Suvreen Guggal 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 11th July 2013 Written Update


Part 1:

Episode begins with Suvreen at the office. Preeti comes to her and talks about Geeti and Vikram’s relationship when Suvreen tells her to talk later since she is working now. Preeti tells her to meet after her work is done and they will enjoy having pakodas. She also tells her to leave home early since its monsoon time.

Rohan calls his gf to tell her that he won’t be able to meet her tonight as he has to go out with Geeti due to office work. His gf doubts and asks him if Vikram is along or no. Rohan tells to call her later.
Vikram is getting jealous of Rohan and blabbers about him being with his gf all the time.

Chaubey the watchman complaints about Suvreen to the secretary of the society. Both blabber about women being independant

and spoilt. They further blabber saying single girls shouldn’t be allowed to stay in societies.

Mr. Baldev Guggal comes to meet a lawyer, but gets insulted by an employee thinking he is a clerk, since he was muddy due to walking whole way in rain. The lawyer arrives and shouts at the employee to apologise. He informs him that he respects him alot as Mr. Baldev have been his father’s good friend. He gets ready to take his case but informs him about 50,000/- expenses shocking Mr. Guggal.

Alisha is curious to know when Ira is returning, she mis-handles her mobile and it bangs on the floor breaking into pieces. Alisha had stored some evidences of RC into it. She gets bugged.

Ira is back, RC has received her and she asks him to carry her luggage back home..:p RC is dumbstruck watching those many shopping bags..:p Ira thanks RC for the bouquet.

Suvreen calls Yuvraj and they keep chatting. Yuvraj asks Suvi to come to meet her and she informs him about Chaubey stopping her again. They keep talking while on the other side Maddy has arrived at her place. Soni opens the door and he comes to take some ice cubes(like always..:p). Soni tells him to do something of that Chaubey as he stopped Suvreen from coming in again. Soni tells him abt Suvreen’s plan. Maddy finds her talking on mobile and comes to her, scaring the hell outta her he shouts near her ears. :p Suvi gets shocked and as she turns they both slip and trip on the bed with Maddy on top of her.. Yuvraj is shocked as to what happened suddenly.

Part 2:

Ira thanks RC for sending her a bouquet but RC informs her that he didn’t send it. RC thinks of checking who sent it if not him.

Here, Maddy and Suvreen on floor. Maddy asks her to get up as she has crushed his hands.. Yuvi hears it. She gets up and Soni starts laughing saying he had gone to scare her but broke his hand..
Yuvi is curious to know what happened. Suvi tells him that they both fell down but Yuvi exclaims saying what! and so Suvi corrects saying that her mobile fell down. Yuvi asks her what Maddy is doing there and she tells him like always he came to take some ice cubes. Yuvi remembers the photoshoot incident and thus, tells Suvi to keep the mobile on until Maddy leaves..:P

Part 3:

RC finds a card on the bouquet and teases Ira saying that its from her secret admirer.. Ira is shocked to know that.

Here Suvi is trying to make Yuvi understand.

Alisha is wishing that Ira reads the card she sent with the bouquet.

PRECAP:*Guys sorry Tata Sky got interrupted due to heavy rain..will add this later*

Update Credit to: Jyo_ksg

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