Suspense is over (Episode 6)


Kirthi ask Sanjay to come and give his statement .Sanjay was not interested but he comes with her ,the car run towards IG office .Dharma was waiting for Kurthi and she shouts “How irresponsible are you ,a chain of murder is happening in the city ans you cannot find even a small clue “.She says “Sorry sir ,am going my best way of investigation “.He sees Sanjay and gets tensed ,ask “Who is he ?”.Kirthi tells about the incident .Dharma gets relieved and leaves from there .

He signs Sanjay about the matter ,and samjay shows Thumbs up .he leaves .Kirthi completes the statement and ask him to go .He says “Madam,drop me from where you picked me “.Kirthi drops him near the place ,Sanjay leaves the place and starts walking .He calls someone and ask “Is anyone suspecting us to be partners ?”.The person at the other end says “No “.Sanjay walk towards a forest area,takes a bike and drive it towards the city side .

Kirthi reaches home and takes a old album and sees the pictures in it .She remembers the death of her mother when she was young .kisses her mother’s photo .She hears someone talking in the car parking and goes to see the person .She overhears their conversation,someone keeps the hand on her from backside .She was shocked and turns .She says “You ” and hugs the person with tears .

Dharma reaches his home and tries to call Kirthi but it ends in vain .He then calls Sanjay to know something .Sanjay picks the call and says “sir ,Sanjay here “.He ask Sanjay about Kirthi .He says “Don’t worry ,safe from your daughter ,she does’nt suspect me “.Dharma cuts the call and drinks water .Sanjay smirks .

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  1. Oh god seriously it is a suspense story

  2. really good going…take care

  3. I think the suspense has just started

  4. Very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..

  5. Nice episode and eagerly waiting to know who is the killers.

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