Suspense is over (Episode 32)


Zamindar greets Kirthi and asks her about her new life with a testing tone.She replies and asjz him not to blabber like a child and says “Amba ji is waiting for you,first go”Niraj stares at Kirthi and leaves from there in the car.Sanjay asks Kirthi to listen to him once and follows her to the kitchen.she askshim not to.confuse her and says in a firm tone that “I won’t leave this matter and go,got it “.Sanjay thinks to tell something and goes on hearing the phone.Kirthi asks him to come fast to have food .Oil spills on her dress,she goes to change and gets unhappy to see the paper bundle and takes it to keep it aside,a photo falls from the bundle,she takes out and gets shocked to read “best cadet “and sees Ranvijay’s photo and sads confused.she further searches and sees the appointment order given to Ranvijay to work as the special IPS officer to deal with the case of Zamindar.She reads further and sees the signature of her father in the end.She searches and finds a album and things written about Ranvijay,and finds it as a man in his early 40’s and thinks about Ranvijay hiding his face, she finds some mystery solving and shouts “Sanjay,come here soon “.he comes and sees her with a confusion.
She asks him “Do you know that Ranvijay is a police “,he gets shocked and asks her is it so.She throws the paper on his face and shouts”Don’t cheat me,Sanjay”. He asks her to be calm and gives her some water to drink.she throws away the cup,it falls over the wall,Kirthi asks him”Where is Ranvijay now ?”.He stands quiet and says “Your dad said that you know about Ranvijay’s place “.She seeshim with anger and says “Why should I ,I only shot him ?”.Sanjay says “But still you love him,so only “.He feels his cheek hurting and sees Kirthi slapped him hardly.she asks him to stop the talk and says “I need to talk to your Sir,call him”.Sanjay says “He is in the line only “.And gives the phone.
Dharma: Kirthi, Ranvijay
Kirthi:dad,why did you suspected me?
Dharma:I know that you are good and loyal.
Kirthi:Who is the real Ranvijay.
Dharma: real,wat does that mean?
Kirthi:I mean about the police send by you to act as Ranvujay and the one died in my arms.
the call cuts suddenly.Sanjay reads the papers and says “so sorry “.He turns and finds her standing somewhere angrily .He apologises and says about the villager telling about Ranvijay’s aathma.Kirthi asks him to leave and asks suddenly about his locket.he says “This one,actually this one”.he gets confused .

precap:Sanjay gets head pain and falls on the bed.

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  1. Wow..ranvijay is police. Is that sanjay who acted as ranvijay? Nice episode dear.

  2. Wowww atlast she found that

  3. But kriti saw ranvijay’s real face ………lived with him too……. How is it possible?

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