Suvreen Guggal 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 10th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode start with Yuvraj’s jealousy.. He is talking with himself. He is really funny
Maddy takes some alcohol and says that he wants to presentation tomorrow morning. She looks at the clock and says how she can do it till tomorrow morning?? He says I don’t know and goes. She goes to the laptop and wants to talk with Yuvraj but he gone The sends massage to him: I’m busy, see you tomorrow.! Yuvraj gets confused coz she said that she is tired and now she is busy??? She saw the boxer man now she is not tired.. They will make party now??? Topper was not like this. I’m the important thing in her life. He remembers how they talked in skype.. : He said I’m not so good looking. Soni said: Yes.. there is anyone who is more good looking than you.. He asked

: who? They didn’t answer..

In the morning.. Suvi sleeps. Her phone rings. Yuvraj wrote : I love You. Suvi says Hawww’ ‘. so sweet *blushing* She gets up and screams Soni. After a while Suvi phone rings.. It’s Yuvraj. He talks too much.. Suvi looks out of the window and watchs Samar’s car.. She says : I’m busy please lets talk later.. And then they hang up. Yuvi gets sad. Yuvi says to himself: She doesn’t have time to talk on the phone.

In the office.. Jolly screams: It’s not happening.!!! In front of Maddy, RC and Ira. RC says: Dramaqueen do you want to stop your drama now?? And then Suvreen comes.. She brings coffee to Maddy. He wants to touch the coffee but it’s too hot. He says that she has to bring him warm coffee not so hot. Suvi goes to bring him warm coffee. And then she comes.. he takes the coffee and drinks. He says: Better.!

Back to Yuvi. Topper is always thinking of the shirtless guy. He wants to call Suvi but then he thinks of gifting something to Suvi.. but what?? He gets up and thinks.. and then sits again and says: should I ask anyone what to gift her?? And then he calls Alisha.. She is confused coz he doesn’t call her when YuvReen got together.. why is he calling her now?? And then she says: I think there will be a problem between them. And then she laughs.. she takes the call. She asks is everything ok between you and Suvreen? He says: She is busy so we couldn’t talk together. Alisha says: Yes, she is busy these days.. she is always with Samar. He is a photographer. He is soo hot!!! Suvreen is really lucky.. she can be with Samar full day!!! Yuvraj gets angry. And then she says: If Samar is not there then she is always thinking of him. He really gets angry and hangs up.. (I HATE YOU ALISHA)

Soni and her boss is walking. And then after a while they a sitting. The guy says that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and that he is not thinking about that. Soni says: Do you know what Shahrukh Khan said in Dil To Pagal Hai? For everybody is anyone anywhere. And then he says: You are different like the other girls. He asks is there anyone who is popular.. She says there is anyone who is my roommades boss. Samar. He asks: Is she working with Samar?? He is really important for us. You have to show your portfolio to him?? She gets shocked and asks: Is Samar really soo important??
Back in the office. Jolly, RC, Ira and Maddy are sitting. And a man too. They will show him a presentation. The man says that their team is really nice. He asks: Did you have searched for a model?? Ira says no not yet but we will do it soon. Jolly says that Samar could do it. Suvreen comes and brings the laptop to Maddy. Samar opens the laptop and the presentation file. Anything happened wrong there.. dunno what.. Samar gets angry and looks to Suvreen. Suvi gets shocked. Rehan laughs and says that it’s a joke.. And then Jolly asks: Can we have the presentation please?? Maddy says Sure and opens the file. And then the presentation finished. The man goes with happy face. Ira and Jolly go with the man out. Only Rehan, Suvi and Maddy are left. Maddy goes to Suvreen and says that he said everything what she has to put in the presentation and what not. Suvi is almost crying. Rehan is watching them. Maddy continues: But you can’t handle only a small thing.! Do you know what we are doing for meetings?? Suvi says Sorry and goes.. Rehan looks really sad.

Back to Yuvraj. He calls Soni. She says: I knew you would forget Suvreen when you see me. Now you singing this song: Meri Soni Meri Soni ‘ My Soni My Soni or this song: Soni Soni Aakhiyon Wali.. He says that he is not in the mood for jokes. She asks: what happened?? He asks something about Maddy. And then she says that he is always with Suvreen. Do you know he was in our house shirtless.. awww he was too hot.. Yuvi gets angry and hangs up.
Episode ends!

Yuvraj is waiting for Suvreen in the office. Suvreen comes and is shocked to see him. (their background tune is playing) And then Suvi pinch’s Yuvi.. He asks what are you doing?? She hugs him.. (awww’:P) and then she hears how anyone is coming. She gets shocked and looks at Yuvraj.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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