Suvreen Guggal 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 10th July 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with ‘Men at Work’ shoot, Yuvi and the other models walk from somewhere when Samar shouts out to someone and sparks starts flying behing Yuvi, he moves away from the sparks as the other models laugh at him
Samar tells Yuvi to pick up the digger and stand, Yuvi tries to pick it up but it’s too heavy, he finally manages somehow while Samar comments ‘kyun hawa tight hogayi super-model’, Yuvi picks it up properly and poses
Samar tells him he wants to see a look that has romance aggression and anger, Samar goes behind the lens and intructs Yuvi to show some aggression but Yuvi fails to
Yuvi puts down the heavy weighted digger, Yuvi picks it up again and poses, Samar keeps asking for an angry look but Yuvi fails to, Samar tells him his camera isnt going to

wait for him the whole day

He instructs again to show aggression when Yuvi puts down the digger again and tells Samar to let him do one thing at a time either pick up the heacy thing or emote, Samar tells him he can do another thing as well and tells him to go sit on the chair and send the person who wants to be a super-model
Yuvi looks at him with hateful eyes, Samar tells Max to come and pick up the digger, Yuvi goes to take a seat irritated
Pappa G. is getting ready while Mamma G. comes complaining that the neighbours are all talking rubbish and tells Pappa G. to not listen to them and tells him to just meet Mr. Bhatia(lawyer) and asks him to dress nicely as first impression is very important

She turns to look at Pappa G. and is impressed with him dressing up, Pappa G. tells her he feels everything will go fine today, Mamma G. says it will definitely, Pappa G. leaves as Mamma G. joins her hands to pray
Back at the shoot Samar tells Max to give the best position, Max poses and Samar clicks not satisfied with it, he tells Max to relax and take it easy and bring out the passion, Max starts posing again, Samar still tells him to relax, Yuvi smiles, Max starts giving comic expressions, Samar tells Max to give him a total blank look
Yuvi looks at Samar stunned and says to himself Samar asked Max to give blank and to him he asked for three expressions, he then says ‘haath dhoke para hua hai mere peeche’
One of the girl model comes catwalking and Samar says she’s late, the model smiles and Samar tells her to get ready for punishment, Yuvi thinks what Samar will do now with the bechari girl
At Iris everyone is on their desk working on their own not looking around, Suvi looks at each one of them and is surprised

Suvi to the camera: Student of the Year part 2 is on the making, the team who used to discuss every single thing about design from fabrics to colours to cuts is not even mentioning D of Design today, everyone is busy hiding their work as if someone is spying on them and then they try to look in to other’s work as if they are 5th standards kids but cant blame them as everyone is competing to win the Intern of the Month and plus a chance to work with RC to design show stopper’s dress, but I really hope this whole competiton remains healthy(Jahan Alisha waha healthy, i doubt)

Rohan gets up and asks everyone how their work is going, Vikram says its fine, Geeti gets up and says she did tell him in the morning, Vikram asks when In the morning, Rohan tells when Geeti picked him up while coming to office, Vikram is insecured, Alisha looks at them confused and she gets up asking everyone if they have any idea when Ira will be coming back(uffo even i’m tired of her asking this question to each and every person in the office)

Nobody has any idea, Alisha looks at Suvi who turns back to her desk and thinks to ehrself hoping Yuvi’s shoot is going good and prays that nothing goes wrong with him, she speaks loudly ‘without him office is so empty..’(Aww), Geeti hears it and asks if she’s missing her boyfriend, Suvi blushes and Geeti says its so sweet
Alisha on the other hand thinks which boyfriend is she missing Yuvi or RC, they will soon come to know just that Ira comes back

Back at the shoot Max is posing lifting Saniya on his shoulders, Smaar intructs them to smile, after clicking few pics he tells Max to put her down, he then asks Saniya was it uncomfortable, Saniya makes a face, Samar tells her even he feels uncomfortable when his models are not ready on time, he tells her to take her seat and Yuvi asks her if she’s ok, Saniya nods
Samar tells Max to pick up the digger and to do how he intructs him, Max picks up the digger this time with difficulty, Samar tells him to show some passion but Max seems to be very tired, Samar tells him to give some aggression but Max mutters faintly he cant, Yuvi sees his condition and thinks why isnt anyone of them saying anything, Max not able to hold any longer faints, Yuvi screams out to Samar who looks up from behind the camera shocked
Pappa G. is on the road pushing his scooter and thinking why did the scooter turn off right now, he thinks how he will manage its expenses and how will he manage to go for the meeting with the lawyer

Suvi brings coffee for Preeti who takes it in a hurry and goes back to her work, Suvi looks outside and says its such a good weather, Preeti nods still abosrbed in the work, Suvi says and even the bosses are not there, Preeti says when there wasn’t so much work then it would have been awsum
Suvi holds her hands and tells her to look above her computer and her diary, Preeti looks up at her and says this time there is so much rain she hopes 26th july doesn’t come again, Suvi asks when Mumbai was flooded, Preeti nods, Vikram comes and says he thinks they should leave

Preeti agrees and tells Suvi what if they get stuck here, Suvi happily excliams rian cant be that bad, Preeti says she is that type of girl, Suvi asks what type, Preeti says the type where the girl loves rain and thinks its so romantic but when you go outside you realize its all dirty water all around…, Suvi stops her
Suvi then tells her the story about when they were once stuck in college because of the rain and how after that time she started feeling different about Yuvi(Oh man i can never forget that track, that was so magically beautiful, rain and YuvReen), Preeti exclaims ‘Oh’, Suvi tells her even if they do get stuck here it isnt a problem as it’s a really nice place
At the shoot Yuvi is holding a weak Max and asks Samar cant he see Max is not able to keep up, Samar tells him off what his problem and says he is jeaous as he couldn’t od the things which Max could do, Yuvi thinks to save Max from Samar’s torture and to stop him there is only one way, Yuvi then tells Samar to give him another chance and he will try
Yuvi tells Max to go take rest, Samar tells Yuvi the one who left leaving the fight why should he give him a second chance, Yuvi replies back because the second time he has prepared well, Samar says fine let’s see if he can only talk or he can emote also, both have a tashan look look

Back at offcie Suvi comes back to her desk, Alisha looks at her and asks everyone that Ira went with Jolly to New York so where is RC(hahaha i’m seriously wondering Alsiha’s profession she’s more of a jassoos then a designer), Geeti says maybe he is in the shoot, Vikram and Rohan reply it can be, Geeti asks Rohan if they can leave as if the rain gets higher it would be difficult to do window shopping, Rohan agrees and says he will come back in two minutes

Geeti was about to leave when Alisha stops her and asks her she is going window shopping with Rohan, Geeti tells her they do require some inspiration in life and from the time Rohan has come to Mumbai he hasn’t seen it properly and what better than to go on a monsoon season, Alisha says she is quite a good friend, Geeti thanks her and leaves
Yuvi picks up the digger in pain as Samar starts asking for passion and aggression, Yuvi fails to give, Samar asks him if he can give any of the expression on his torn up face face, Yuvi looks at him angrily and says to himself he is a cheetah and he can do it and that Samar is saying all that to instigate him, he keeps murmuring to himself to concetrate while Samar seems to get an idea and goes behind his camera

Samar keeps asking for aggression and finally gets to click, he then continues saying Suvreen is really good looking trying to instigate Yuvi who does become angry, Samar goes on that Suvi is a bit here and there but that’s what is cute about her, he goes on an on about Suvi while Yuvi looks towards him in full angry mode(Maddy to pitega aaj)
Samar tells him that since he has helped Suvi twice from Chobey-ji he is thinking of asking the reuturn for those favors and tries to instigate Yuvi more asking him Suvi’s favorite restaurant, Yuvi gives the perfect look, Samar captures it and says now they are talking

Samar then goes to Yuvi making him wear the helmet and says he wants a favor from him and asks him to tell about Suvi’s likes and dislikes, Yuvi looks at him angrily with the digger still in hand, Samar looks at his face and the digger and says its okay if he doesn’t want to say and goes back to his camera(damn Karam’s expression and perfect comic timing, love it)
Yuvi takes off his helmet and throws it off, Samar says that’s okay and goes on instigating Yuvi saying he was thinking about taking Suvi for a longdrive and then dinner, coffee and then ‘you know what I mean’

Yuvi screams out to Samar while Samar clicks his shots saying ‘Got you loverboy’, Yuvi throws off the digger and screams out while Samar is still clicking pics, he then tells everyone for pack up and leaves while Yuvi screams out again looking at him, he then looks after Samar angrily and then leaves

Precap: Yuvi tells Suvi to come, Suvi was about to say something on the phone when Samar comes from behind and goes ‘boo’ and Suvi screams out scared and they both fall down(Ooopssiee), Alisha says to herself now only last hope and she hopes Ira gets the bouquet, while RC on the other hand recieves the bouquet and takes out the red-evelope letter from it(Yess plzz RC open the letter and teach miss Jassoos a never to forget lesson) :

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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