Suspense is over (Episode 34)


Kirthi asks Sanjay leave from there and pulls them apart,he says to Zamindar to be quiet or else he will press the trigger in his forehead and smirks.Zamindar gets shocked ,his mouth blabber about Ranvijay.Amba asks Zamindar to come and pulls him to their car which was standing in a distance,both of them reaches the railway station.Sanjay apologises to Kirthi and asks her permission to leave from there.she shook her head and tries to go from there when He asks her to stand so that he can tell ehathis heart tells to her.she turns with a surprise and asks him about the matter.He gives a small book and asks her read after he had left from there and goes to get into the train.she sees the train moving and walks in the direction to her house.she sees the place where she met Ranvijay for the first time and sits in the stone which is put beside. she opens the book and finds Sanjay’s letter addressing to her.

Dear Kirthi,
I don’t know whether I have the right to call you dear,I think after reading the letter,I might get the permission.I don’t know about you or your past which is in that sambalpur,everytime when i see uiu talking about that Ranvijay,i will why i wasnt that fellow,you know something even if he us dead ,he lives in your world but me, i like to talk with you about all this but when i opsn my mouth and says Ranvihay,i see something in your eues which never left me to speak up my mind,but i cannot wait any more,if you give me a chance in my life then I would
try to be your present and ofcourse the future but will you give me the opportunity.I just want to say something Kirthi that “I love you”

She completes the letter and gets up to leave,she turn the paper and finds some impression on the paper which she know very well,she have seen the same letter pad once with Dharma and thinks about the thing which her father is hiding from her.She walks in the muddy road enjoying the entire scenery with her eyes,she remembers the days she spent in the village and reaches the house and sits in the steps with some thoughts,she reads it once more and says in hermind” sanjay,I don’t like to say yes or no to you until I complete the case”.She hears her cellphone ringing and picks up the call.Dhram asks her about Sanjay and scolds her for staying that village without anyone.He cuts the call and dials Sanjay’s number.he picks the call and asks about the incident that let him to leave Kirthi alone in that place.Sanjay says about the things and says “She needs to know about Ranvijay,Sir please unite them together”.

Dharma ends the calk and thinks about the things,he thinks about the last time when he met Ranvijay in full moon day.He thinks about the words “Sorry sir,I came here as police but the people made me their family,no one should know about my real identity, no one especially Meera,she would hate me if he knows that I am a traitor “.Kirthi sits to have food and heats someone knocking at the door and sees the person through the window and finds a old man standing .She opens the door with pistol in her hand.the old man thanked Kirthi for supporting him in the morning and says “That sir,today I saw Ranvijay beta in him”.Kirthi asks him not to worry and sits without eating,she thinks to call Sanjay to ask him about his travel and stops thinking about him hiding the truth from her. Sanjay sees his phobd and waits for Kirthi to call him.He sees TTR coming and gets up to give the ticket.TTR sees his ID card and asks him about Dharma sir and asks about Dharma and says “Last time,he went in the Train with a injured nan and got down that “,Sanjay guess that it must be Ranvijay.

precap:Sanjay reaches his home and finds Kirthi there and gets surprised.

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