Suspense is over (Episode 33)


Sanjay. try to explain Kirthi and gets heavy headache and tries to sit in the sofa which is put nearby.Kirthi repeated her question and sees him sitting with holding his head tightly.she asks him not to act so much and ask him to tell the truth.he asks her to bring him some water to drink and pleads her.Kirthi gives him water and sees him struggling with severe head pain.She sits near him ,asking him to relax.He closes his eyes and lies on the sofa.She gets up to leave,Sanjay hold her hand and says in Mild tone,”Ranvijay “.Kirthi sees him with so much curiosity .

Zamindar shouts at Amba and asks her to answer his question and pushes her towards the fire which is blowing in the kitchen area.Amba asks him not to behave like a mad and saya about Kirthi coming only to investigate the case relating to Ranvijay.Zamindar broke the utensils and raises his hand to slap Amba,he hears someone shouting in the road and goes to see the matter.

Sanjay comes out and sees Kirthi sitting with packed bags and calling the railway station for booking a ticket for a person.she turns and sees Sanjay standing and comes running towards her she cuts the call and says “Sanjay I cannot digest the truth but please leave the place and go back to Mumbai”.He tries to explain her something but she looks him determination and shows him the luggage’s and says “Leave me”.he takes the bag and begins to walk from the place with but dullness.He comes out and sees Zamindar beating someone and the person resisting.Kirthi also comes our and sees the situation.Sanjay asks Zamindar to stop the nonsense and shouts loudly. Amba and Kirthi tries to stop him.

he keeps the pistol on Zamindar’s forehead.Zamindar sees Shocked. The people asks Sanhay not to fight with Zamindar.Sanjay stares at him and moves away.Kirthi asks him not to make problem.

precap:Ranvijay meets Dharma before years.

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