Hi my lovelies how r u all
Well dis od is specially dedicated to my suspense queen my jaanu my ishu

Well ab mujhe tumhari bday pehle hi bata chala hota mai pehle hi likh deti but tumne Bataya hi nahi I’m so angry
Mai tumse bohat naraz hu bohat bohat zyada
Pehel tho tumne tu quit kardi n tumne apna bday bhi mahi Bataya aur tum contact mai nhi nahi ho I’m so angry wid u for dis

But phir bji I pray dat ur all wishes come true

Ok enough of my bak bak
Let’s start episode wid a smile



A office is shown where it is written as “sarna industries” where all were busy in doing der respective work. Then der enters a man wearing a black formal suit still looking handsome all greets him n he greets dem back. He wents to a cabin where it is written as CEO. He enters der n sits n now his face is revealed n he is none otjer den kunj sarna.
Kunj calls someone in his cabin
K-Anand (one of his office member) i have asked u to give advertisement for pa post
A-yes sir I gave
K-so anyone came for interview
A-yes sir I’ll send dem
3-4 girls come but kunj was not dat much impressed by dem
K-Anand more anyone left
A-sir a girl is left
K-den Send her
A-ummm sir she is a dumb
A-yeah if u don’t want I’ll send her back
K -no send her

A-sure n lefts
Kuunj thinks-“girl is dumb yet she wants to do job quite intrestin ”
His thought broken by a knock on door
K-come in
Der a girl comes n kunj was like lost in dat girl n later comes to senses
K-plssss sitt
Girl takes her seat n gives him a file which contains all her qualifications
Kunj goes through her file
K-so miss twinkle taneja (girl was twinkle ) u have great qualifications for dis job
Twinkle nods her head
K-hmm so have u ever thought dat u r a dumb so I can’t face dis world sry fr saying but
Twinkle takes a note n pen n wrote n Favre it to kunj
Note-no sir never infact I took it as my strength
A small curve appears on kunjs face . In dis way he asks many questions n she just answered him through note

After completing interview
K-perfect u r quallified for job join frm tomorrow
Twinkle gives a small smile n left
Kunj thinks-” this girl is perfect but I think she have some pain behind her smiling face which can be visible through her eyes.”

Kunj as usual arrived office n went to his cabin.
5 minutes later der was a knock n it was twinkle
K-come in
Twinkle enters
K-so today I’ll tell u what work u will do n explains her every work .
Day by day twinj r coming close n twinkle started smiling frm her heart n njoying his company dey both have became great frnds .
One fine day

There was a office party
All guests r arrived.
Kunj had came in blue tuxedo looking hot n twinkle came in light blue ffloor length gown looking breathtakingly. Kunj had seen twinkle n got mesmerized.
Later dey all met everyone n der was a dance announcement n twinj were couple n dey r dancing so romantically njoying moment. After dance performance completed , kunj got a call so he went out to pick dat call.
After speaking on call he was about to turn someone came n kept a kerchief which contains chloroform n bcoz of dis kunj got fainted.

Kunj slowly opened his eyes n his headd was still aching. When he opened his eyes he found himself tied to a chair.he tries to open rope but it’s difficult for him n still hee is having head ache.
A man comes der n was smiling like devil.
Kunj sees him n says

Mr.k-s it’s it’s me who have kidnapped u n laughs devilishly
K-but y
Mr.k- bcoz of u I alwayys failed in business but now I’ll kill u n own ur company
K-no u can’t
Mr.k-I can
Den der comes a goon holding a girl n she is
G-sir here she is
Mr.k-so u have came.

K-leave herr u have rivalry wid me den y u brought her ha.
Mr.k-oh so u don’t know full truth right n looks at twinkle.
Mr.k-den let me explain I have Sent dis twinkle so dat she can leak information but she instead she always helped u . Inspite of my warning she always helped u.
Twinkle just looked away wheras kunj looked at wid love.
Kunj finds a knife n starts tto untie his rope.
Mr.k-poor twinkle u tried alot to save kunj but see today finally I brought him here what u will do ha.

By dis time kunj have untied his rope n hit Mr. Kapoor but his goons held him.
Mr.k-not so soon kunj n he points gun at kunj.
Kunj n twinkle looks on .
He shoots his gun to kunj but in middle twinkle came n stood due to which she got hurt in her stomach n fainted at spot. By seeing all dis scenario kunj blood was boiling n he hit all d goons n even mr. Kaapoor n at time police came n arrested dem.

Kunj took twinkle in his arms n took to hosipatal.
After 3 hours doctor came out n kunj bombarded doctor wid all questions
Dr-relax mr. Sarna she is fine but she is weak so plsss do take care.
By saying dis doctor left n kunj went inside to find twinkle sleeping.
Kunj came n held twinkle hand due to which she woke up.
K-how r u feeling now?
T-I’m ok
K-what I mean how can u speak u r dumb naa (shock laga)
T-I’m sry kunj sir I can speak but I don’t want to speak any lies to anyone so inorder to avoid dat i said I’m dumb but I can
Kunj looks at her startled

T-I’m so sry kunj sir I tried my ever best to not to leak any info but don’t know frm where he got to kknow where u r
K-sjhhh twinkle u had done nthng infact u saved my life
K-shhh how much u will speak ha just sleep now u need rest n aftet we r leaving to my house
T-no sir I don’t want to be a burden
K-who said u r burden ha u r my frnd n u rr coming dats final
Later kunj took twinkle to his house n took great care of her n twinkle was also falling more n more for kunj.

K-step carefully
T-where r u taking me sir plsss open blindfold
K-shhh just follow
After 5 minutes he opened her blindfold
Twinkle was amazed to see d scenario it was decorated wid pink n white balloon
n she looks at kunj only to find him on his knees
K-twinkle I love u I love u alott I don’t know when I have fallen for u but I’m in love wid u I know I’m nott dat filmy but I want to love u till end of my life .will u allow me
T-wid teary eyes yess

Kunj quickly got up n engulfed her into a bone crushing hug .
T-kunj sir dis was amazing
K-no only kunj

Both were looking into eo eyes n kunj was looking at her pink pulpy lips n looked at her . Twinkle closed her eyes giving him permission n dey slowly moved TO eo n finally set lips met. First it was soft but later it turned wild .
Afrer when dey r out of breathe dey broke it n twinkle blushed hard while kunj smile at her
Twinkle hugged him again n kunj also hugged her back.
Screen freezes on der faces


So how was it do u all liked it

N ha my suspense queen do u liked it
Pehle mai kuch aur likhna chati this ek cute so love story but meri suspense queen ke liye suspense tho chahiye na
Isiliye yeh likdi I hope tumhe acha laga

Ok giys plssss do comment whether positive or negative

N mera ff bhagwan jaane kab likhungi exmaa haina
Isliye n mai sare ffs per late comment kar rahi hu kyuki exams ki wajah se
Ok byee abhi bohat late ho gayi
Love u keep smiling gguys

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    It was amazing ramu..
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    Awesome it surprises when she replies to kunj as she has been introduced as dump it was simply superb

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