Suspense is over (Episode 3)


Sanjay accept to the idea of Dharma sir .Kirthi ask him “What happened Dad”.He smiles and says “Nothing important”.You can leave now , Assistant commissioner Kirthi .She salutes him and leaves the place .She sees the inspector and ask him to come forward ,She ask him to wear the uniform properly ,The inspector says “Sorry Madam,I was “.Kirthi ask him “No need any explanation, Now could you open the case of Model Sasha “He says yes mam.

Kirthi goes to the agencies and finds Someone has just come to get information.She gets the same answer in place

Kirthi says to herself “Who is that ?”.She sees a man running from the hotel were Kirthi work as a dancer ,She chases him but he gets mingled in the crowd of road,Kirthi kicks the road with Anger .She returns to her house ,finds the house open She gets cautious goes inside the house with a gun in her right arm.

She sees her friend Jason sitting inside her house ,she gets relieved and goes inside .Jason smiles at her and says “Sorry ,I came in with my wit “.Kirthi hugs him and says “Forgery “.Jason says “Mind your language ,I am one of the efficient officer CBI “.They talk about many matter in general.Jason sees her worried and ask “What happened ya “.Kirthi says “Nothing , “And after a while Jason leaves the house .

Kirthi feels something gets ready and goes out .Sanjay meets Dharma in his house and talk about the need for his arrival ,Dharma explains him about the need for his arrival.Sanjay laughs “But why do you want me ,your department loses such officers “.Dharma joins in his laughter and says “But a criminal like you can find the matter easily ”

He leaves the IG’s house ,sea a person moving to the house in a black blanket ,he runs and catches the person,the person tries to escape but Sanjay tighter his grip and pin the person towards wall .He says “So you are the murderer trying to kill people in society “.The person says “No”.He removes the blanket from the person and says “Surprising you are a lady murderer “.She shouts “No ,I am not “.He pushes her to the wall and says “Why do you come to meet Dharma sir in this night “.She shouts him to leave her hands .But he tighten his grip .

Sanjay leaves her suddenly she fells down ,he gives his hand for her to get up ,she unwillingly holds his hand and gets up .they stare at each other .She ask “Who are you ?”.He says”Me,Just a pickpocket “.She tries to move when Sanhay hold her waist and brings her closer to him .

-To Be Continued

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  1. I am happy for the response

  2. May be she is kirti right

  3. Janu again u leave it with a suspence…??

  4. Very nice episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode

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