Suspense is over (Episode 30)


Sanjay leaves sambalpur in the early morning to meet the pals of Ranvijay in the jail.Kirthi sits in the guest corridor and sees the rising sun and takes some photos with it.she thinks about Sanjay’s curiosity in the case and smiles.she sees some people coming towards the house and get up to see who are is the village head and some one of the Panchayat members.They greets her and stands in the car ahead.Kirthi request them to come in and puts the hall switch on.They sits and sees each other’sface without talking.Kirthi asks them this reason for coming.they remains silence.

Sanjay comes put of the jail area with lots of confusion and asks the driver to drive as soon as possible towards Sambalpur.because he need to clear some of the misunderstanding in the place.Kirthi asks the panchayat head to tell the matter.he tells with some hesitation “Madam,we think that all the happening are done due to avenge the death of Ranvijay,so”,she sits in the sofa and asks him”So,you need me to go out of the village for its peace,isn’t it”.they. nodes yes.Kirthi smiles and says”Ranvijay is not trying to kill me orSanjay,it is someone “and she points out the hilly area. They leave the place without getting a fruitful answer.She closes the door and opens the paper bundle which she found from Ranvijay’s house.and sees the first page about the sandalwood theft cutting in the forest area.She gets into a thought on the second paper.

Sanjay asks Kirthi to open the door and enters the room with a half wet cloths.he tells about meeting Ranvijay’s partners.Sanjay says in a voice of disbelief “Actually no one have seen his face in his group.”,Kirthi tells him about the villager and says in a calm voice.”So it means manytjimg to me,I want to tell something to Ranvijay,I know he can hear means its”I am sorry Ranvijay ji”.A mam wearing the blanket moves from there hearing about it with a shock.

precap:Kirthi reads a letter written to her and opens it.

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