Suspense is over (Episode 4)


The lady tries to move from the hands of Sanjay ,she says “Leave me or else you will feel bad for it, when you know who I am “.He tighten his grip and brings her closer ,He says “Who are you ?”.She shouts “Kirthi “.He suddenly leaves her hand and says “Ho,Your the ACP “.She says “Yes ,I am”.He runs into the darkness .

Kirthi goes inside the house and shouts “Dad,Whose that pickpocket ?”.He was surprised and says “He just came to talk about his bail “.She nods yes .And remembers his attitude towards her .She says “Stupid “.She tells about her permission to handle model’s murder case .Her dad says “But dear “.She says “Please dad, this my request”.

He says let’s see it tomorrow and ask her to go home .She drives to her house .Sanjay sees the locket which he takes from Kirthi and says “Nice ,ACP”and laughs .Next morning,Kirthi gets ready in a uniform goes to meet Commissioner.She sees Sanhay there and shouts “You came here “.The commissioner tries to interfere ,Sanjay stops him by his action and says “Madam,I came to apologise to you “.She ask him to get out .

Suddenly,Kirthi recieves a call from someone,she shouts “I will come there “.She says to Commissioner about finding the criminal of model ‘s murder case .She runs to the spot ,Sanjay follows her and reaches the place ,there Kirthi sees a man trying to run from the place,and prole has caught him

Kirthi ask “Do you know about this crime ?”.The man says “Yes,But I won’t tell”.Kirthi slaps him and ask the police to take him to custody .The man runs pushing Kirthi .Sanjay follows him and catches him .They have a vigorous fight between them.At last Sanjay was hurted by a stone he was bleeding so he cannot catch the person.He runs from there .

Kirthi comes and ask someone to do first aid to Sanjay.She sees Sanjay ,he blinks his eyes on seeing her.She helps Sanjay to get up from the place .She keeps ties a kerchief at his head.Kirthi shouts at Sanjay for obstructing her investigation.But Sanjay laughs at her .

She says Idiot and leaves the place ,after they leaves ,Sanhay calls someone and says “It is going as per our plan, victory is near”and cuts the call.

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  1. What plan yaar intresting story

  2. l think Sanjay is not a pickpocket nor a criminal….l guess he is police officer as well nd he is on his secret mission…

  3. Interesting story, keep it up. . eagerly waiting for the next episode

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