Suspense is over (Episode 5)


Sanjay cuts the call and sees Kirthi going in the police jeep.He sees the blood from his head and the kerchief .Kirtgi reaches the police station and ask the inspector to check the records of criminals who could do such a murder .She get the news of a same type of murder near airport and runs to the place .

a man was lying on the ground with blood strains over his face .His face was fully damaged ,Kirthi ask the crowd “Who saw it first ?”.A women fro. the ground says “I saw when I come get a taxi “.Kirthi ask the lady to come to Commissioner office tommorow to give her statement .The lady says Yes .

Kirthi comes to her flat opens the door and finds a bouquet from someone with a chit on it .She takes it and goes inside .She reads the chit ,it contains the following details
Dear ACP,

if you have guts find me ,I am in front of you love

she tore the chitsand goes to fresh up ,she comes out in a black night dress with a blue overcoat .She switch on the TV, she sees the news “Continuous murders in the city ,is the city safe for living “.She turns the channel and sees film in which a man is jumping from terrace to commit sucide ,she sees the actors forehead is injured more than his hands .she remembers Model and her hand injury .

She call someone and says “I am coming there ,wait for me “.She comes out takes her car and leaves the apartment .Sanjay is talking with some women and shows the picture of a girl and ask “Is she staying here “Kirthi meets a person and updates him about the case.

Sanjay ask the girl to. open the door ,when they were talking someone shoots the girl ,she falls down from the 3 floor .Sanjay runs to her. Crowd surrounds the body and Sanjay leaves the house without making any noise ,he calls a person and says”We are losing because someone’s smartness ,be alert “.

Kirthi talks with the person and leaves the place ,the person puts the chewing gums with a rolled paper in the ground .She stops seeing Sanjay running ,She ask “What happened ?”.He gets in the car and says “Murder is like mango in this city happens daily “,She ask murder “Where is it ?”.Sanjay shows the direction.

Kirthi drives towards the place inspire of Sanjay’s displeasure .He says “Please drop me ,I hate deaths “.Kirthi stops the car and runs into the crowd and finds a girl dead .She ask “Do anyone sees it “.Sanjay shouts “I saw it with my two eyes “.Kirthi turns with shock .

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  1. Great one yaar…..really very different nd impressive.
    .keep it up..take care

  2. Super suspense

  3. Awesome episode, interesting story, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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