Suspense is over (Episode 7)


Sanjay smirks and tells to the girl near to him that ” I love the way you dress ,continue your dressing style “.She hugs him and nods yes .Sanhay after sometimes leaves the place in his car, he sees some police following him ,he takes a sudden left turn ,The person in the back says to them ,”Ho, where did he go ,now what will we tell to Madam”.Sanjay hears them from backside and catch them
The people shouts to leave them, Sanjay ask “Who ask you follow me ?”.The man says some name ,Sanjay goes back to the same place ,rings the calling bell.The lady who Sanjay compliments opens the door .Sanjay throttle her and shouts “Don’t try to find about me ,you will loose you in the process ” pushes her to ground ,leaves angrily .

Kirthi receives a call in midnight , she wakes up and attend the call ,She starts her conversation .

Person : I want to meet you
Kirthi:, Don’t joke ,we met today only
Person:So what ,I want to meet you
Kirthi. :Its late night
Person:The matter is urgent .
Kirthi :I try to come

Person cuts the call.Kirthi again goes out the place ,and meets the person in the car parking .He pulls her to a darker corner and says in a whispering voice “He is suspecting me “.Kirthi opens her eyes wife in shock .The person says “I can’t handle it anymore “.Kirthi hears some noise and ask the person to leave at once .

She sees Watchman talking to someone on phone .turns and sees the person has already left the place ,she gets relieved and goes to her house .Dharma sees the watch and was expecting for a phone call from some person .He sees the phone vibrating goes and picks the call.The lady says “You are right ,he goes to meet a person near woods “.Dharma cuts the call and tells to himself “I am smarter than you ,my boy “.

Kirthi goes to Her office and finds other officials arranging the ground ,She questions one of her subordinate “Any special occasion “.The man says “Mam,Police minister Jatin is coming “.She says OK and leaves from there .A jeep comes in ,Minister gets down from the jeep.Everyone salutes him .At the same time a pistol is aiming at him from a distance building .

The person presses the trigger ,Mi sister bend down to take his pen which has fallen down, One of the minister’s black cat standing after him for protection was shot by the bullet in the chest .Kirthi sees the direction from which the bullet is shot and Runs towards the direction .The man with the rifle shout “Shit, miss the shot “and tries to run from there .Kirthi sees him ,and runs following him,

she hears another gun sound and sees the person collapses and falls on ground She sees Sanjay standing there with a gun on His hand .

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  1. Episode is nice and what is the connection between murders nd Sanjay.

  2. the suspense will continue

  3. Oh my god lot if suspense and confusing

  4. So much suspense, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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