Suspense is over (Episode 31)


Kirthi reads the paper and finds something falling within the paper,she takes out and finds a golden locket with the word “Jay”on it,she sees it broken and assumes the word must be “Ranvijay”.She hears Sanjay calling her and goes to see him.He stands with letter addressing to her and asks her to read it.She thinks who it might be who is writing letters and opens the letter.she begins to read it loudly.
To Kirthi,
you don’t know the power of mine in this place,I am the long of this area and I don’t want you to be died in my arms.I know you very well and don’t take this letter as a letter ,it a warning to you and your friend
-By Ranvijay.

She laughs and reads it twice ,Sanjay asks her the matter,she laughs and says “Ranvijay,don’t know to write in Hindi “.Sanjay sees her with a shocking expression.She asks him to get in and shows the paper which are written in maharasthrian and asks Sanjay,”Why A bandit in Sambalpur is well versed in maharashtrian than Hindi,any idea ?”.He asks her to give the answer.she asks him to think with his DC brain and walks from there.Sanjay feels something in his mind and sends message to a unknown number .He sees Kirthi seeing his reflection in the hall mirror and follows her to know the answer.she asks him to wait and he will tell him in two days.she notices something in Sanjay and moves silently.

Niraj and his boss reaches Sambalpur and sees the people talking among thdmself about the new police personal, which is Kirthi. The boss gets disn from his car and ask the people the matter,everyone turns and shockingly says “Zamindar”,niraj asks the people to answer to him orelse he will shoot them.One of the villager tells about all the incidents that happened. Zamindar gets into the car and leaves to his bungalow.people remembers him shouting and telling “I won’t spare that Meera she killed my one and only son ,I don’t let her live,Meets,I will enter the village after your death “.Kirthi sees Zamindar coming towards her house and smiles,she signs Sanjay to come. Sanjay gets shocked to see Niraj.and Zamindar gets glimpse of his son’s death.

Precap:Sanjay asks Kirthi the matter.she asks him to read a article and throws it in his face with anger.

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  1. Awesome chapter really interesting but short yaar I am sure dat locket belongs to sanjay can’t wait update soon

  2. Ranvijay alive or not

  3. Nice episode dear n who r sending those letters to kirthi.

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