Suvreen Guggal 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 10th October 2013 Written Update

yuvraj is waiting for the audition of an ad.Guy comes out and calls names of others candidates but not Yuvraj.yuvraj gets angry and asks why is his name not called as he is waiting for 3 hrs.The guy rudely says either u wait or u may leave.Yuvraj remembers his words to suvreen that he will do something on his own.So decides to stay.
Here at Rc house suvreen and intern decide to teach manini a lesson.Rc enters and says they are leaving Mumbai.Everybody is sad but he says both of them wants to start fresh in delhi.He tells they have bright future they must concentrate on their career.At that Rohan wanted to tell their plan but Suvreen interrupts and says we will work hard.
Next day Suvreen leaves home to go to office.All interns reach office.Yuvraj is shown giving audition

for an ad.As he is leaving he bumps into a girl who recognises him.She says Yuvraj singh from DPSCand sports captain.He is surprised.She tells her name is pallavi and she from the same college but he might not know her as he was busy in sports and she in library.She tells u were dating guggal ,he tells they broke off.He tells her he has come for audition of ad.while she says she working as an intern in ad agency.She asks will u have tea with me,he says okay.

Here at manini’ office every body is uncomfortable.Manini says she is the boss and in her absence u have to report to Alisha.
Yuvraj and Pallavi are having tea.She tells hin he may not get this ad,but are u ready to a small ad then I know somebody.He says fine.She tells him Vrushika is very influential person and takes him to meet her.After introducing Yuvraj to that lady she goes.Vrushika she can give him break but now she is busy if he can meet her in the evening.He says okay 6 pm.she laughs and says late in the evening means 9 pm.Yuvraj says he will meet her.

Suvreen is thinking how to tame manini when she hears her tell alisha that she wants pepper.Every body has got job assigned but suvreen is not given a job.She goes to the cabin and complains but manini says your job is to coordinate with tailors ,fabric supplier and get the quotation.Suvreen says she is a designer she won’t do this job.manini again thretens her.
At the office canteen suvreen tells them that someone should pose as pepper so that one member of theirs can be in manini’s team.They all agree.

Precap–Suvreen is telling to soni I can’t believe Yuvraj and she broke off.She stills misses him and says I love yuvraj.

Update Credit to: sujairohit

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