Suspense is over (Episode 29)


both of them climb for a distance and sees some cave in the hill.Kirthi goes inside asking Sanjay to wait for her,she enters the cave and finds some prove that someone had stayed here for spmedays and has just shifted their place.She sees many portraits of Ranvijay and Meera together and turns to leave from there but she finds something on the corner and almost screams “Sanjay”,he stands out seeing how could someone stay in a place where even birds will think to stay.he hears her voice and runs to help ,he goes and finds something and hold Kirthi’s hand to reduce his shock.both of them sees a corpse there in a decaying stage.

Police and press comes to take photos of the jodu,one of the press asks Kirthi about her ideas about the particular murder.she sees the corpse taken in a strencher and says”It is not a accidental death,the person was tied by chain and was not given food for some days and so “,Sanjay tells something in her ears,she asks the press to stop their questions and goes inside to see.Sanjay shows her the some ornaments in the parcel which was found near the dead body.She opens it and sees some jewels in it.She remembers the jewels and asks Sanjay to keep it safe and comes out of the cave.She thinks to go further up,and gets sudden thought.

They comes down and sees the inspector standing with much tension.Sanjay asks him to be relax and gives him chewing gum so that his tension will reduce.Kirthi thinks about Ranvijay giving rsusins one when she was very tension.She smiles and asks this inspector about his idea regarding the matter.The inspector tells his assumption and sees Sanjay shaking his head in negative movement.Sanjay says “The person knows that we will go there and see the body so only they have did it surely more than three persons.”,three persons stands on the other side of valley and talks about Kirthi’s intelligence. One of them says “She have seen my braclet “.The other two scolds the person.Sanjay draws some lines on the board And says “It means we are near to the person who is doing this acts and blaming on Ranvijay”.Kirthi nods yes and asks about their plan to catch him.He asks about the permission to meet Ranvijay’s pals in jail.The inspector gives him the letter.Sanjay says “Let’s see about the trick of me “and shows the permission letter to Kirthi.she asks him to be alert and sees some shadow near the window and signs him the same.He gets alert and takes out his pistol from hand and makes a noise with flower vase.the person tries to run but Kirthi points her gun towards him.and says”Kneel down “.

precap:Sanjay comes to the village and tells about meeting Ranvijay’s pals.Kirthi gets shocked.

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