? She says that it is not only her birthday. Yuvraj and Suvreen have to cute the cake. Suvreen goes to Rehan and says that he has to cut the cake too. Rehan and Suvreen are holding the knife. Yuvraj gets jealous and holds Suvreens hand. And Alisha too. The four a cutting the cake. Zorro is looks at them and says : This is interesting.. And then Suvreen feeds Rehan. And Rehan feeds Suvreen. But Yuvraj sees it and he feeds Alisha.. And then Zorro feeds Yuvraj. Yuvraj goes before him stands Suvreen. She holds one small piece of cake in her hand. She goes to Annie and Naro and feeds them.

In the next scene Suvreen is outside of the college. Zorro comes and asks why she is upset? Zorro says that she is upset coz Yuvraj did not do it to her. He says that she is upset coz Yuvraj did do it for Alisha. Suvreen says that she is not feeling like upset. Zorro says that Yuvraj is doing that coz it’s Alisha’s birthday. And then Annie comes and says that Zorro is right. Annie asks why he is doing this? She says that Yuvraj did not do it to Suvreen. Suvreen imagining that what Yuvraj says to Alisha.

PRECAP: Alisha says that she wanted to say something to Yuvraj. Rehan says : “Suvreen I…”
Alisha says: “Yuvi I… I want to say that… I..”
Rehan: “I…”
Alisha: “I…”

Update Credit to: nazomel

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