Suspense is over (Episode 35)


Sanjay thinks about the reason why Dhrama helped Ranvijay and took him to Mumbai for treatment,he reaches his house and sees someone waiting for him in the gate,he sees Kirthi and gets surprised .She smiles seeing him and vanishes in the air.He finds it happens to be his own imagination ,goes inside the house.He hears a bell noise and goes to see,he again sees Kirthi standing in same dress and says”You are my imagination”,and pushes her,she falls on ground and shouts’You must be idiot Sanjay’.He stands so much puzzled and gives his hand to get up.

Zamindar shouts at all of his goons for leaving Kirtji to go from the place knowing about the important secrets relating to him and the place,and slaps Niraj hardly.Nuraj assures him to catch Kirthi as soon as possible.Amba sees all this and asks her husband not to again interfere in Kirthi’s matter and let them live in peace.he angrily strangulates her to the wall and asks her “How dare you talk to me like that,you ,”.she gets suffocated and begins to cough loudly .

Sanjay asks her his she reached Mumbai so soon and sees her very much silent,he gives her a cup of coffee and sits near her with his questions.She takes the cup ,tells”I got my answers “.He thinks to asks her about the answers but stops because she may feel bad once again.Kirthi remembers the truth and says”I was such a stupid you know”.She says that she had wasted her time in that place and says”I need to concentrate on the chain murder case now”.She leaves to her house.Sanjay remembers about the information which he got from TTR and thinks to tell it to Kirthi.

Next day morning,Kirthi gets ready to go to the office in her police uniform and searches for her watch.She finds it beneath the chair and picks it up.she comes out if the house and sees the secretary of apartment waiting outside to meet her,she asks him the matter,he with a bit hesitation tells”Mam,I need the key of that girl’s house,so that I can clean and asks some other to stay in the house,”,she tells him to wait so that the investigation will over and leaves.Sanjay reaches the office and asks about Kirthi and gets to know that she has reached the office just before two minutes,he asks one of inspector to inform her to come. She enters within some minutes and says”May I come in sir?”.She enters after a acceptance from him.He shows her some reports and asks her to take immediate action in the matter.she says “Sure sir”,salutes and leaves.Sanjay thinks to meet Dhrama sir before talking with Kirthi and dials his number.

precap:Kirthi tells Dhrams that they can talk official matter now.

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