Suvreen Guggal 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 11th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Yuvraj coming back to Rasikas office… Yuvraj remembers Suvreen and his romantic moments… Suvreen is finding her blue design book she says where has Mama put my book… Suvreen finds scrapbook that Yuvraj gave her… Both Yuvreen are remembering each other.

Rasika comes and asks Yuvi if he likes the ad.. Yuvi says yes…Rasika asks questions to Yuvi about modeling then she says if anyone has approached him for the casting couch Yuvraj says I dont think such things happen in the industry people just say it… Rasika says some things which people say are wrong are usual right for us she touches Yuvraj shoulder .. Yuvraj moves her hand he gives his modeling portfolio to her…she says Samar Raghuvanshi Yuvraj says yes he gives her the CD also… Rasika

tells Yuvraj to walk so he does…Rasika calls Yuvraj hot…Yuvraj says thank you… Rasika then says doesn’t your girlfriend mind you are doing modeling? Suvreen is shown she says I knew me and Yuvraj were different but I didnt know we are that different we couldnt sort out our differences.. Suvreen says she misses Yuvraj… she tells Soni she still loves Yuvraj and she says I know he loves me too.

Rasika tries to come close to Yuvraj.. Yuvraj shouts at her leaves from there… Yuvraj is very angry he rings Palavi and shouts he says Rasika tried to molest him he says why did she send him there… Palavi says she didnt know Rasika is like that it’s been 6 months since she has been working in that office she had no idea…Palavi apologises to Yuvraj.

Soni says to Suvreen there is nothing she can do besides sit with her and talk to her.. Soni says I’m sure he is feeling the same… Suvi says if he misses me loves me why isnt he here with me he should be here… Soni says a guy like Yuvraj wont forget you he will be back. Yuvraj is outside Suvreen house he says what am I doing here? he says old habits are hard to forget.. he says I’m here waiting for her she doesnt even care about me. Suvreen feels that Yuvraj is outside she runs by the window and Yuvraj isn’t there now. (I hate CVs for torturing Yuvreen and Yuvreen fans)
Soni tell Suvreen to close her eyes… she swicthes on the music and dances…Soni wears a wig…Suvreen gets an idea she says Soni will be Pepper… Suvreen rings the others interns and puts everyone on one convo she tells them the plan…Pepper will have 2% share from Manani and then they will get Iris back…Suvi says they will all meet in Samar House.

Mama Guggal shouts at the maid that she can’t cook… the maid shouts back at Mama Guggal…Papa Guggal comes there tells Mama Guggal to ask Soni and Suvi before she makes any decision.. Mama Guggal tells Papa Guggal not to interfere in this matter.. the maid leaves.

Palavi goes to meet Yuvraj and apologises… Yuvraj says he is sorry also he shouldnt have shouted at her… just then Palavi phone rings it’s Rasika she shouts at Palavi regarding Yuvraj how he doesnt know how to model how he wasted her time…she says bad things about Yuvraj she says he is villager and he has no style… Yuvraj is very angry he gets the phone and shouts at Rasika he says really he has no look no brains no style then why was she forcing so much for casting couch… Yuvraj says he is jaat he will make sure she is taught a lesson no one can get away with all this… Palavi says Rasika has a lot of connections.. Yuvraj says he wants to meet her boss so he can teach Rasika a lesson.

Precap- Suvreen comes to see Yuvraj.. Palavi opens the door… Yuvraj shouts from inside Palavi who is it.. Suvreen leaves from there… Yuvraj asks Palavi who it was.. Palavi says it was Suvreen.. Suvreen is crying outside she says Yuvraj has moved on.

Update Credit to: Anam_ali

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