Suspense is over (Episode 9)


Kirthi freshen up and goes to kitchen ,she takes some bread slices from Fridge ,makes Sandwich and eats it .Dharma slaps Sanhay “Who he is the person who comes to meet you “.He says “No one “,Dharma ask his assistants to beat Sanjay .Sanjay was bruatly heated by the person ,but he remains silent .Dharma sees the stick used to beat him was broken but not even opens his mouth .Dharma remembers Kirthi telling to him that she saw the man (Sanjay)near the dead body of a girl who was shot dead .

Kirthi was disturbed ,she gets a message from a number ,she sees the message and gets shocked ,she runs and takes another phone from her cupboard ,dials a number ,she hears a dialing tone .She feels frightened and redail the number .The person takes the call.

The person:Yes,Kirthi
Kirthi:Are you fine ,Mathew
Mathew :Yes,What is the matter ?
Kirthi:I got a message about
Mathew :Whispers ,be on line somebody is coming .

Kirthi remains silent .She hears someone asking Mathew to tell a address .Mathew directs him and sees the man’s face and shouts “You “.She hears a bullet sound .Kirthi feels the danger and runs to Mathew’s apartment which was 4Km from her house .She sees Mathew in a pool of blood ,Mathew says “He ,He * and leaves his last breath .

A man was wearing a cement coloured safaree suit ,he gets down from a car and ask someone “He is alive or dead “.He smiles on the answer and says “So its our victory ,you call Sanjay to inform the matter “.Hus assistant nods and tries to contact Sanjay .But his phone is found not reachable .Dharma says to his subordinate to take This Sanjay to produce in front of magistrate for killing a girl .

Next morning ,Kirthi comes to meet Dharma and ask him about the matter .She says “I want to question him “.Her father Dharma takes her to meet Sanjay .She sees Sanjay signs the man to bring him to jeep,the man oppose for it as that was not IG’s order .She says but I am your Direct superior .she sees Sanjay brutaly wounded ,She ask him “Why do you kill that girl “.He smiles and signs her something .She sees a camera and a mike there . Kirthi sees him with utmost shock .

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  1. It’s really mysterious and want to know who is the killers.

  2. Nice yaar

  3. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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