Suspense is over (Episode 8)


Kirthi sees Sanjay has shot the person .she shouts “You have killed him “.Sanjay tries to answer her but runs on seeing the police jeep.Kirthi runs after him ,Sanjay calls someone and says “I have killed him “.The person praises Sanjay .He cuts the call and enters a shopping mall.Kirthi also enters the mall.The mall was wide open in front of her eyes .She sees Many people there and don’t know how to find Sanjay.

Kirthi searches for him then suddenly someone touches her from backside ,she turns and sees Jason standing there with a teddy bear in his hand .Kirthi shouts “Do you have any sense “.He says “No, dear “.Jason gets a call and moves from there .Kirthi sees cigarette dust in the place where Jason stand .She feels something and sees the top floor and Sanjay standing there .
A man wearing Micky mouse custume follows Sanjay ,and hears him telling I will come and meet you at Verne Park near Railway station.He informs the matter to Dharma .Kirthi goes to the floor and finds Sanjay missing .She calls the police station and comes to know that The black Cat is operated and saved . She leaves the mall,Sanjay sees her going and says “You cannot catch me “.
At the night Sanjay goes to Verne Park and waits for the person to come ,Dharma also comes to place ,hides and watches Sanjay’s movement .Sanjay feels something fishy ,he dials to inform he person not to come .Suddenly someone keeps their hand on Sanjay.He says “Ho, you came “.The person was erring a black raincoat and hiding the face .Sanjay and The person tries to leave then suddenly Dharma comes infront of him .

Sanjay signs the person to run.The person begin to run in opposite direction .Dharma cannot catch the person .but he catches Sanjay and not let him to move.The person gets into a train .Dharma takes Sanjay in custody and beats him severely .He gets call from Kirthi .He ask her “What is the matter ma ?”.She says “Nothing dad ,I want to talk to you “.He ask her to come home tommorow .Kirthi says yes and cuts the call.She washes her face with cold water ,sees the mirror and stands still.

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